delirium not picked up

the girl with the red lipstick

I find you intriguing in so many ways God can make me think of you, but in front of me, when I can trace the freckles like the constellations in the skies, awed by the bewilderment and youth in your eyes and taste the heaven that is your lips is when I can finally believe that love is inevitable because I can’t seem to get you of my mind.

pairing: taehyung | reader ; florist!tae
words: 4.8k
genre: fluff, angst
summary: Taehyung thought the most beautiful flower would blossom in his flower shop, until he sees you.
a/n: tbfh, i was proud of this until i realised NOPE and then i realised i had better ideas and plots thats been drilling in my head so here is an appetizer bon appetit. 

The first time Taehyung saw you was when your silhouette glided outside the entrance of the flower shop, admiring the fusion of deep pink fuchsias and honey suckle vines that intertwine the crevices of the wooden ceiling around the corners of the window display. He was never one to pay attention to passersby that flocked outside to gawk at the bejeweled crafts that he planted and nurtured for he was too busy tending and showering for the flowers. But one does not allow his curiosity to disintegrate into oblivion when your enchanting aura and innocence of a child made him look up from his deep wine roses.

Taehyung promised himself that no impeccable stain of deep shades or the cerise colours of red could compete with the vibrant red roses. He assumed that his mind was playing tricks on him, but with a pinch on his dirt covered wrists, he couldn’t resist the soft lavender pink shade painted on your lips, like perfectly blossomed rose settling in the spring of your porcelain smooth face.

Wow, he thought.

He couldn’t compare your gratifying beauty with the vermillion carnations or the ruby snapdragons. Taehyung thought you resembled like a wild flower, eyes that held so much youth and delirium of adventure and hair, like the chromatic scales, playing along with the melody of the wind. It was a sight to behold. Taehyung forgot that he was watering the plants, oblivious to the overflow of water in the pot and before he knew it, the girl with the red lipstick was satisfied of the beauty beyond her eyes and walked away.

Taehyung was sure to reschedule his watering periods because hopefully, at 3pm, outside on the streets where the smell of caramelized coffee and freshly steamed buns made acquaintances with the fragrances of his flowers, you will be there, admiring maybe, the glory of the magnificent yellow sunflowers.

And maybe if you were there, he would take an extra time to admire you.

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9x23 coda, Castiel returns to the bunker

The first time Castiel’s body shook with fever it was newly human and flightless. He’d huddled in a homeless shelter somewhere in Colorado, warmed by both influenza and the wealth of human kindness as he was offered a dry spot of concrete and an old blanket. He’d shivered through days of high temperatures and sickness and tried to will the antibodies he’d inherited from Jimmy to fight a little harder.

He’d slipped in and out of consciousness as easily as his grace had slipped from his throat, and in his delirium he’d seen Dean’s face in every kind stranger he encountered. The morning his fever broke he watched a sparrow cleaning its wings and wondered whether he could find enough feathers, ripped from the angels’ burning wings and scattered lost across the Earth, to fashion himself a new pair. They didn’t need to last forever, didn’t need to get him far, but he’d watched the sparrow join its mate in their nest above and fallen back into darkness with Dean’s name on his lips.

This time when Castiel’s body shakes with fever it isn’t from sickness but from grief. Metatron’s sword dances behind his eyelids and the tears Castiel feels on his cheeks, so foreign, feel like Dean’s blood dripping tauntingly from the blade.

He’s left Hannah to clear up any mess left in heaven and if he’d been any kind of leader that decision would have been made out of trust. But it wasn’t and Castiel feels too tired to pretend it was. It was about convenience. She was there, she was willing and Castiel would have chosen any path that got him back to Dean sooner.

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