Merry Christmas and Happy New Year guys! I know I missed out on A LOT of people, but I tried to keep it short. These people are all awesome and I will explain why. (I don’t know, I feel the need to.)

abgron (Elaina): [Glee, Occasional HP/THG] Elaina is flawless and adorable. She makes beautiful gifs, and she’s the one who converted me into a Faberry and Fabranger shipper (no regrets). She’s one of the first people I followed.

beyondthepensieve (Yazi): [HP, THG, Occasional DW] Yazi is one of my friends here, and she’s just overall amazing. Her blog is fabulous and she’s the one I talked to about my conflicting ships in THG.

bloodydifficult (Kaili): [HP, THG, AHS] Kaili makes flawless gifs, and she’s really nice. Narcissa Appreciation Blog!

delightfulscene (Carly): [Glee, HP, AHS, THG] Carly makes great edits, and she’s one of the nicest people I talk to. She’s also awesome at dueling, while I suck at it.

ladykatniss (Jules): [HP, THG, Occasional DW/Glee] Jules makes beautiful things, and every single one of her themes are flawless.

lordmalfoy (Kelsey): [HP, Occasional THG/DW/Glee] I’ve been following Kelsey for quite some time and she makes really nice edits and gifs.

mareluna30001 (Mary): [HP, Glee, DW, THG, Basically every TV show known to man] Mary was mareluna3000, but Karp got jealous and deleted her blog, but now she’s back again. She makes flawless gifs, and she’s really helpful.

mockingjaypatronus (Amy): [HP, THG, DW] Amy is my Canadian twin, and she makes great edits. Her blog is fabulous.

riddlemetom (Catherine): [HP, Glee] Catherine makes some of the best gifs I have ever seen, and she’s really, really nice.

roonilwazlibisourking (Danielle): [HP, THG, 90’s shows] Danielle is probably the funniest person I follow, and she makes nice gifs. She worships Bob Saget.

theronweasleygeneration (Ryann): [HP, THG, Occasional Glee] Ryann makes fantastic graphics, and she’s just amazing.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year again! Hope 2011 was a great year for you, like it was for me! :)

girasules  asked:



I’m the type of person who thinks that if they tell their wishes, they won’t come true, so I’ll give like longterm dreams, lol.


  • To live in England/Australia
  • To have a decent job that I enjoy
  • To get into a decent college
  • Umm..
  • This is hard.
  • TO MEET THE HARRY POTTER/GLEE CAST (i don’t care, as long as I meet a famous person lol)