delisanich replied to your post: I just went to the doctors…again…because my face…

i had 3 buttshots for an ear infection before, they did the top of my buttcheeks :3 but that area was pretty sore afterwards…

THREE BUTTSHOTS that’s intense! I think I’d only need one :O BUT I DON’T WANT SORE BUTTCHEEKS

 doctorwotwot replied to your postI just went to the doctors…again…because my face…

I’ll come give you a buttshot~


delisanich said: d’awww there aren’t other job openings at places that pay? :C


there are, but i also have to compete with the rest of my class to get them. and part of the reason i like my current internship is that i can go on vacation practically whenever, so it wont interfere with the plans i already made.

this is my last summer where i can really do whatever i want…. this bums me out even more…..

delisanich replied to your post: F*CK man

you can’t dye your hair at HEB? das so santorum

I could but apparently 2 customers in SIX MONTHS complained about the green highlights….I dyed over it but ended up with brownish blonde hair and no one says anything but big boss said he didn’t wanna see any more colors on a colored.
But if you’re a ghetto chick, you can super saiyan ass blonde weave that looks horrible or even red, and bull piercings and no one will say anything because of fear.