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Steven Jones, 18, was granted a modified release to his parents

It’s the first night the accused Northern Arizona University shooter is presumably home with his family in Glendale, after being released from jail in Flagstaff on Wednesday.

Jones stands accused of shooting four Delta Chi fraternity brothers back in October. One of them did not survive.So far 12 News hasn’t seen any sign of Jones at his parent’s home near 75th Avenue and Union Hills, but it’s likely where he will stay as he waits to go to trial about a year from now.

I sat down during an event with my fraternity and talked about being trans. Honestly, it’s never been so comforting to know that a group of “masculine” guys have openly accepted who I am so easily. The amount of texts I received after talking to them was overwhelming and incredible. I was always worried about actually talking about it to them. I always felt like it was the elephant in the room. Now, I can finally breathe. You really find support in the last place you’d ever expect. If you’re transitioning or considering transitioning, don’t be afraid to reach out to someone. You’d be surprised by who might be the most supportive person about it. I’m lucky to say that sixty guys have my back and have made me feel like any other guy.

This April, can we raise REAL awareness?

Every ~*Autism Awareness Month*~ we suffer people rolling up in our tags and posting their blue light shit and refusing to hear that they may be, y'know, not supporting the right people. Could we maybe try to raise some real awareness?

Tags we could hit:

  • Autism Speaks
  • autism
  • Autism Awareness Month
  • autism awareness
  • Alpha Xi Delta (sorority whose official philanthropy is Autism Speaks; have repeatedly straight-out refused contact and conversation)
  • Theta Delta Chi (fraternity whose official philanthropy is AS)

Let me know if you think of more!

Remember that only the first five tags in a post get put on tag pages, so if you tag all of these, only the first five show up! Make multiple posts or choose your top 5.