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Headcannon: Your corrupted tar looking ooze has a chemical composition close to Sulfuric Acid, but much more potent and toxic. The tar-like appearance of it might be due to it containing organic, carbon based matter, that, reacting with the acid, makes the whole thing viscus and black. (1/2)

As for the bad gaming memories inducing effect you may cause to your containment area when throwing a fit for not being cared for anymore, i guess the blood and other organic matter you spread onto the walls of your enclosed area might be individual cells, that multiply like crazy tumors, and sometimes turn into hentai tentacles and spill pathogenic blood all over the place. The way you might spread these cells in the first place might be similar to how fungi spread spores to reproduce. (2/2)

SHIT this is fucking cool…….

Because I am a loser, I figured that I would put together 100 of the things that most people skip through to get the good part of tv. Commercials! (more masterposts)

Kool Aid ● First Barbie Ad ● Jell-O and Racism ● Ipana Toothpaste ● Hamm’s Beer ● Tootsie Roll Pops ● Pepsodent Toothpaste ● Swiss Creme Sandwich ● Skippy Peanut Butter ● Ritz Crackers ● I can’t do anything, but thanks to the copy machine that doesn’t matter! ● Doctor’s recommend smoking! ● “let’s make this woman’s face radioactive to test our cream” ● Ajax Cleaner ● Colgate ● Halo Shampoo ● Rapid Shave 

Moutain Dew Soda ● The Flintstones support Busch Beer ● Cereal sold by a creep clown?? ● Coke keeps you thin! ● Maybe Folgers can teach this woman to make coffee ● The Flintstones reccomend Winston Cigarettes ● Pink Panther Flakes ● Dick Tracy silent ray gun ● Tang ● Cracker Jack ● Swing Wing ● Polaroid Swinger ● Maybe Folgers can teach this woman to make coffee, part two ● Even a woman can drive this! ● Wrigley’s Spearmint Gum ● Twister ● Green Giant ● Mattel “V-rroom!” ● Robot Commando ● “We put human souls in life like dolls” ● Cheerios ● Gillette razor ● Hoover ● Surf washing powder 

McDonald’s ● I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing ● Star Trek Communicators ● Say Cheeseburger ● Milky the Marvelous Milking Cow ● Tang, for earthmen ● Astronaut Breakfast ● Big Mac ● Faberge Shampoo ● Shake & Bake vs House-i-tosis ● Folger’s coffee ● Kool-Aid ● Land of the Jawas Playset ● Millenium Falcon Kenner ● Baby Laugh A Lot ● Star Trek: the McDonald’s meal ● Whirlpool Portable Washer ● 22 Explosive Hits ● Dodge Charger 500 

The Apple Bra ● Kentucky Fried Chicken ● Nintendo Cereal System ● Pepsi Generation ● Connect Four ● Micro Machines ● Chia Pets ● Wham-O Slip-n-Slide ● Castle Grayskull ● Dino-Riders ● Smooshees ● Do The Arches ● Ayds ● You & Your Johnson ● ET the Video Game ● Zack the Lego Maniac ● The Slim Suit ● Color Computer ● It’s Gonna Be A Great Day 

The new mobile phone, from radio shack! ● KFC with MC Hammer ● Nintendo 64 ● The Wunder Boner ● Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Pies ● Apple Jacks ● Ecto Cooler ● WHAM-O Bubble Thing ● Skip It ● Gotta have my pops! ● Nerf Arrow Storm ● Liquid Cool ● “Bud” “Weis” “er” ● Batman & Robin ● How to enjoy Disney World, Larry 

The Brother/Sister Folgers ad ● Dude Dell ● M&M’s ● Capri-Sun Coolers ● Go-Gurt ● Trix - Fashion Show