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Tumbleweed, Her #4 - [BAP] Mafia!Au

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The Private Investigator: Jung Daehyun

He had always been watching. He did nothing more than that. He knew everything about you. Your daily schedules, to the place you frequent to, to the habits you have that you don’t necessarily realise having it. Daehyun knows what you liked and disliked. Daehyun knows you to the core. And you don’t necessarily know that. How far did he know?

He knows why you take the bus in daylight. He knows you take the same bus but don’t really go anywhere. You went to the train station but never got on any of it. You went back when people starts to pour in to make it look like you go home from work. Daehyun was always on the watch. He had his binoculars on him to spy on you. And he spoke to himself a lot, “Where are you heading? Why do you always do this.” And his questions were never answered.

He looked through the binoculars at you. When he first started as a private investigator, he had to overcome a lot of shortcomings. He was a tad too inexperienced in his field and he learnt the hard way that experiences truly helps in getting his name in the industry. His egotistical demeanor tend to get him in a lot of trouble but he paved his own style of investigation and a few police station had come to mimick his strategy. He didn’t necessary hates it. It just shows how the authority is lack creativity. But what he didn’t like, is when they took credit for what he did.

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You want to catch the fastest delivery girl in Paris, you’ll have to move faster than that.

This was supposed to be a warmup… oops.

Anyway, Marinette pretending to be a delivery girl? Golden. Even better? Motorcycle delivery AU. 

Or maybe I just wanted to practice lineless art and draw motorcycle jackets.

(or maybe I came up with an entire plot while drawing this please send help i fell in the trash and i can’t get up)


“You’re asking why I work so hard? If I don’t earn money then I will need to worry right away about how I’m going to eat tomorrow. Every motorcycle delivery man gives half of his pay away due to fees. Then this guy takes some money, and that guy takes some money. In the end nothing is left. Also, the number of unemployed people these days is increasing, so our footing is becoming smaller and smaller. Nevertheless, this job has a merit. We go around everywhere on our motorcycles. If people like us don’t have something to do we quickly become old.”

“What’s the thing you most wish for right now?”

“I want to buy a large motorcycle and travel around the country. I’ll be able to do it soon since I work so hard. Since I work so hard….”

“일을 열심히 하는 이유가 있냐고? 돈을 안 벌면 당장 내일 밥을 걱정해야 돼. 오토바이 타는 사람이 돈을 벌어봐야 절반은 수수료로 나가고 이 놈이 떼먹고 저 놈이 떼먹고 그러니 남는게 있나. 게다가 요즘 실업자도 늘어나서 우리가 설 자리가 더욱 적어졌지. 그래도 좋은 점도 있어. 오토바이 타고 돌아다니잖아. 우리 같은 사람들은 할 일 없으면 금방 늙거든.”
“지금 가장 소망하시는게 뭔가요?”
“오토바이 큰 거 사서 전국여행 해보고 싶어. 곧 이루어질거야. 열심히 일을 하니까. 내가 열심히 일을 하니까…”