alright so i was going to wait until I hit 3k to posts this, but i just hit 2.9k and can’t wait 

so here’s a follower forever thing for all you little cuties :]

i love every single one of you and you’re all great, i’m so thankful to be part of this fandom :]

special thanks to these wonderful people (hover over for a special message <3)

 abadoom / agaysongbird / clevercosima / cloneinstitute / cosimageekhaus / delphuck / floorplan91 / rivertamed / sarahbloodymanning / sharkodactyl /  

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3,000 Followers Q&A (even though I sat on this until 3200, oops) 

mentioned: helenadmanning, stahmatarr, winnifredburkle, clevercosima, tatianazmaslany, delphuck, cloneinstitute, faultfilledstarssarahcosima, politeyeti

notes: i got lazy and forgot to mention amelia’s url, toward the end, which is sarahcosima. cloneinstitute’s ask about book-related fics was in reference to these three fics. i say “um” and “like” excruciatingly often, and i’m pretty sure i’m getting a cold; apologies in advance. 

izuiki-deactivated20141204  asked:

*waves hello* could you rec me some of your fav ob blogs you think i should be following? please :3

sureeeeee! :]

sarahcosima - amelia is a great person and super sweet

sarahbloodymanning - kathy is hilarious and you should follow her 

sharkodactyl - natalie is very talented and loves helena more than anyone else you will ever meet 

delphuck - ella is amazing, just a wonderful person 

clevercosima - sammy is also a great person and just so many things that i can’t even begin to list

cosima-geekmonkey-niehaus - she has a cute pug and also a great blog so she gets the glassesanddreads seal of approval

cosimaniehaaus - love her blog, love her as a person, you can’t go wrong

cloneinstitute - theressa is talented and hilarious, you won’t be dissapointed

 i-effed-it-all-up - den momma of orphan black fandom and talented writer, love her work and love her

cosimageekhaus - irma’s great and another talented writer

sapphicscience - another talented writer and great blog!

soccercopping - talented writer plus always makes me laugh

cosimas - again love her blog, love her, you can’t go wrong

people who are multifandom or don’t have a orphan black url but you should follow anyways cause they’re lovely 

rivertamed - prisca is wonderful, love her plus A+ blog

abadoom - libby is great, one of my favorite blogs and love her as a person!

agaysongbird - noa is so nice, you should definitely follow her blog and talk to her cause she’s amazing

floorplan91 - rita is so nice and kind hearted, i love her

copdoccubus - so friendly and a lovely person

lickathicket - hilarious person and great blog

so there’s some of them, i know there’s more SORRY IF I MISSED ANYONE

clone club appreciation day

OKAY, so i adore everyone in clone club and can’t possibly begin to acknowledge all of you in one post (especially because i am horribly forgetful) but i’m going to make an attempt to fit in as many people as i can here. 

under a read more for length (and when i say that this is long, i mean that it's long–like, i almost split into two posts but then decided to just say eff it, so hopefully you all see that you’ve been mentioned! even if the tags don’t all take)

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soycoffees  asked:

sending lots of love to my amazing fellow aussies in clone club: angryhelena, aysnleys-scarf, delphinated, delphuck, helenas-geckos, hellacosima, maslanybrochus, monkeykira, sarahbloodymanning, stonerclone, we-have-a-connection and winslet (I just KNOW I'm forgetting someone omg I'm sorry. basically if you're australian and you're in clone club then ur hella and I love you)

To: angryhelena, aynsleys-scarf, delphinated, delphuck, helenasgeckos, hellacosima, maslanybrochus, monkeykira, sarahbloodymanning, stonerclone, we-have-a-connection, & winslet

From: sarahcosima



How old do you look: 18?

Have you ever made me laugh: yes you are one funny fucker

Have you ever made me mad: i dont think so??

Best feature: funny/kind/great company/everything

Have I ever had a crush on you: you are my wife, i love you

You’re my: WIFEY

Name in my phone: wifey :’)


☄ SAD FACE, and complimentary s e r i o u s glasses-less selfie bc my eye shadow game was super on point tonight (ALSO, IGNORE MY ROOM, I’M PACKING TO MOVE) 

Ω oh my god, i can’t choose one. but, in general, of the books on my bookshelf, i’ve probably reread wicked and the princess bride the most often by far (with the exception of, like, the hp series, which i’ve come to realize basically goes without saying at this point). also, the a great and terrible beauty trilogy turned my life upside down in my adolescence, i’m very much attached to those books. 


My dear friend and minion dftbbrodiekate has recently joined Clone Club, and in honor of that (and the announcement of season 3!), I have decided to make my very first Follow Forever post.


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There’s over 300 of you here. I don’t know how it got this bad, but every time I try to trim the list down, I just can’t. I love you all.

We make a family, yes?

anonymous asked:

tatasmaslany & cosimas & delphuck

tatasmaslany: i dont know what i’d do without this girl. she’s the first person i wanna tell the good, the bad and everything in between to. she always manages to be there for me despite us living in different countries and i love her so much and im getting very emotional but that’s just because marlyne is the best  person i know ((i could go on forever about marlyne but it still wouldn’t be enough))

cosimas: has got colouring to die for and her gifs are so great and im so jealous and not gonna lie, totally freaked out when she followed me

delphuck: WIFEY. I LOVE ELLA. 

send me a URL and I’ll tell you my feels for them

redphonebox replied to your post “p.s. this happened don’t worry I am ok”


carolip replied to your post “p.s. this happened don’t worry I am ok”


cityswim replied to your post “p.s. this happened don’t worry I am ok”

Weeping on your behalf, hope you dont mind.

Can’t possibly mind.

Yeah I did a freaking out excited dance and kinda screamed when I saw the message.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!

I mean honestly when I first read the message I looked pretty much like that. I was at work.