dellamorte and co


Ok so I posted some pictures of my new flaming rock that my partner so expertly (and impressively) picked out for me on his own on my instagram, but it was all night time pics. So I wanted nicer daytime ones of it, as well as of my new altar setup. I’m so happy with it and feel real at ease now. I’m so glad I got a chance to clean it and such. 

I’ve got new additions to my crystal family as well! A few from Enchanted Creativity and StructureMinerals. As well as a few pieces (like the dryad and green mermaid) that I’ve had for a little while now from Dellamorte & Co., who you should check out since they have super cool stuff. Idk just thought I’d mention a few of the shops that have treated me well and have great things incase anyone was interested. Oh, and the cat candle holders are from ModCloth xD.

Yes I know I have two dark magicians from yugioh on my altar lol I have my reasons.