dell book

Ti amo come Harry ama Ginny.
Ti amo come Katniss ama Peeta.
Ti amo come Tris ama Tobias.
Ti amo come Clary ama Jace.
Ti amo come Abby ama Travis.
Ti amo come Thomas ama Teresa.
Ti amo come Hazel ama Augustus.
Ti amo come Percy ama Annabeth.
Ti amo come Ron ama Hermione.
Ti amo come Miles ama Alaska.
Ti amo come Quentin ama Margo.
Ti amo come Finnick ama Annie.
Ti amo come Alex ama Rosie.
—  Fangirl
Kimberly… I used to find it really annoying you said ‘so’ all the time. Bugged the shit out of me. And I… I love it. I love it now. After we have sex and you shrug your shoulders and you say ‘I’m here all week!,’ - love that. I love that a single strand of your hair can fall so perfectly to the side and you don’t even know. I love the little blue veins behind your eyes. I love your eyes. Knowing you goes down as easily the best thing that’s ever happened to me. Easily. If I were a restaurant, you’d be my special, but nobody could order you, 'cause I’d just want you to be mine, just all mine. Not in, like, a biblical slavery-owning sense, or a pimp-prostitute dynamic of “you be mine, bitch,” but… but just in that… you’re my love. You’re my love. But my favorite thing of all: I like you 'cause you like me. I don’t know - I think that says a lot about how great you are as a person. So, um…
—  Dell, Comet