Oh God she’s beautiful. She’s beyond beautiful, she’s real. She seems funny too, and a hint of crazy, I can feel it. Beautiful, crazy, funny. Jesus Christ she’s perfect. And that’s really annoying. Really annoying.
—  Dell, Comet (2014)

When he gives her the dress you’re like:

Then you realize something’s not right:

Then you figure out what’s about to happen:

Then … it happens:

Current feelings towards Dell/Ryan Murphy:

If you’re planning on getting a gaming PC, please read this.

Consider building it yourself, or hiring someone else to do it. It’s not as challenging as a lot of people think it is. If you don’t feel like you can handle the responsibility, consider hiring someone local. You will save hundreds of dollars, probably $200 to $300.

If you end up buying a pre-built, do NOT buy Alienware. It’s trash. It’s marked up to disgusting prices and the hardware selection is God awful. Which moves me into my next point.

When you’re looking at PC’s or hardware, don’t go for the i7. Is an i7 a good processor? Absolutely. Does that mean its best for a gaming PC? No. The most important part of a PC that you will be using primarily for gaming (and of course other mundane stuff like work/school and the internet) is the graphics card. GPU GPU GPU, not CPU. All of these pre-built’s use i7′s because they’re known as “EXTREMELY EXTREME i7 FOR EXTREME GAMING FOR EXTREME GAMERS”, when that’s not true. Does that mean get a shitty processor? Of course not. Save $100 on a processor and get an i5, and spend the $100 on a better graphics card. An i5 will perform almost identically to an i7 (When it comes to video games, VFX and rendering is a different story), and an extra $100 on your graphics card will be a HUGE help when running demanding games.

I’m so tired of these big companies like Dell and ASUS making these PC’s with an i7 and people buying it thinking its the best gaming PC for the price. My friend just got an ASUS ROG G20 for $1200. It’s not worth the money for the performance you’ll be getting.