delivery of the keys to saint peter

Pretentious Art History Pet Peeve No One Actually Cares About™:

90% of the things y’all caption as being “like a renaissance painting” are actually like a baroque painting. 

This is Delivery of the Keys to Saint Peter by Periguno. Dated 1482.

Renaissance art is all angular and mathematical looking with gratuitous columns and architectural elements because one-point perspective was the cat’s pajamas at the time. Everyone is just kind of standing around and being chill, and there’s just as much (or even more) detail put into the background architectural elements as there are the subjects in the foreground. Everything is usually very symmetrical and/or the horizon line is very prominent. The lighting is usually bright, even, and sunny.

Check out this entombment scene by Fra Angelico in 1440:

Symmetrical, wide crop, emphasis on linear perspective, brightly lit, and everyone kind of has the same look on their face. They’re burying Christ but they’re just kind of like “meh.” about it. Renaissance.

Compare it to Caravaggio’s Entombment of Christ, dated 1604:

Baroque paintings have tightly cropped, and often diagonal, compositions with really dramatic lighting. 99% of the time, everyone will be doing The Most™– that is, in precarious positions with very expressive, anguished faces. The background is really dark, hazy, or not even visible because the entire composition is being taken up by a mangled pile of bodies. They’re burying Christ and they actually look really upset about it. Baroque.

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