Cosima saying “you own me”, I don’t think is a bad choice of writing. For so long, she has fought to not be owned by anything or anyone. For so long she has had this burden of being a property of Neolution. And she has never consented to any of that.
And now, those words have come from her. And she uttered those words to Delphine. It was not Delphine who said that she owns Cosima. Come on you guys. This is the one and only thing she is consenting to. She knows that Delphine loves her and even without knowing what the end game really is, she trusts Delphine’s intentions and accepts that all of the things Delphine is doing is for her. This is Cosima accepting the relationship full circle. Entrusting herself entirely to and giving herself to Delphine.


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I need more convincing that this isn’t going to be a flashback. Some thoughts:
1) Same tank, same, bra, same Season 1 EBro hair. Only variation: Necklace. But like…I could explain that away by thinking they lost the necklace from this scene…like four years ago.
2) Obvs, they’re at Felix’s loft.
3) We know Delphine is back in town, away from yurt or Sardinia (duh…Irish Créme).
4) Which means Cos has to make it back home from the yurt between eps 4&5 for this to be “today” and not back then. Totally possible, but just an observation. But we know from previews that she’s still at Neo camp in Ep 4, because Mud and such. Also, we know Cophine is pictured sassing The Messenger creeper in suit and dress in Ep 5. So, how would they both be at Rimbaud and getting hitched on the island in the same ep/time frame?

Is this the writers living out a Cophine fanfic where they actually get smutty in 01x10 after Cos tells Delphine she’s sick and they hug, and Puppy is proving her love (and also getting Cos back for the “It showed” remark)? 😜


Have I missed others’ take on this?

When, during our second date, I opened the door of my car to her, told her she was “really pretty in her dress” and she smiles to me like that…obviously I was done for the rest of my life….
…..and I suddenly remembered that wearing my Spider-Man underwear was maybe a bad idea…

Quand, lors de notre second rencard, je lui ai ouvert la porte de ma voiture, dis qu'elle était “vraiment jolie dans sa robe” et qu'elle m'a sourit comme ça….évidement j'étais faite pour le reste de ma vie….
….et que je me suis soudain souvenu que porter mon calebutt’ Spider-Man était peut-être une mauvaise idée…

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I could listen to Evelyne Brochu speak french all day long