maltmaltplayssims asked:

Hi, at first I have to say that I adore your stuff! Your houses are so lovely! I just wanted to know where you've found the ts3 rabbitholes hood deco. I only have some frome CuriousB but there are some in your pics that I don't have o: And sorry for my bad English D:

Hi Maltmalt, thank you! *blush*

I thought I’d publish this because it might be useful for other simblurs out there :)

A good way to keep tabs of all the Sims 3 to Sims 2 conversions if by following THIS tumblr… (that’s where I keep an eye out for the goodies I like to steal for my game!)

THIS is the set you are looking for, which were very kindly converted by delonariel. They are incredibly useful! There are also other converted sets and rabbit holes he/she has made (here’s another good rabbit hole set).

I would also recommend this set, by editsim2

HC’s Creations and misty_fluff over at Live Journal (there are loads of cool object conversions to browse through!)

And of course, the Hello City set by Curious B!

I hope that helps! (And your English was perfect!)


anonymous asked:

I love your work. Please, where can I find the deco items in your new pirate wood bedroom set pictures? Especially the giant clam shell? Thank you for all your creativity and generosity, making Sims 2 the game I still love to play!

Oh, thank you very much! Most of the deco is from delonariel’s Barnacle Bay conversions here but the tropical drinks are from Amovitam’s Island Paradise set here :D