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Ok, so quick question. Out of the all the team captains who do you think lucked out the most with the GoM? Like who's job is the easiest where their GoM member is concerned? Apart from Hyuuga and Riko because obviously Kuroko is a delight.

whose job is the easiest??  well obviously that award goes to Imayoshi bc his philosophy is “let Aomine do whatever he wants lmao” AND he got Momoi too as part of that two-for-one deal they have going on, so like, he definitely scored

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james + lily's hair

this takes place at the start of seventh year, pre-relationship, post-start of jily’s excessive flirting.

His hands are always in her hair. They’re not even bloody together and he touches her like he owns her, like he’s claiming her, letting the whole student body know that Lily Evans is off limits. Those stupid fucking fingers thread through the red tresses, her body nestled between his knees as he sits on a bench in the courtyard.

“Pansy,” Mulciber says sourly, glancing over to the small group of Gryffindors made up of Black, McKinnon, Vance, Pettigrew, and Potter. And Lily, always Lily.

Severus briefly wonders why his friends feel the need to constantly discuss the group of Gryffindors across the courtyard. He thinks enough about Lily as it is, he doesn’t need his friends to draw attention to her and her new best mates.

“Wonder where Lupin is,” Avery says curiously.

“Hospital wing,” replies Severus. “He’s ill, apparently.”

“He’s always ill,” Mulciber says, then in lowered tones, “Wonder if he’s the werewolf the Dark Lord mentioned.”

“Lupin?” Avery asks, his incredulity clear on his face. “Fat chance. Dumbledore’d never make a werewolf a prefect.”

“Dumbledore’s mental enough as it is,” Mulciber says, shrugging. “I wouldn’t put it past him.”

After that the conversation peels off, and Severus is grateful for it. He hates talking about the Gryffindors enough as it is, he doesn’t need to be pestered for information on Lupin anymore than he has been by Lucius Malfoy. He finally focuses back on the Charms essay, the one that he still has eleven inches of left to write.

Records of the use of the Aguamenti charm go back centuries, as ancient wizards often had difficulties in finding clean water. Despite the inability—

A laugh echoes across the small courtyard and Severus’s quill snaps in his hand. Unable to stop himself, he looks up.

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