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Part 2/2
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I need more convincing that this isn’t going to be a flashback. Some thoughts:
1) Same tank, same, bra, same Season 1 EBro hair. Only variation: Necklace. But like…I could explain that away by thinking they lost the necklace from this scene…like four years ago.
2) Obvs, they’re at Felix’s loft.
3) We know Delphine is back in town, away from yurt or Sardinia (duh…Irish Créme).
4) Which means Cos has to make it back home from the yurt between eps 4&5 for this to be “today” and not back then. Totally possible, but just an observation. But we know from previews that she’s still at Neo camp in Ep 4, because Mud and such. Also, we know Cophine is pictured sassing The Messenger creeper in suit and dress in Ep 5. So, how would they both be at Rimbaud and getting hitched on the island in the same ep/time frame?

Is this the writers living out a Cophine fanfic where they actually get smutty in 01x10 after Cos tells Delphine she’s sick and they hug, and Puppy is proving her love (and also getting Cos back for the “It showed” remark)? 😜


Have I missed others’ take on this?

When, during our second date, I opened the door of my car to her, told her she was “really pretty in her dress” and she smiles to me like that…obviously I was done for the rest of my life….
…..and I suddenly remembered that wearing my Spider-Man underwear was maybe a bad idea…

Quand, lors de notre second rencard, je lui ai ouvert la porte de ma voiture, dis qu'elle était “vraiment jolie dans sa robe” et qu'elle m'a sourit comme ça….évidement j'étais faite pour le reste de ma vie….
….et que je me suis soudain souvenu que porter mon calebutt’ Spider-Man était peut-être une mauvaise idée…

(GIF credit to @clonesbians)

A card,a clue,a code only you can crack.310.Cophine-more than a thing[theory]

The thing about Cophine is They are truly made for each other(in every way)!

We all know,okey,but hear me out.

Look at this! ↓ a simply business card with Cosima’s tag number written on it.

the other side ↓  just a simple business card,not any swipe card(I thought it was back then,I thought Delphine was just give Cosima‘s job back)

Remenber Delphine asked Shay to give it to Cosima,

foeget what she said after,all the please take care of my baby blah blah,

The really important thing is why?

THIS CARD IS A FUCKING CLUE .Delphine left for Cosima.

Yeah,you may say the tag number is for Shay,so she can ask Cosima about everything start with this tag.

But,Delphine got more important things to settle other than Cos’s love life.What?Cosima’s safety!

Neolutionist is everywhere,in Dyad.And they became the most dangerous force,after almost eliminated all the lost control Castor boys.

Neos seem won’t kill Leda clones,but she’ve got no idea what they would do(According to her ”last” word).

So a warning is necessary,and it must be in a hidden way.

Sending this message in a hidden way can also remind Cosima to lay low,don’t let the Neos know that she knows.(Look what a shitty situation Delphine got into after find out the evil Neos.)

(OH,don’t forget the  weird worm,hosted in Dr.Nealon?If Delphine don’t have time for this.Somebody should know.Right.)

So she use this simple card.Covered by all the she can tell you all truth if she want blahblah.

How does she make sure Cosima can Crack the Code?
Use some regular thing,which only has special meanings to both of them.

(Something somewhere only we know!!)

Why this card?

Back to 106!

Their 1st “Date”!!!(Leekie’s lecture about  Neolution )

and that’s also the first time they mentioned Dyad.

Dr Leekie gave Cosima a same card!

(Also Cosima said ‘show,don’t tell’.And now,I think Delphine had showed Cosima how much she loves her,without saying it in S3.)


before their frist kiss

Cosima was holding this card(that’s a parallel with Shay doing it)

Delphine tried to convince her to join Dyad.


before the 1st sex

They’re dorking about Dyad blah blah again

and 110

I know your tag nuber.It’s 324b21.

External image

So….add all the things up,this card actually made me cry a bit.

All the sweet and sorrow they’ve been throught together.All the memories.

Just a simple card in others’ eyes now.

I know Cosima will crack the code ,and remember all the littlest things she and Delphine had,even if she can’t find her anymore.

Now,after all this,I start to think the writers’ sink the ship plan was just bluffing.Cuz they just remind me how irreplaceable this ship-Cophine is,with every fucking detail.even if they tried to hand all the informations/Cophine shared memories to Shay(sima).It’s not a fucking report,read it so you can easily catch up the program,no!

And even if love can be replaced like that,please remember,just before Delphine showed up ,Cosima said NO to Shay.It’s her choice.

Cophine might really got Fault in their stars,they fell in love in the worst  scenario,but the love the feeling never change,and never will.


I could listen to Evelyne Brochu speak french all day long

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