Imagine the town that you’re in

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All of those people, all of those emotions, all of those stories. But that’s not even it, because those stories and emotions fold out all across the globe

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There are millions of possibilities taking place every second, but even that seems small when you consider the size of the galaxy

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Or the universe

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upon thousands…

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Of possibilities…

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And you fucking shot Delphine.

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  • Aries:Breaking into your ex-bang's office with the bae
  • Taurus:Mismatching bra and panties
  • Gemini:Inviting a creepy old dude to crash your date
  • Cancer:"Then I love all of you"
  • Leo:Telegenic
  • Virgo:Sitting in your skyline office, drinking a glass of whiskey that costs more than most people make in a month
  • Libra:Gettin' with the finest girl u can find
  • Scoprio:Strutting down the hall in high heeled boots like you turn girls gay for a living
  • Sagittarius:Getting shot in a parking garage
  • Capricorn:Ambiguously moral stem cell treatments
  • Aquarius:Smoking pot in your girlfriend's lab
  • Pisces:The conversation with Shay in 3x10