alright so i was going to wait until I hit 3k to posts this, but i just hit 2.9k and can’t wait 

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3,000 Followers Q&A (even though I sat on this until 3200, oops) 

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notes: i got lazy and forgot to mention amelia’s url, toward the end, which is sarahcosima. cloneinstitute's ask about book-related fics was in reference to these three fics. i say “um” and “like” excruciatingly often, and i’m pretty sure i’m getting a cold; apologies in advance. 

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*waves hello* could you rec me some of your fav ob blogs you think i should be following? please :3

sureeeeee! :]

sarahcosima - amelia is a great person and super sweet

sarahbloodymanning - kathy is hilarious and you should follow her 

sharkodactyl - natalie is very talented and loves helena more than anyone else you will ever meet 

delphuck - ella is amazing, just a wonderful person 

clevercosima - sammy is also a great person and just so many things that i can’t even begin to list

cosima-geekmonkey-niehaus - she has a cute pug and also a great blog so she gets the glassesanddreads seal of approval

cosimaniehaaus - love her blog, love her as a person, you can’t go wrong

cloneinstitute - theressa is talented and hilarious, you won’t be dissapointed

 i-effed-it-all-up - den momma of orphan black fandom and talented writer, love her work and love her

cosimageekhaus - irma’s great and another talented writer

sapphicscience - another talented writer and great blog!

soccercopping - talented writer plus always makes me laugh

cosimas - again love her blog, love her, you can’t go wrong

people who are multifandom or don’t have a orphan black url but you should follow anyways cause they’re lovely 

rivertamed - prisca is wonderful, love her plus A+ blog

abadoom - libby is great, one of my favorite blogs and love her as a person!

agaysongbird - noa is so nice, you should definitely follow her blog and talk to her cause she’s amazing

floorplan91 - rita is so nice and kind hearted, i love her

copdoccubus - so friendly and a lovely person

lickathicket - hilarious person and great blog

so there’s some of them, i know there’s more SORRY IF I MISSED ANYONE

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so many people! delphuck, sarahbloodymanning,cosima-geekmonkey-niehaus,cloneinstitute,mirrormanning,mamamanning,ne0lution,tatsrathat,cheekyniehaus,aparadoxinflux,soitgoeschild,thecloneword,clevercosima,floorplan91,sarahcosima,vivacosima,clevercosima and felixdawqins just to name a few! <3

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clone club appreciation day

OKAY, so i adore everyone in clone club and can’t possibly begin to acknowledge all of you in one post (especially because i am horribly forgetful) but i’m going to make an attempt to fit in as many people as i can here. 

under a read more for length (and when i say that this is long, i mean that it’s long–like, i almost split into two posts but then decided to just say eff it, so hopefully you all see that you’ve been mentioned! even if the tags don’t all take)

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Helena is looking at Rachel contemplatively, sucking on a spoon she’s placed in her mouth. What a disgusting, feral little creature, Rachel muses, and then Helena releases the spoon from her mouth with a loud popping noise, looks at her with bright eyes, and says “I have been told to give you something called the sho-vel talk.”

Then Rachel just feels afraid.

Send me characters and an AU and I will write you a three-sentence fic!

delphucksprimaryblog replied to your post “do you watch eye candy?”

Honestly if it wasn’t for that bananagram tag I wouldn’t have any clue who you were LOL

whooops… yeaaaah sorry about that… I’m awful when it comes to changing urls and stuff. I always think I should do the “previously [whatever]” tag thing but then I remember that I am lazy af ¯\_(ツ)_/¯