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Del and I went to a modeling shoot last weekend and it was super fun! I hope we can do it again someday! Good times had by all :)

We’ll have some photos from the shoot in the ensuing weeks. We did opposites (because our fashion sense is that already xD) and some steampunk stuff but for now, here are some selfies of me and my beautiful girlfriend! ♥


Hope y'all are having a lovely Valentine’s Day!

Just a Delsey PSA to say… (in case it isn’t obvious, or if there is any confusion) this ship is canon. We figured it was a good time to let the good people of tumblr know! We’ve been open about it for a couple months now but we wanted to make an official announcement here as well!

♥ Love,
Del and Linds (happily together)

[Now go watch our cosplay blog ;D]

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Delsey ;)


Who cooks normally?: Del and I both cook meals! We love a lot of the same foods. :D I love her boca burgers n mac n cheese and she loves my pierogis and quesadillas. AND PIZZA. We’re total pizza fiends.

    How often do they fight?: We don’t really “fight” but like most healthy couples, we get into disagreements or misunderstandings from time to time. We have a policy of “never go to bed upset” so we always work things out… and kiss and make up ;)

    What do they do when they’re away from each other?: Cry a lot? Oh wait that’s just on my end… ;-; But honestly, we’re very attached. We always feel a longing for each other and don’t prefer to be away for extended periods of time. Even a weekend away takes its toll. I try to keep myself busy but I miss her on a level I can’t possibly express.

    Nicknames for each other?: OH GOD am I allowed to say these? We have a lot of “shared” nicknames like babygurl and beautiful that we use a lot (we’re big on the terms of endearment). For specific ones, I call Del my puppy and sweetpea. Del calls me hottie mchots and kitten just to name a couple.

    Who is more likely to pay for dinner?: Del usually! She’s the high roller~

    Who steals the covers at night?: That’d be me. I am a total blanket-fiend… I have a tendency to roll over onto my side and take all the covers with me, leaving Del totally cover-less.

    What would they get each other for gifts?: Oh god we get each other lots of gifts! We like stuff and getting things for each other. Del draws for me and I write for her… we do this on a weekly basis. As far as other gifts go, we both love fashion so we get each other a lot of clothes/shoes/jewelry. Those are always good go-tos! I’ll go ahead a name a couple favorite gifts that she’s given me: a light-up plush unicorn which I sleep with at night, and a really beautiful black pearl necklace which I wear all the time! ;-;

    Who remembers things?: We both do! ^_^ We love celebrating anniversaries and holidays special dates and all that stuff!

    Who cusses more?: Oh gosh… I’d say me but I’m a bad influence on her and she has a little potty-mouth too :I IT’S ALL MY FAULT.

    What would they do if the other one was hurt?:  We’re both hurt a lot due to mother nature hating our lady organs. We always keep each other safe and cozy with heating pads and lots of good food and cuddles and video games/movies and DRUGS <3 I’d say we’re both very comforting and affectionate people when the other isn’t feeling well.

    Who kissed who first?: I kissed Del… we were out on the porch sitting on the swing one night.I couldn’t resist and I asked her if I could kiss her. I did, and we felt electricity crackle in the air. I really mean that. Fireworks happened. It was one of the most magical beautiful moments of my life. I knew that it’s right where I wanted to be!

    Who made the first move?: Del! It was all her ;) Hehehe… basically she’s the little shit-starter. After my divorce, Del and I were spending a lot of time together (not that we didn’t before, but the distance made most of our hangouts the internet variety). Basically, I was worried that it would take a toll on her and would be too much… and Del said that it was actually the opposite, and she was really enjoying our time spent together (more than I even realized LOL). Then, she expressed interest. I was shocked, but in the best possible way!  

    Who started the relationship?: It was a mutual decision!  We had a big talk about it, because there were a lot of factors that could be an issue… especially happening so soon after my divorce. On top of that, most people didn’t know we’re bisexual… so we were pretty closeted for a long while. We were both fine with just being friends,but we both decided that we really wanted nothing more than to be together! The opportunity had obviously never presented itself. It was so seamless and natural. Just two best friends who already loved each other falling deep into romantic love once that door was opened ♥♥♥


Agent L and Agent D, ready for action~ and protecting the Earth from the scum of the universe. 

Tonight Miss Del and I went on a grand adventure to see MiB3 at midnight! I’ve been a big fan ever since the first movie came out (I was only ten!) and it’s one of those things that I just can’t stop loving even into adulthood. We decided to dress up as agents! I’ve always wanted to cosplay an MiB agent and just simply never got around to it. So, what better excuse than a brand new addition to the MiB legacy? ;D 

Oh, and the movie was FANTASTIC, by the way… no spoilers here! But my expectations were super low and I was pleasantly surprised by how well done it was. It made this MiB fan very happy :D 

So, today Miss Del and I went on a steampunk adventure through tiiiiiime! We attended the Great Lakes Medieval Faire and it was Time Travel weekend, so it was anything goes attire! Although it was our first attempt at steampunkish outfits, we met many new friends and everyone was so sweet to us. What a grand day in history!

Here we are with one of the dapper gents we happened to run into in our quest for fortune and glory! ♥

More pix to come later but this one turned out so cute, I had to mess with it and share it with y'all!


Couple of bday pix from yesterday! I’m sure I’ll post more later… first is of course my lady and I out for a delicious dinner~ and second pic was me trying to get a decent photo of my outfit!

Del and I recently enjoyed Deadly Premonition together so the latter photo actually freaked me out in a big way. I didn’t realize the camera angle managed to capture the entire tree in the background. NO MORE TREES.
Thanks again for the well-wishes everyone! ♥

Have you ever had an OC...

.. and you’re so goddamned proud of them because you and your buddy created something beautiful together?

Oh my God I sound like a happy mother. Except… our kid grew up to be a total bag of dicks. BUT A LOVEABLE BAG OF DICKS. THAT IS TOTALLY HOW I FEEL RIGHT NOW.

He’s so perfect I just want to cry ;~;

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Only this image can properly describe my happiness.