the days when i think of the 2003 anime often are behind me but sometimes I remember the time Envy disguised as Winry randomly yelled “ALPHONSE YOU’RE THE ONE I ALWAYS LOVED” to distract Al AND IT WORKED! Al got kidnapped because of that even though Al already knew it was Envy! and I giggle.

Bc honestly I can see that happen in manga continuity only instead of being shocked Al’s reaction is  to break down into uncontrollable laughter and he’s so busy laughing he is successfully kidnapped for like five whole minutes.

He’s just armor convulsing on the ground and Envy just grabs his foot and starts dragging him away meanwhile Ed is screaming “AL PULL IT TOGETHER YOU’RE BEING KIDNAPPED” 





And once he calms down Al just basically spends the whole time giving Envy a speech on why his shipping preferences are WRONG and brother and winry are OTP BC REMEMBER AL IS THEIR BIGGEST SHIPPER and once Envy’s finally like “OKAY FINE THEY’RE CUTE TOGETHER NOW WILL YOU  SHUT THE FUCK UP” and Al ‘s like “cool OK bye” and immediately busts out.

Now I actually want a series where Envy imitates people and says things in an attempt to psychologically torment them and ends up cracking them the hell up instead

the week that TABINOF is released is going to be the most stressful time ever:

  • anxious refreshing of social media to see if anybody has got their copy
  • simultaneously wanting to avoid spoilers; not wanting to see if anybody has got their copy
  • the fact that the book will most likely take a few days to arrive
  • did i mention there is going to be horrific spoilers everywhere (help)

So I was just here browsing my mook for the 100th time and no matter from what I angle I see it, this still looks like they’re looking at each other’s lips rather than at each other’s eyes lol

Specially Haru. Because I mean, Rin is totally looking at Haru’s eyes in this one below for example.

But here?

Not so much.

And it’s hilarious because while I know it’s probably just the way they were drawn and all, Kyoani made it so easy. Like one can literally write illustrated fic about this thing. 

A Haru who gets caught up in Rin and doesn’t even notice what he’s doing. A Rin who can’t help but to meet him halfway, inching closer and closer - until realization dawns in on him.

And Rin, being more self-aware than Haru is in this regard, knows what getting carried away could mean for him. So he catches himself, does a double take and -

Flees the scene, leaving an adorably clueless Haru behind.

See? It practically writes itself hahahah this scene is like a gift that keeps on giving, it’s hilarious and adorable in every single take.

Whiskey Delivered to Space Station - For Science Only

Moscow (Sputnik) Aug 25, 2015
Five types of Whiskey were delivered to the International Space Station (ISS). Not for a knees-up astronauts’ party, as you might think, but for conducting a comprehensive study on how spirits mellow in space. On Monday, the International Space Station’s robotic docking arm took hold of a cargo ship loaded with 10,000 pounds of supplies. Included in the latest shipment were six samples of
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i danced with thomas in a fucking ball field okay. i told him to fight me and he got out of the car and was like “let’s go” and i followed him and jokingly put my fists up and and grabbed them and pulled me in and held me for a good 10 minutes in that empty fucking football field and wow i need to go to sleep now before i start missing him too much

Retun Path's report on email deliverability: what should catch your attention!

This week, our partner Return Path released its semestrial report on deliverability. This event often corresponds to a period when people remember that big problems exist on this matter. Here is a quick recap of what we thought should catch your attention.

First, one of the trends underlined by this report is a basic fact that is too often forgotten. In some way, deliverability issues and bad practices are persisting because the email channel is too profitable. Instead of seing what they did not win, people keep on focusing on what they won. This is a biaised view: if you didn’t win something, you should consider you lost it.

Globally, it’s still like 20% of the emails not getting delivered. Imagine you’re doing a small emailing to 10,000 contacts. With a 5% transformation rate, you’re loosing a 100 clients! You must be blind to ignore such losses. This figure is relative to your country and industry, but still…

In Europe, the situation doesn’t change much

Generally speaking, deliverability is not as good as in North America. However, France has a good rate, very similar to what you can find in the US.

What are the other interesting facts?

Well, deliverability in the B2B sector is still very problematic. Spam filters are always more and more restrictive and 1 in 5 emails get lost.

A special focus on Gmail points out an important 2011 indicator: the proportion of messages that appear as prioritary. This was the big change of 2011 : inboxes became intelligent. They are now looking at what the user is intrested in. 81% of the Gmail accounts use this system and all the competitors are deploying the same kind of features. So expect this aspect to become more in more important!

Let’s finish with the situation in China: what’s happening over there is not anecdotical. You all know the importance of this market and like often, the internet sector is full of mysteries. Deliverability therefore is a big problem as nearly half of the emails simply get lost! The evolution of this situation is to be watched closely… All lot of work needs to be done I guess…

You can download the full report here!


Yonaga Tsubasa: Today is the character that Takuya voices, Kai-kun’s birthday! 🎉 Happy birthday, Kai-kun! 🎁 ✨ Thank you for guiding Aichi along the way, and always watching over him.  For Kai-kun’s birthday, “that Taku-chan” is celebrating! Here is Kai-kun’s cake and Aichi’s cake we imagined together!  ✨

Satou Takuya: Today, on this particular day, unexpectedly at the same location, I’m celebrating with Sendou Aichi’s voice actor “that Tsubasa”