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what im doing for the next few years

I think I forgot to declare this on my blog, but I officially signed with Deloitte Consulting last week!

I’m pretty happy about it. Competitive starting salary, great signing bonus, and I have a pretty extensive network in place already that I can utilize the second I’m out of training.

The current plan is to start full-time in the NYC office next Fall.

As always, it’s awesome not having to worry about OCR.

I got to help out a little with the recruiting efforts here on campus today.

It’s so much more fun to be on the other side of the table. :)

Deloitte Summer Programs, Presented by Sigma Psi Lambda + Delta Sigma Pi
Event Name: Deloitte Consulting Information Night: Summer Recruitment Date: February 9th, 2012 Time: 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM Number of Brothers Attending: 21 Pi Sigma Brothers Number of Non-Brothers: 6 Pi Sigma Pledges, 5 speakers, 20 Sigma Psi Lambda (the other professional business fraternity on UC Irvine’s campus), 7 members from Beta Alpha Psi (the accounting fraternity on campus) and 7 non-affiliated students Event Summary: The Pi Sigma Chapter of Delta Sigma Pi and Sigma Psi Lambda put on an event that hosted Deloitte Consulting’s recruiting team to speak about the different summer programs Deloitte offers to students. The recruitment team included Tom Uy, the head recruiter for the Irvine office of Deloitte Consulting, as well as some recruiters from the Los Angeles office. Deloitte also brought along two recently graduated UC Irvine students who are now working in the Irvine office (one of which is an alumni of the Pi Sigma Chapter of Delta Sigma Pi). David Sun, the Sigma Psi Lambda president, introduced Tom Uy and he began to give a quick speech about how Deloitte is the superior consulting company, and the benefits of obtaining an internship at their prestigious company. He gave quick definitions of the different programs which Deloitte holds during the summer; the Leadership Summer Program, open only to sophomores, which is like the internship program they offer but only 10 weeks and the Summer Internship Program, open only to juniors, where one would get on a project and work on that project throughout the summer. After Mr. Uy finished his short introduction, he introduced the two recruiters from Los Angeles who spoke about each program in more detail. Then, the two recently graduated students began to talk about Deloitte’s culture, and why it was the best company to work for. These recent UC Irvine graduates told the group about how Deloitte respects a work-life balance and how Deloitte offers a variety of different opportunities for young professionals who wish to help companies with their internal workings. Many of the brothers of Delta Sigma Pi have been offered summer internships already, and were very interested to hear about the way that Deloitte runs their internal affairs. After the speakers finished, they opened the floor to questions from the audience. There was a huge emphasis on teamwork within the company, what types of companies employ Deloitte’s services, what type of work is done during the summer internship and what does Deloitte do in order to keep morale high within a high stress industry. There were a total of five questions asked, two of which were asked from Sigma Psi Lambda members, 1 from a Beta Alpha Psi member, 1 from a Delta Sigma Pi pledge, and 1 from a Delta Sigma Pi Brother. This event was both informative for those brothers who wish to follow a career in consulting, and also useful to the chapter because we were able to interact on a professional level with Sigma Psi Lambda, Beta Alpha Psi, non-affiliated students from the university, as well as some people who work within Deloitte. This was a very interesting event, and many people enjoyed being able to speak to a recruiter about getting a job at many brothers’ dream company.
Deloitte and Spain!

So I don’t think I’ve mentioned this on my blog yet, but I’ve decided to take my return offer to Deloitte.

Once again, I will be interning in the New York Office as a Business Technology Analyst. The main difference is that I get paid even more this year. :)

Decided to take my return offer because I was honestly very lazy when it came to OCR. I only seriously tried for a few firms, but I wasn’t really able to get anywhere with them.

Ah well, I love working for Deloitte, and I’m even more excited for this summer because I was one of two interns in the New York office chosen to have a Global Internship!

Basically, in addition to my work in New York City and my client in the States, Deloitte is going to fly me out to Madrid, Spain to work for a client there! All transportation and accommodations are paid for by Deloitte, so I am basically getting paid to go visit a new country and work there for a month!


It’s such a relief that they picked me too. Having gone through this internship once before, I think I would have gotten very bored this summer (even though my client does change) if there wasn’t some big new experience for me to try. Now, I get a experience that I doubt many other Juniors will ever have.


Now, if I could just somehow guarantee that my project in the states requires air travel as well, that would be perfect…