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Hi Lori! I've been rereading PiaLR and I just started laughing at how accurate everything is. Omg. Like the description of "For Which It Stands" and how it's total Oscar bait and I can't help but see the corrilation between it and "American Sniper."

I hadn’t thought about that, actually, but you’re not wrong.

Several people have also brought up John’s photobombing in the epilogue, although he was going about it a bit differently than Benedict did.  :-)


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Blog aesthetic using only pictures already on your phone/computer bc it’s stupid and fun and who even cares. 

I actually don’t really keep photos on my computer because my hard drive is constantly full (don’t ask me, it is amazing, in college I had a 6GB hard drive and it lasted four years, now I have many, many times that and I filled it up almost immediately) and I couldn’t be bothered to wade through my phone, which is mostly just photos of my niblings anyway, so here, have the random photos I was able to find on my computer. It’s a weird mix of Inception things, one lone West Wing quote, and random photos I use when I teach IP. 

If you would like to do this meme, go for it! Consider yourself officially tagged!

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If u have a therapist or doctor that u talk to about your mental health, a service dog/cat for anxiety is totally smth they can prescribe!! And according to the ADA (assuming american), landlords can’t charge u a deposit for having a service pet!! :)

i don’t have a therapist at the moment i used to have one on campus but i just didn’t feel like it was necessary? after two months i kinda just went hey i think i can cope on my own thank. but i just think that maybe a therapist isn’t what helps me. i could say something to my doctor about it, i did change doctors in august but she does know i have anxiety, so that is something i could bring up. i just feel like everything a service dog/cat would provide would be what would help. that’s neato! and living off campus would have to happen because the colleges i’m considering transferring to don’t allow things that can slither/crawl/walk away in on campus housing. 

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/bedflip? I think u mean /houSEFLIP

oh i actually flipped my house at the start of this crazy Cumber-filled week

iT WAS A FCKIUNG MISTAKE. had i known he’d be non-stop this week, i should have started flipping smaller items first like my laundry basket or something

now i’m just living on the side of the road leeching off on my neighbour’s WiFi dw im okay i’m tough meat

  1. dellpafalla said: pienso que necesitas escribir algo muy sucio para que lo pueda leer en voz alta y poner lo en tumblr hahaha haclo!! OTL y… eres latina? porque yo si soy, pero no puedo escribir MUCHO GOOD-O. lol
  2. shinekey said: si mi vida, te entiendo perfectamente ;D.. sabes porque me gusta tanto?, porque bien sabes que en español las cosas suenan mas “sucias”, bueno, ya que tienes una forma fantastica de expresar tus sucias fantasias, nada mejor que hacerlo en español ;D
  3. superspeciallovejunk said: Pero eso esta bien. Todos somos pervertidos. :3 En una bueno manera.

1. AJAJAJAJAJJAJJA posiblemente necesito escribir algo en espanol solamente. Porque los pensamientos que tengo son los mismos que podria tener en espanol. jajajajajajja pero como no tengo ningunas limitaciones con mi lengua en ingles y mis cosas en ingles, es un mundo diferente con mi espanol. Vamos a ver…. vamos a ver.

Y Mucho good-o. Priceless.

YYYY no soy latina. :3 Es mi concentracion en la universidad y vivi en Valencia esta primavera pasada. :D

2. Cosas parecen mas sucias en espanol eh? Ay pues… ya.

Creo que un fanfic posiblemente necesita venir un dia. DESPUES DE DIAS Y DIAS DE CORRECCIONES!!! Mi slang y todo en espanol ESPECIALMENTE ACERCA CHINGANDO es COMPLETAMENTE DIFERENTE y no se NADA de palabras “especiales” si me entiendes…. ;D

Jajajaja tienes algunos blogs que sigues que hablan como yo pero en espanol que puedo seguir tambien pero solamente acerca de kpop? Estoy interesada!!! 

3. CLARO QUE SI. No me arrepiento de nada todo el dia, cada dia. Es que solamente mientras que mi espanol no es terrible, estoy nerviosa a veces para usarlo especialmente en tumblr y no se si muchos de mis followers pueden entender. :P 

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your tags, i feel them

there’s like an inverse law where the more i’m seen, the less cute i’d look. why is the universe unfair?

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U r extreme cute i hope someone makes out w you soon :* :)

thanks babe! and i really hope as well, i’m so make-out-able it’s almost unbearable ;)

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98, 45, 41, 42, 9, 7 😙

Backwards! D: nah just kiddin thanks c:

98. Everybody has somebody that makes them happy, do you?

Yup! I have a couple of people! Romantically - it’s the guy I have a crush on. In a friendship way, it’s endless-dragons, delicatelyloudbeard, mischief-tea, jblackstonebooks, k-aorus & cleverness-tea

45. Do you have a favorite pair of shoes?

I have this pair of white converse I doodled on that I love. They’re so comfortable and artsy.

41. Where’s your last bruise located? & 42. What’s it from?

I actually don’t have one. Kind of waiting to bump into something hard enough to earn one though.

9. Name the last four beds you were sat on.

Mine (right now), Kenzie’s, Maggie’s and Chloe’s. 

7. Have you ever slept on a couch with someone else?


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what are your other ones for?

Okay so one is for K-music which I admittedly didn’t update in forever. One was my personal. Now this is my personal haha. One was for SHINee because I was so absorbed into SHINee like a year ago. One was for whatever Kpop and whatever stupid funny things I had to say. One is an extremely personal one that no one will ever find and I will never tell anyone about. And now the last one is the joodles blog hahaha.

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-sigh- I went searching through tumblr today looking for that one gif of Mir, where it looks like he's saying "boobs" and for some reason, I decided that it would be a good idea to check for anything tagged "mir boobs"....well guess what. The only TWO posts that came up were yours. And they were beautiful. But I still haven't found that gif--Only your never ending love for Mir's breasts. :T

lmfao of course they would be mine omfg