Every time we head upstate to visit Delmar - All Good Bakers is on the checklist. A farm to table breakfast spot three miles from my birth-right cul desac? Putnam Paradise!

Two poached eggs over a jalapeño scone, hollandaise, and chopped collard greens is our top choice order. And the vegan cinnamon roll? That’s an appetizer, duh. Split in equal halves please! 

Caught this awesome still frame of a lady seated at her writing desk in her bedroom from sweet video slideshow called "Delaware Avenue: Recalling the Early Days.“ And it comes complete with audio reminiscences of people who used to live in the neighborhood! Even this blurbage is exciting to read:

Delaware Avenue: Recalling the Early Days” is a slideshow originally produced in the 1980s by Louise Krasniewicz for Albany Public Library and digitized in 2014 for APL’s digital collection on New York Heritage ( Oral histories from former residents of the Delaware Avenue neighborhood are paired with images that span the late 19th century to the mid 20th century. The development of the area from a relatively rural section of the city to a more connected, urban neighborhood is discussed. The narrators reminisce about it was like to live there as children, and they also discuss the expansion of the trolley car system, various churches, and their perceptions of the people who lived there.