(The Sun nation)

Summary : After receiving an unexpected proposal from the Sun nation, a small group of skypeople leave for Delphis, the capital of the grounder’s sun nation clan. Reluctantly, Abby and Marcus agreed to a fallacious plan to prevent any diplomatic incident. A plan which will make them realize that the tension between them might be a little more sexual than they thought…

Autor’s notes : This fic takes place after the season 2. No city of light, no Pike, no kabby kiss for now, nothing of the season 3. This is a crack fic, so it could be a little “out of character” even if I do my best to keep their personality.

Clarke had leave the camp for some months, but she is back now.

Thank you so much to @tinkbooklover and @artisan-kom-kabbykru for their help !!!!


Chapter 3 :

The door opened on a vast and sumptuous room. For a second Abby wondered if she was dreaming. When she was a child, back on the Ark, she had read a lot of books with Callie. The latter’s favorite was called «The tale of Arabian nights» and the chancellor felt as if she had been transported into the tale. The colors, the lights, were exactly as she would have imagined it. A large carpet was covering almost all the room and a circle shaped couch took up center stage. Long violet curtains were blowing lightly in the wind and little curls of smoke which smelt like rose, were invading her sense.

Abby took a deep breath and walked in. She let her fingers brush along the top of a wicker armchair and then along the edge of a dressing table. Everything in this city seemed almost unreal. The marks of time and of the nuclear war were still visible, whether it be because of a crack on a vase or because of a half-collapsed wall, but it didn’t diminish the beauty of the room.

The chancellor slipped then between two long curtains where a door used to be and walked into another room with a big canopy bed. Abby heard Clarke exchange a few words with the maid but she didn’t even bother to try to understand what they were saying because she was too busy enjoying her new bedroom. She looked at the silk sheets and she felt as if they were calling for her. It seemed so comfortable that she had to restrain herself from crawling immediately under it.

«Mom, Sonia said that there was a hot bath waiting for you in the other room. Another maid is coming to help you dress when you’re ready,» Clarke told her from the corridor.

Abby frowned a little and came back to the main room.

«Thank her for me, but tell her that I don’t need help,» she answered, looking at her daughter.

«That’s what I said but she insisted. She said that you won’t be able to put on the dress the queen prepared for you alone,» the girl answered, shrugging.

«I have a change clothes in my bag, tell–» Abby objected again but her daughter’s look made her shut up.

She couldn’t refuse a gift from their host. She had just declined the prince’s proposal, she could at least wear a grounder’s outfit, and it couldn’t be a big deal.

«Okay,» she sighed before offering a nod toward the grounder girl.

«See you later,» Clarke said with a soft smile on her lips.

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Play Your Cards Right
PG post s3 and the Delphi clan. @bellsqueen wanted “ ouija board (or similar) thinks we should fuck” so I went with a seer and a made up tarot(ish) deck. [ ao3 ]

Bellamy is having a hard time taking all of this seriously. He’s seen a lot of shit in his short time on earth. Clarke fought a radioactive gorilla. He’s learned to take the leap of faith and trust his people. He’s not sure that he can do that here, even if the Grounders insist that this is how to find safe harbor through the new nuclear apocalypse. 

Because that’s the kind of thing you need two of apparently. 

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So I just wanted to inform people that if you go to the temple to Apollo at Delphi where the oracle at Delphi was situated there are cats, like everywhere and they are so placid I spent most of my time there with a kitten in my arms, Greece is honestly a great place for cats and if anybody is going the or near there and likes cats you should really go, not only is it a beautiful historical place it’s also full of cute fluffy balls of fun

Cursed Child Character Summaries
  • Harry:*still famous and hating it*
  • Ginny:*cool mom*
  • Hermione:*always in love with ron*
  • Ron:*always in love with 'mione*
  • Draco:*sass + redemption*
  • McGonagall:*100% done*
  • Albus:*requires a hug 24/7*
  • Scorpius:Nerd™
  • Rose:*2k16 version of "it's leviOsa"*

“On July 1, 1893, at the excavation of Delphi near the Temple of Apollo, archaeologists uncovered a near-perfectly preserved, still-upright statue of Hadrian’s beloved Antinous.”

    From: Alligood, Chad. “The Delphi Antinous (A reconsideration)”. Anistoriton Journal, vol. 13 (2012-2013) Web. 1 July 2015. (X)

wait the fuck up

so voldemort had a child. with bellatrix. this means they had sex, obviously, which means that they actually had a sexual relation, with penetration. so if he is incapable of love did he just sit there unfazed, or was his snake-dick capable of an orgasm? if yes, can anyone imagine the freaking dark lord orgasming and moaning? is that why moaning myrtle’s dilemma about was included? as some time of ~foreshadowing-? and what if they didnt have penetrative sex. what if bella go inseminated? so voldy just masturbated and collected his sperm? so many questions about this. did he collect it in hufflepuff’s cup? and did he masturbate to pictures of snakes? of his horcruxes? or just beated that piece of meat until his semen came out? please j.k, explain. this is what we want to know. but wait, this is not it. delphi is 20-something years, so she was made when voldemort was noseless. BELLATRIX HAD SEX WITH NOSELESS VOLDY. ok so if we get pass this, when was she pregnant? because it must be like a year before the battle. but when the golden trio was captured, she had a flat stomach. and so this leads to my next question. was the baby developed in her mother’s uterus or was she somehow incubated in an egg like a snake. so. many. damn. q u e s t i o n s. im not even done! who raised the child? why didnt she want to meet her mother? why did she pretend to be a diggory? why did bella cheat on rudolphus? why wasnt the baby a horcrux?

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