disco-agidyne  asked:


This should be easier! (I hope ;;)
  • Favorite character: Otoya~! Always Otoya! *A*
  • Least Favorite character: UM idk because it’s not like I hate any of Heavens or any of the original cast?! Raging is pretty scary because who has a name called Raging?! (then again who has a name like shining?!)
  • 5 Favorite ships (canon or non-canon): Tokiya/Otoya, Otoya/Haruka, Syo/Haruka, Masato/Haruka, Tokiya/Haruka… pretty much everyone Haruka uwu;
  • Character I find most attractive: Tokiya hellooo
  • Character I would marry: Otoya bb of course! ♥
  • Character I would be best friends with: Maybe Natsuki? We can talk about cute things! 8D/
  • a random thought: I freaking maji love second season right now eveniftheydidntincludekaorulikeiwantedthemto
  • An unpopular opinion: Heavens is a freaking great and hilarious group and I hope we get to hear their song (even if I don’t really like Daisuke Ono’s singing voice………)
  • my canon OTP: Otoya and Haruka are perfect togetherrr~! ♥
  • Non-canon OTP: Tokiya/Otoya uwu; And since I didn’t mention it in a ship Ren/Masato are already married in my head ok.
  • most badass character: Satsuki ofc!
  • pairing I am not a fan of: as much as they’re shipteasing it this season Syo/Cecil idk
  • character I feel the writers screwed up (in one way or another): ok I think somebody already said this but Syo because he’s not just a cute, little angry shota ;w; His whole sickness in the game I think was really really important! ;A;
  • favourite friendship: if I didn’t ship them then Syo/Haruka is really cute together ;w; But also Haruka/Tomochika!
  • character I want to adopt or be adopted by: I want to adopt Otoyaaaaaa. And also be adopted by Ren because he would make a great dad *A*