so, i haven’t left my bed today.

last night at work, the boss apparently had door alarms installed on the back door so that we wouldn’t go out the back door at night… or some reason. anyway. the prior crew lead didn’t tell everyone, so one girl goes right out the door. ear-murdering alarm goes off. the ones that did know about it were told that it would silence when the door was pulled close again. nope. you need a key. that key was in the safe.

we called all the sr team leads and store manager and district manager. no one picked up. called loss prevention, they tried everyone, no response. 

finally, lp calls a locksmith to come in and unlock the door for us. 

this alarm went off for 2.5 hours. 

we had him leave the door unlocked since the delivery driver had to come in still and we didn’t want a repeat. 

delivery guy comes in at just before 4am. through the other back door. 

alarm goes off again until manager comes in at 6, because i was not calling the locksmith again. 

i went to bed with an insane migraine. and i think what made me mad was that no one ever called the store back. god forbid there was an accident or we were robbed. 

so, slept til 2 today. got up had some grilled cheese and ramen, then curled back up in my bed with my laptop and phone and have kind of drifted in and out of consciousness all day. 

suffice to say, not feeling my best, and putting off things i wanted to do today isn’t helping matters either. 

Cancer Stricken Teen Says He Was Fired After Taking Time Off For Surgery (VIDEO)

Cancer Stricken Teen Says He Was Fired After Taking Time Off For Surgery (VIDEO)

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19-year-old Jonathan Larson has cancer of the brain and spine. He’s got a tough fight ahead of him. Larson was, until recently, a delivery driver at Naperville’s Rosebud Restaurant in Chicago. I say “recently” because, according to Larson, when his manager heard he needed time off for surgery to address the cancer, he was fired. Larson described his dismissal to 5 NBC Chicago News,

“[My manager]…

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Hey there.

I just wanted to put out a little “PSA” to anyone who’s willing to listen, and I guess what I want to say is…

Please, PLEASE tip your Pizza Delivery drivers. Or any food delivery driver, for that matter.

I’m writing this because I got “stiffed” (As in, got zero dollars in tips on a delivery) THREE TIMES tonight, and that’s… just awful.

I recently started at a pizza place as a delivery driver, so what I say may not be 100 percent accurate but is based off my 3 days of experience so far.

The reason I ask you tip your Delivery drivers is because a lot of their income depends on tips, much like waitresses, and for many of the same reasons as waitresses I would guess.

Please don’t think tipping your delivery driver is %100 optional. (Or optional at all for that matter.) It’s very much something that is needed, and it’s something that needs to happen on every run.

I don’t know about other people’s experiences as Delivery drivers, but when we’re clocked out on a run delivering your pizza, we’re not getting paid minimum wage. We’re getting paid less than minimum wage (For me, it’s around 4 dollars while clocked out on a run). That means we need to make up the difference in tips, and boy do we need them.

Factor that 4 dollar wage with a couple other things as well:

1.  I have to pay for my own gas as a delivery driver (Not to mention car upkeep, like oil changes, tires, the usual). We get cents to the mile returned to us at the end of the night (our mileage is checked and we’re given payment based on current gas prices. Not all stores will do this I’m sure because ours didn’t until people complained), but this doesn’t cover our gas costs alone; we NEED tips, preferably GOOD tips, to be able to make money to pay rent and bills and also keep paying for our gas and upkeep on our car so we can keep delivering.

2. While the mileage system helps with this (some other franchises might not be as fortunate and have a fixed run fee returned, like $1.25, instead of cents to the mile which makes this part of it much worse), getting stiffed on an order that is on the very edge of your store’s delivery range is the ABSOLUTE WORST. (This very thing happened to me tonight. Some kid took his mom’s card, didn’t know how to tip, and just signed the receipt without writing down any dollar or tips amount).

Not only did you not NOT get a tip, you didn’t get a tip on a 35-40 minute run (15-20 minutes each direction); and that means other drivers that had shorter runs than you were clocked in before you, and added to the driver rotation before you, wasting that driver’s time and money. They probably missed out on at least one run because your house was so far away (which you can’t help and that’s fine), and DIDN’T get paid for their efforts on top of that (which you CAN HELP, with a nice tip. It is difficult knowing how far away your house is from the store, but a little research on your part will be greatly appreciated).

Let me make this clear: having a pizza delivered to your house is a luxury service; If you CANNOT AFFORD having a pizza delivered to your house (the final price tag being the price of your meal and the price of the driver’s tip), DO NOT ORDER DELIVERY.

Go to your store and pick it up yourself. Seriously, don’t be that asshole that only has enough to cover his meal and won’t tip because it’s ~~~too expensive~~~ to tip, or because you think it’s optional, or because you think the Delivery Fee is our tip.

Because the Delivery Fee is not our tip. That goes to the store, we never see that money.

So, if you’re wondering what a good price to tip is, (In USD, I can’t really help you if we’re talking other currencies) this is my opinion based on my experiences and tip totals at the end of the night. This could be completely different depending on the cost of living in other parts of the US, but this is based off of where I live.

$1: Thank you. At least you tipped us, that’s better than not getting anything, though something higher would be really, greatly appreciated.

$2: Thanks; this will sometimes, (but not always) plus mileage depending on how far your house is from the store, garner minimum wage for that run. Something higher than that would be greatly appreciated.

$3: This tends to be about standard, or slightly lower than standard. If you tip us 3 dollars at least, we should make back minimum wage. Something higher than this would be appreciated.

$4: This is a good standard price to start from, based on your experience with the driver.

$5: Big thanks to you on this one; if we get a ton of people like you, like this kind of tip every run, we’ll be pretty well off for the night!

$6 and up: Yeah dude! That’s the spirit! You rock! High five!

Also, if your order is $34.65 and you give your driver $35 dollars and tell them to “keep the change”, THAT’S NOT A TIP. That’s almost as bad as stiffing your driver. In fact, it might be even more insulting that you think your spare change you don’t want is an appropriate tip for our time and effort.

So yeah. I just wanted to put that out there.

Please don’t be an asshole that doesn’t tip; you’re most likely going to be mentioned bitterly back at the store. You’re gonna be “that person”, nobody should be “that person”.

If anyone has anything to add, or correct me on, feel free to do so.


The tip shows you appreciate the service.

Delivery is a CONVENIENCE. It feels so good to have it delivered for you.

  • You don’t have to get it yourself.
  • And waste your time, energy, and gas.
  • The driver endured weather and traffic for you.
  • You can watch TV or do things around the house instead.
  • How much is that worth? because your time is valuable.

The tip shows that you value the driver’s work.

It just feels good to tip.
It shows that you’re a good person. It’s a good thing to do.
It shows you have class.
Tipping is common courtesy. It’s customary.

Not tipping is considered:

rude and unheard of inconsiderate ungrateful for the service as if delivery meant nothing to you

If one does not tip, they:

take advantage of the driver steal the services of the driver insult and waste the driver’s valuable time

  • Tips are necessary for the job. Tips mean everything to the driver. That’s why they deliver. Without it, there’s no point in keeping the job.

    Without it, drivers receive only minimum wage. Some drivers are paid sub-minimum wage. They use their own car. They pay for their own gas and repairs. They end up making less than minimum wage, without tips, when you include the cost of operating a car. The store does not reimburse them entirely.

    It’s assumed that tips will cover those expenses. Their employers assume they will receive tips. If delivery was minimum wage, everyone would quit. There are plenty of minimum wage jobs that don’t wear down your car.

    Drivers do not use a company car. Pizza drivers:

  • risk their cars and lives in traffic
  • risk robbery, assault, and murder on the job
  • are targets for criminals because they carry food and money In addition to driving, they do a lot of in-store work. They search for houses, which isn’t easy. It’s not like finding your own house. Many addresses don’t have visible numbers.

    Pizza delivery is not supposed to be a minimum wage job.

PSA: please please please tip your food delivery drivers if you are able to do so!

i understand that sometimes people need food, and can’t for whatever reason pick it up themselves, and have only just enough money to get the food they need, and so they don’t tip, and i’m genuinely ok with that.

but as a pizza delivery driver, i make half of minimum wage any time i’m away from the store driving/delivering, because tips are expected to make up the rest. “delivery charges” don’t count, btw, because they’re really just “charges to increase the store’s profits”: drivers never get any of that money, at least not in the company i work for.

so days where people consistently don’t tip (which happens a lot to me in these fancy business high-rises where a co-worker or receptionist signs the credit card slip on behalf of someone else who’s busy, and tips zero because it’s not their card), or do “keep the change” tips with something like a $20 bill on a $19.90 order? that means i’m driving around in my personal car, using up my gas, trying my best to get you your pizza on time, and often dealing with heavy traffic, construction, confusing apartment numbering that makes no sense, dangerous things like other cars constantly going the wrong ways on one-ways, etc etc, at sub-minimum wage. which is… really disheartening and anxiety-producing.

most people do tip which is good, but a lot of people don’t. so yeah, if you’re able to spare even just a couple bucks for your driver, we will really appreciate it!


If you have the nerve to order pizza when’s it’s storming(generally don’t though) please please do not make some lame joke about the rain and then not tip the driver. It’s rude and mean and also this person has just risked their life and car for you in some heavy ass rain. the least you could do is give them 5 bucks. Ugh.