AN: Some people have asked me for a smut fic and I tried but this didn’t turn out to be smut, it’s more like a very light smuff, maybe? I hope you enjoy it even so!


Gray was a difficult man, always were but sometimes the simplest things would make him happy: going to the Guild to hang out with his friends, lazy mornings he could spend without worries, to defeat an enemy. All that made him happy.

What made him even happier was his girlfriend, Juvia Lockser.

She was always saying the right things, hugging him whenever he needed, supporting his decisions and just really loving him.

He loved the more superficial things about her too, like the fact she sighed happily when he bit her neck just on the spot under her ear that always melted her. Or how she moaned and dug her fingers on his back trying to bring him closer when he sucked on her breast. He especially liked when she crossed her legs behind his back while he drove inside her so he could go deeper.That night, he was kissing her way down to her body after having spent some minutes giving attention to her breasts - could anyone really blame him? They were amazing.

“Gray-sama.” She moaned, her hands going to his head and grabbing his hair gently and Gray’s lips curled up while he still kissed her stomach. He really, really enjoyed it when she spoke his name like that.

When he reached her navel, he changed directions and instead of going down, he went to kiss her right side where she still bore the scar from the war.

He hated and loved that scar. Hated because it reminded him of the time he thought she was dead and his world fell around him. He had only felt that much pain two other times in his life: when his parents died and then when Ur sacrificed herself to defeat Deliora. Not even losing his father a second time hurt that much, both Silver and Gray had been expecting ir, then.

He learned to loved that scar because it showed everyone she was alive. She was the one who explained to him how good that scar was, how it was proof she was alive, with him. Took him a while but he started to see it differently.

“You always take a few moments looking at the scar.” Juvia said in a quiet voice and Gray looked away from the scar to his girlfriend. Her blue eyes were soft and instead of having her hand pulling his hair like moments before, she was gently carressing it, he always calmed down when she did that. “Remember? Juvia only has that scar because she’s alive to have it healed.”

“I know.” Gray kissed the scar without taking his eyes off her. “It still bothers me a little, though. But then I remember.”

“Good.” Juvia’s smile was so sweet it made Gray’s heart skip a beat. “Juvia will always remind Gray-sama when he forgets. She has to be alive and well to do that, right?”

Of course Juvia would think like that. She was that amazing.

“I guess you are right.” Gray gave the scar one last kiss before trailing down once again. “You do that and I will do my best to remind you that you are alive.”

Juvia frowned in confusion until he opened her legs and kissed her between them, her caress on his hair returning to a tight grip instead, her moans and sighs echoing in the bedroom.

Gray was a difficult man, but really, sometimes the simplest things made him happy.


AN: I’m sorry if it’s small or not that good, I wrote and published this on my phone while I was on the bus on my way to work haha 😂

How Mashima trolls us
  • Silver: Hey Gray I'm your father. Well I'm not really your father I'm Deliora in your father's body. Well I lied I'm not Deliora I'm your father.
  • Gray: Hay guys I'm gonna try and kill E.N.D now. So now I became evil because my demon powers are taking over. Screw that it's all been an act and I've been spying for erza.
  • Mest: Hey guys I'm a shady guild member named Mest. The thing is I'm a council spy named Doranbolt. Well actually Doranbolt is just an act my name is mest and I infiltrated the council.
  • Zeira: Well Mavis it's a shame but I'm dead. Well what do you know you saved me back there thanks. Well actually I've been dead all along so yeah.

I was thinking about Mashimas tweet and it seems that everyones ecpecting its a troll.Well at the moment the manga is about Gray vs Deliora so we can suppose that some Gruvia will happen.Last time we all thought he was gonna troll us gruvians was with the gruvia special.But in the end the troll wasnt so much of one,we got some really sweet heartwarming moments and a bit of trolling.I also doubt that this romance Mashima is talking about will be with Juvia or Gray dying one for another.Knowing him it might be Lyon somehoew appearing and seeing Juvia and Gray is an almost death state then sacrifices himself and while dying from Iced Shell whispering I love you to Juvia with tears in his eyes.Now that would be a troll.Maybe Gray will kiss Juvia before performing Iced shell.It doesnt have to be like that but maybe well get to see a gray x juvia vs silver aka deliora battle.They manage to defeat him and he kisses her .So far almost all of the big four have had kiss moments,Jerza,Nalu when asuka made natsu and he ended up kissing happy and gajevy in juvias imagination.There will be a Gruvia kiss probably because Gray will see just how much Juvia is willing to do for him and hes not very good expressing his feelings so a kiss is the best way for him to confess.I guess well have to wait and see I really hope its not some kind of evil troll

Honestly, Zeref is such an adorable villain. It’s so sad that he become immortal bcuz he wants to bring his brother (aka E.N.D aka Natsu) back to life. Ugh that’s why I can never truly hate him even if he’s the reason why the fairy tail members have such terrible past (*cough* deliora-gray *cough cough* r-system - erza)

Zeref why u gotta be a villain?! huhu