Answer 11, Ask 11, Tag whoever tf i want lol

tagged by @artsysteve thanks friend 💖

1- Do You Have Any Pets? Ya- 2 pups, blackbear and pepper

this my pup bb, but i have no pics of peps :((((( 

here’s another pic of me and my bb to make up for it :))))) she’s great <3

2- What is Your Current Favorite Song? Star Wars opening and ROTS medley

3- What is Your Favorite Food? Bean & Cheese Tacos

4- Best/ Worst Childhood Moment? Best - getting my pups Worst - peeing on the sidewalk cause my cousin told me too

5- What is Your Favorite Band/Artist? 2dcc

6- Favorite/ Least Favorite Ship? Fav - Stucky Least Fav - B*ckyN*t ahahh lol

7- Marvel or/and DC? Marvel

8- What is Your Favorite Novel/Series/Comic, etc? I really love Hawkeye

9- Who is Your Favorite Superhero? Hawkeye

10- Male/Female Celebrity Crush? Oscar Isaac

11- What is Your Favorite Film? atm - Star Wars Ep 7, All time - Goonies

My Questions:

1.) Describe yourself as the ideal alien.

2.) Star Wars or Star Trek? Explain.

3.) What’s your gemsona lol?

4.) Do you feel bad for Obi Wan after he fucking destroyed Anakin cause fuck I do????

5.) Read “There Will Come Soft Rains” the short story by ray bradbury and then get back to me about how u feel about the dog. You can stop reading after that point cause really what’s the point after that.

6.) How do u feel about these questions? Be honest cause I won’t care lol *cares a lot*

7.) Best friends sign and name in correlation to yours?

8.) Do u like bonsais?

9.) What’s the longest u ever kept a fishy alive?

10.) Do u believe questions are hard to come up with? Explain using short answer rubric. +10 extra cred!

11.) F- See me after class.

tagging: anyone who wants to answer these dumb questions and @delroses