So this is one of my favorite greek songs translated in english. I didn’t care much for the rythm. Also the original song is an adaptation from Tom Waits’ Invitation to the Blues.

Look at her how she is serving, more white than her apron,
how she’s holding high the tray and her dignity.
She is like a rose between the scums and a godess among mortals.
She is the trap to make you a mess again…

You already feel like Cagney in front of Rita Hayworth
in the dingy underground life of yours.
You wonder if she is alone, if she gets scared and angry,
will she give you a signal? Stay and you’ll see.

She asks you, “Will you drink something?” and you think it’s a poem,
you say, “I don’t know, whatever… whatever”. It would be a shame
for someone else to have her, since you first felt
the corrals in her depths but maybe all this
it’s a trick to make you a mess again.

But she has a way to empty you ashtray
laughing with a joke you will never say to her
and you want to leave but you are hammerred, and in your house
there’s still this sea of rumbles from your lost life;
a sea of bottles and books and smoke and everything you need to be a mess again…

But she must have been hurt, a guy has to be in the way,
like the guys in the gyms, or the guys that are popular,
who would want her more like paper and more blond and more naked
and of course he never said to her “I love you”.
He just found another girl from the other block
and left her like a mess again.

Tonight a train departs, for a nice and foreign place,
but for the first time you feel that everything is happening here.
Jesus Christ is being born in a month, and whatever you wish for you should start.
Everything will always be dark but they always hide a secret flame.
And tomorrow you’ll be here again
will you ever tell her that you want only for her to be a mess…


Φοίβος Δεληβοριάς - Περα χώρα