But you get my point! This idea that we need to protect ourselves from secular culture is just complete bullshit. If we really believe in the sovereignty of God, then how could secular culture ever hurt us? Aren’t we supposed to be out there engaging it? Making it better?

I have strong feelings about this because, well, that’s what I do. This is my life mission. I engage with culture because I see it as representing people badly. I think that the media by and large doesn’t do people justice. It doesn’t honor them. So I complain and yell and blog and try to make it clear that we should not accept a culture that makes anyone feel like less than they are. And who are they? A glorious creation of God, to be honored and cherished.

Sister Act has a lot to do with that. It gave me a picture of what it can look like when we do open the doors and tear down the walls and engage. But more than that, Sister Act provided a vision of a two-pronged approach to faith and revival. Because before the nuns could love the people of their community lavishly, Deloris had to help them remember how to love their God lavishly. Like, that’s a huge part of it. People were intrigued to come in because they heard the nuns worshipping with absolute abandon. That’s not nothing, guys.

from ‘Sister Act’ Challenges Our Ideas of Faith in Culture on Kiss My Wonder Woman