Fi’s Faves: Table Lamps

  1. Rhodium Table Lamp by Veranka
  2. Nova Table Lamp by Maxis (Teen Style Stuff)
  3. Hair Pin Table Lamp by Shannanigan (+ recolors)
  4. Abatey Table Lamp by Veranka
  5. SKIMRA Table Lamp by Zx_Ta
  6. Spectrum Table Lamp by Veranka
  7. Back to Retro Table Lamp by Paisley Avenue
  8. LAMPAN Table Lamp by Maxis (IKEA SP)
  9. Oscar Table Lamp by Mustluvcatz
  10. KILA Table Lamp by Maxis (IKEA SP) (+ recolors)
  11. Duo Tone Table Lamp by Mustluvcatz
  12. MYLONIT Table Lamp by Maxis (IKEA SP) (+ recolors)
  13. Social Climbing Ivy Table Lamp by Maxis (+ recolors + more)
  14. Ilistara Table Lamp by Maxis (+ recolorssmaller add-on)
  15. Back to Retro Table Lamp by Veranka
  16. Mountain Man’s Mountain Lighter by Maxis (Bon Voyage)
  17. Wonderland Tea Party Table Lamp by Delonariel
  18. Waning Moon Table Lamp by Veranka
  19. Mr. Lampy McFourlegs by Maxis
  20. Mid-Century Ball Table Lamp by Moxxa
  21. Sao Living Table Lamp by Veranka
  22. Victoria Table Lamp by HugeLunatic (+ recolors + more)

maltmaltplayssims  asked:

Hi, at first I have to say that I adore your stuff! Your houses are so lovely! I just wanted to know where you've found the ts3 rabbitholes hood deco. I only have some frome CuriousB but there are some in your pics that I don't have o: And sorry for my bad English D:

Hi Maltmalt, thank you! *blush*

I thought I’d publish this because it might be useful for other simblurs out there :)

A good way to keep tabs of all the Sims 3 to Sims 2 conversions if by following THIS tumblr… (that’s where I keep an eye out for the goodies I like to steal for my game!)

THIS is the set you are looking for, which were very kindly converted by delonariel. They are incredibly useful! There are also other converted sets and rabbit holes he/she has made (here’s another good rabbit hole set).

I would also recommend this set, by editsim2

HC’s Creations and misty_fluff over at Live Journal (there are loads of cool object conversions to browse through!)

And of course, the Hello City set by Curious B!

I hope that helps! (And your English was perfect!)



Sims Medieval “Bear Rug” Conversion

I love this rug from the Sims Medieval, it’s just perfect for medieval living rooms especially when placed in front of fireplaces (although who’d want this in their homes in real life is beyond me) It comes in 5 recolors (the dark brown and white are original & the black, grey and light brown ones were done by me) 

Credit goes to Delonariel who first converted this from TSM to TS2 before I converted it from TS2 to TS4.

(You can find my other cc for Sims 2 and Sims 4 here at my blogspot)

The other objects shown in the pictures can be found following the links: Wallpaper: Ineliz  /   Stone flooring: my blog   /   Windows: my blog   / Fireplace: Brial-Immortelle    /     End Table: my blog     /   Chair: my blog

DOWNLOAD (Mediafire)

DOWNLOAD (Dropbox)


Okay finally a new house for you. Sunset House Boat.

This is a 2x3 Flat Beach Lot which is smaller than the ones that come with the game. To create a 2x3 lot to place it you can follow this tutorial below by Vimpse. 

I am planning to build a bigger one using the standard maxis lot size beach lot for those who have problems creating the smaller beach lot. 

All meshes and masters are included in the download and the lot has been play tested to the max. Lot consists of: 

  • Kitchen and dining 
  • Living room
  • 1 Bedroom for a female
  • 1 Bathroom 
  • Invisible Driveway. 

I have used Delonariel’s 3t2 Houseboat Hulls to create this. 

If you would like the other ones you can download them here

I will be adding more detailed pictures of each room after this post but for now here is the link to download this lot. 



Sims 3 Barnacle Bay Conversions for TS4

Here’s some objects found in the Sims 3′s Barnacle Bay world converted to Sims 4. The download comes with 7 meshes + 4 recolors for the hanging shop sign. Credit goes to Delonariel who first converted these to Sims 2 (and which meshes I used for this)

(You can find my other conversions and cc here at my blogspot)

DOWNLOAD (Dropbox)

DOWNLOAD (Mediafire)