delta eagle


Some doodles I did during my stream today; I decided to do quick sketches of how the Guardian series masks/helmets look like. :3

First helment is Twilight’s redesigned one. Given that she’s a unique Alpha series Guardian, I decided to go more canine with her mask but with a draconic touch to it and a possible “mane” to go with it (it’s not hers) for a slightly more regal look. I’m likin’ it so far, but I might tweak it some more before I go and redesign her entire suit.

The rest are in order from left to right:

Alpha Series: Wolf

Pride Series: Lion (the “mane” are flexible metal spikes)

Delta Series: Rhion

Dogfighter Series: Eagle (the mane belongs to the pony within the suit, and this one is actually Rainbow Dash)

Valkyrie Series: Masquerade/pony (it covers the entire face, yes. Starring Fluttershy for demonstration) 

As U.S. “Eagle Flight” helicopters hover overhead, South Vietnamese troops wade through a rice paddy in Long An province during operations against Viet Cong guerrillas in the Mekong Delta, December 1964. The “Eagle Flight” choppers were loaded with Vietnamese airborne troops who were dropped in to support ground forces at the first sign of enemy contact. (AP Photo/Horst Faas)