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Name: James

Birthday: Jun 2nd 1990
Favorite color: Grey and white
Lucky number: 13 I guess. I don’t believe in luck for the most part.
Height: 5’6”
Talents: Art/Writing
Last Dream you remember: Had one where I had rough sex with one of my exes and then after I went to this Flintstones theme park and reenacted the intro from the cartoon.
Can you juggle: No but how cool would that be?
Do you like writing: All day, all night.
Do you like dancing: Yeah
Do you like singing: I’d love it more if I sounded good.
Fantasies /Dream Vacation: Canada and Japan.
Dream Girl: Scarlett’s character from Lost in Translation.
Dream wedding: Somewhere in Japan.
Dream pet: A real life Pikachu.
Dream job: Comicbook artist or a kid of someone who’s super rich.
Favorite Song: At this moment, maybe Welcome to the Black Parade.
Guys/girls/both: Girls
Hair color: Any
Eye color: Any
Humorous/serious: Both
Tall/short: Shorter than me
Biggest turn off: Homophobia. 
Biggest turn on: Maturity.

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