Dr. Delphine Cormier (Graphite Drawing) by julesrizz

My drawing of the beautiful Evelyne Brochu as Dr. Delphine Cormier from BBC’s Orphan Black. Thoughts on the season finale?

#Delphine is finally happening… And finally with the wig I wanted lol! For such a simple outfit it’s sure caused a lot of stress. So happy it’s finally done. #orphanblack #delphinecormier #cloneclub #cloneplay #cosplay #delphinecosplay #orphanblackcosplay

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I could listen to Evelyne Brochu speak french all day long


Aww this is puppy Delphine 😍🐶💋 #CloneClub #Orphanblack #cophine #tatianamaslany #evelynebrochu #delphinecormier #cosimaniehaus

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We Do Terrible Things (Orphan Black Painting) by julesrizz

My first ever digital art painting! So after working hours and hours on this I’ve come to the conclusion that I definitely love traditional art, but it was great to try something new! I would love feedback from digital artists if you have any suggestions!

All The Boys Love Rachel Amber
(an on-going Life Is Strange final ending theory)

let me start by saying everything in this collection is just as much Carly’s as it is mine. this post is mostly just an attempt to spell out everything we’ve been sewing together & hashing out for the past three months. a lot of it might be wrong, some of it might be right. but here it is, laid out to the best of my ability in a collective coherent manner.

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