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Wow! Your writing is awesome~ May I request a Sabo flirting with his s/o scenario?

Ah, thank you so much! And yes, here ya go! Enjoy!~

You let out a sigh of content, feeling the small breeze ruffle your shiny (h/c) hair in the most delicate way, almost if it was trying to show you off to the world.

You gazed upon the field of dandelions with delight, a small smile taking over your lips. Ever since you could remember, nature was something you’ve adored. It was the beauty of the world that woke you up in the morning. That, and you lover, who you had recently just began dating.

Before you could let your mind wonder anymore, you caught movement in the corner of your eye. Turning your head to your right, a grin broke upon your face. Speak of the devil. Well, a good devil.

“Sabo!” Said man chuckled at your large smile. It always warmed his heart at how happy you always were to see him.

“Hello to you too, (F/n).”

Taking a seat next to you, you both sat in comfortable silence, just enjoying the presence of each other. However, the silence was broken with small time.

“You know…I brought you something…” Sabo’s voice trailed off as he reached into his pocket. Your attention was fully shifted to your lover at his words. Moving your body entirely, you blinked.

“Ohh, what is it?” Sabo smiled at you eagerness, and pulled out a beautiful flower. Handing it to you, you twirled it around in your fingers gently by the stem. The vivid dark red petals of the plant were absolutely astonishing, and you wondered what the field of dandelions looked like, but replaced with this dashing flower.

Lifting it to your nostrils, you inhaled deeply, and a sweet scent invaded your nose. You hummed with joy.

“What kind of flower is this?” You questioned, studying the dark red color.

“It’s a Red Carnation. And it’s all for you.” You giggled lightly, blushing right along with your laugh.

“I know that, silly!” Sabo snickered, but then grew silent. He suddenly took your hand in his, and leaned down to gently press his lips against the delicate skin on the back of it.

“I hope you enjoy it to the fullest, my beautiful (F/n).” A darker shade of scarlet shaded your cheeks, and you smiled. You tried hiding your slight nervousness. Of course, it wasn’t bad nervousness, but he never usually acted so sensual.

“Oh, heh, I will Sabo. Promise!” You couldn’t see his eyes beneath his strongly blonde hair, or hear a reply as he began to run his lips up your arm with ghostly kisses. You swallowed some stray saliva as he ran his lips to the fabric resting on your shoulders, then up to your neck, then right below your ear. He didn’t move, and neither did you.

“Do you know why that Carnation is such a dark red?” He whispered softly into your ear.

“N-no,” you replied, clearly flustered like never before.

“Because it symbolizes my love for you,” he breathed. “and…when I saw it, I was wondering how red I could make that blush of yours to compete with that flower.” Your heart lurched, and raced tremendously. You hoped he couldn’t hear it. Sabo was never like this! This new side of him revealed to you was definitely a shock, but deep down, you were excited for what would come next. And when he’d do it again.

Said male smirked against your skin, enjoying your reaction, and leaned away from your body, much to your disappointment. He stood up swiftly, and turned.

“I’ll be in town, m’lady. You can follow me if you want.” He paused. “or, heh…if you can.”

Still stupefied from after the remnants of the feeling of his lips against your body, and even more from the comment he just gave you, you snapped out of it, and sprung to your feet, bounding after him. You didn’t dare forget the flower.

“Sabo! You can’t just leave me like that! I’m a blushing mess because of you!” You shouted after him as he trekked back into the forest.

“That was the plan, love.”

You hoped this wouldn’t become a repetitive thing.

But the other half of you did.

A little.

Okay, a lot.

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you asked me to the store with you and your child, and now my distant relative we met thinks im married with a baby

Here ya go sweetie!!! 

“It’s been six months, you would think I would be used to living downtown by now.” Katniss mutters to herself as she rushes into her apartment building. She is juggling the canvas bags from Trader Joe’s, her messenger bag and her package from Prim that was mailed to her at work.

She is too busy trying to keep her bananas from falling out of the bag when she hears her new favorite little voice calling, “Kitty! Your bananas are going to fall.”

She looks up and is so glad to see her neighbor, little three year old, Ethan Mellark with his too cute Dad, Peeta. She ignores the way her heart flutters every time she sees Peeta and instead says to his mini-me, “Hey sweetie. Can you get them for me? I don’t like brown bananas.”

He wrinkles his nose at that. “Not me, too.”

“Don’t you mean, ‘me, either,’?” Peeta’s deep baritones sends delicious chills up and down her spine.

Ethan sighs, “that’s what I said Daddy.” The adults exchange a smile over the little one’s head.

Peeta steps around his son and grabs her bananas while the elevator door opens. “Thank you,” Katniss says.

They get out of the way of old Mrs. Johnson who moves slower than Christmas and get in after she exits with a smile.

“Daddy! I was going to get that,” Ethan huffs with a pout.

“Hey, don’t be pouty.” Katniss squats down beside him. She almost topples over when he wraps his arms around her neck and squeezes as hard as he can. “Why don’t you come with me, and help me put up these groceries and you can feed buttercup for me. Ok? But ask your dad to make sure its ok.”

Ethan doesn’t even let go and turns to look at Peeta. “I’m going with Kitty, k?”

“You help her and not get in her way. Bring her home with you after you feed the cat. She can eat spaghetti with us.”

“Peeta—“ she starts and he shakes his head at her protest. “You feed me all the time.”

“That is because when you eat with us, Ethan eats all of his veggies.” The elevator opens on their floor and Peeta takes her Trader Joe’s bags and she digs her keys out of her purse. Ethan takes the door key in their familiar routine and with a little bit of help from Daddy, they get the door open and Peeta sets the groceries on the table.

He turns to go next door to his apartment while Ethan goes looking for buttercup. He turns back and asks, “We have to go to Sam’s tomorrow. Do you still want to come with us?”

“Yes! I need cat food and I want some of those peanut butter pretzel bites.” She admits.

Peeta can’t stop his chuckle that makes her weak in the knees. “Your favorites—“ he is interrupted when Ethan comes back into the living room carrying a very patient buttercup upside down who meows pitifully. “Ethan! I don’t think he likes that!”

“He does. He told me that he does.”

Katniss and Peeta help buttercup get onto his feet, and Peeta says, “I’m going to fix spaghetti. I’ll see you two in a minute.”


Katniss and Ethan hold hands and walk into the big box department store behind Peeta who is pushing the buggy. She has come enough with her new favorite guys that she knows that Ethan knows where to find all the free samples. He starts to pull her down the main aisle when Peeta says, “not so fast Bear. You need to pick out something for Mommy.”

“Dad—“ he whines. “She doesn’t care what I get her. All she cares about if I make a mess.” Katniss heart breaks when he says, “she don’t even hug me anymore.”

Katniss isn’t at all surprised when Peeta sweeps his son into his arms. She can’t hear what Peeta is saying, but she is surprised when Ethan jumps into her arms next. She hugs him as long as he wants to hold her and she whispers in his ear, “I love your hugs. They are the most perfect hugs in the entire world.”

She jumps a little when she feels Peeta drawing them both into a hug. She tries not to focus on how he feels like home when she hears a high pitched voice she hasn’t heard in years behind her. “Katniss? Is that you?”

Peeta meets her eyes and she rolls her eyes. Ethan still won’t let go, so she turned around to see her Great Aunt Effie sitting there in one of the automated buggies that the store provides. “Aunt Effie! How are you?”

Effie looks at the little boy, and Katniss can see the confusion on Effie’s face. “When did you get married? And why didn’t you invite me and your uncle?”

Ethan has let go and is watching Effie. Ethan asks, “You got married, Kitty?”

“No!” Katniss looks at Effie. “No, I’m not married. These are my neighbors. Peeta lets me come with him so I can buy cat food in bulk.”

Understanding crosses Effie’s face. “Well let me tell you sweetheart, he’s a good looking man. You need to hurry up and tell him that you want him as much as he wants you. He’s been lonely far too long.”

Katniss can feel red heat flooding her face, and she can’t even look at Peeta until she hears Effie talking again, this time to Peeta. “Young man, let me tell you something about Katniss Everdeen. She wants so much out of life, but for some reason, she has always been afraid to go get it.” she sneaks a wink at Katniss. “You two were made for each other. It’s all over your faces.” Effie pushes the go button on her scooter. “Just make sure ya’ll invite me to wedding.”

Katniss watches her aunt scoot around the corner and looks at Peeta horrified. Before she can apologize, Peeta is gathering her in his arms and claims her lips. She can feel herself growing weak in the knees and she wants to run her fingers through his curls when he pulls away and softly swears, “Damn! I’ve been wanting to do that ever since you moved in six months ago.”

“Daddy, are you going to marry Kitty?”

“Maybe one day, son, maybe one day.” and Peeta kisses her breathless again in the middle of Sam’s. Katniss swears she can hear Aunt Effie cackling away in delight.

Interview with Dandelion-Sunset

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And here’s the next interview as we work our way through the authors who were recognized by the Fanfic Fanatics Multi Fandom Awards. It was such a delight to chat with @dandelion-sunset whose fic, Sever, placed third for best Hunger Games fanfiction. Read on and find out more about her life, why she loves Everlark and what she’s working on next.

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