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Coronet By Halves by Ashley Hoff
Via Flickr:
Zipple Cruise @ Adelaide Auto Expo Bronica SQAi, 80mm F2.8 on Ilford Delta 100 film

Brooklyn Banks New York, New York

The Brooklyn banks have been under construction for a little under a decade. Luckily none of the construction will affect the spot. There used to be a police monitoring booth inside the fenced off banks along with one outside. There was no possible way of getting in. All that disappeared recently, and a hole in the fence appeared. The last time I rode the banks was seven years ago. It looked like some sort of scene from an apocalypse themed movie. All the ramps were left untouched. Everything was in it’s place, just overgrown with weeds. For a lot of the people with us that lived in New York, it was their first time riding the banks.