anonymous asked:

So I just went through all of your pictures of interiors/exteriors and they're so beautiful! I have a couple wcifs though: /post/112998383255 bunk bed? And: /post/110086802630 the books above the stove? Also, kind of an in general question, where do you recommend going for clutter? Your clutter items are adorable and bring all your houses to life. <3

Aw, thank you so much! This message made my day! <3 The bunk bed is part of this set by threadandsandpaper (it’s the Caress of Teak one) and the cookbooks are part of this set by veranka.

As for clutter, I refer to these resources all the time:

322cdb clutter tag | ano2uk | gos clutter list

Some creator sites filled with great clutter:

amovitam | around the sims 2 | chimerical | clutter-a-holic | decat | delonariel | misty-fluff | nanashi | ohbehave | veranka | zx-ta

Large sets of extracted TS2 meshes as clutter:

azaya | hafiseazale | hugelunatic | keoni | miskha | nellshysh

These just scratch the surface and I know I’m failing to remember some great ones right now, but I hope this is helpful. :3

maltmaltplayssims  asked:

Hi, at first I have to say that I adore your stuff! Your houses are so lovely! I just wanted to know where you've found the ts3 rabbitholes hood deco. I only have some frome CuriousB but there are some in your pics that I don't have o: And sorry for my bad English D:

Hi Maltmalt, thank you! *blush*

I thought I’d publish this because it might be useful for other simblurs out there :)

A good way to keep tabs of all the Sims 3 to Sims 2 conversions if by following THIS tumblr… (that’s where I keep an eye out for the goodies I like to steal for my game!)

THIS is the set you are looking for, which were very kindly converted by delonariel. They are incredibly useful! There are also other converted sets and rabbit holes he/she has made (here’s another good rabbit hole set).

I would also recommend this set, by editsim2

HC’s Creations and misty_fluff over at Live Journal (there are loads of cool object conversions to browse through!)

And of course, the Hello City set by Curious B!

I hope that helps! (And your English was perfect!)