today marks the first anniversary of the day me and @delponies finally met for the first time and i know i keep saying that because i’m clingy as fuck but also don’t stress this enough but i’m so grateful this happened this year has been a pretty fucking awesome time and so much has changed and this friendship brought so much into my life oh my gosh??? we were on holidays together we share so many dumb (but not only dumb ok)…are interests a good word even? but we do and it’s so amazing like honestly i’m a broken human and it’s so nice that someone can put up with me all the time like all the shit i go through i am sure i can go and tell her and it will be fine so many things wouldn’t even exist life in my life right now if it hadn’t been for her and i would be so much sadder

and it all happened in the span of 365 days and i am just so thankful