delphine del val

High Five: Delphine Del Val

Delphine is a senior agent at Walter Schupfer Management.  She handles established artists like Garance Doré and Martien Mulder as well as soon-to-be-famous talents Billy Kidd, Nick Cope, and Bernadette Pascua.

You should follow her here.

What five (+) things are exciting you right now Delphine?

  1. Designers: Bouchra Jarrar and Vika Gazinskaya 
  2. Magazines: Elle UK and Elle UK Collections, French Vogue and Self Service
  3. Screen: New edition of Habillées pour l'ete 2013 by Loic Prigent for Canal+ and the upcoming HBO documentary about Vogue
  4. Funny girls books: Mindy Kaling’s and soon hopefully Lena Dunham’s
  5. The French singer Lescop, who by complete luck I saw live here in NYC.