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Wooo my other top three OTP <333

  • who cooks normally?:  

Delic sometimes. Izaya sometimes. They might both try to practice their skills once in awhile but they’d normally go out and eat. 

  • how often do they fight?: 

Happens time to time. When Delic is needy for sex and izaya’s just not feeling it because he doesn’t have the host’s libido… and he has work to do… and if Delic is angry at Izaya’s infatuation with Shizuo and feeling like he’s a replacement no matter how often Izaya tells him he ‘hates’ shizuo not 'love’ him. it’ll be forever Delic’s nightmare that his face looks so much like Shizuo that Izaya had chosen him because of his looks, not because of who he is.

  • what do they do when they’re away from each other?:

Delic being busy as a host, flirting with women, woeing them. Even if they are married or has boyfriends and what they are doing is pretty much cheating.

Izaya extorting information and selling them for a nice price… whether it hurts someone or not isn’t his business.

  • nicknames for each other?: 

Delic has a billion nicknames like 'sweet heart’

Izaya simply calls him 'Delic’


  • who is more likely to pay for dinner?: 

Delic because he feels that he should. Though izaya doesn’t mind paying half or once in awhile, all… he doesn’t push it.

  • who steals the covers at night?: 

None. Izaya might but Delic doesn’t care because he’s always spooning him.

  • what would they get each other for gifts?: 

Delic lavishes Izaya with gifts. From flowers, chocolates, to nice clothes, shoes, watches… to sex toys and kinky cosplay clothes like maid outfits, apron, nurse outfits etc… 

Izaya does send Delic back just as expensive gifts… minus the sex toys.

  • who kissed who first?: 

Delic. He couldn’t resist Izaya and wanted to eat him up pretty soon. I’d figure he got Izaya drunk first. 

  • who made the first move?: 

Delic. He really wanted that piece of ass >.>;

  • who remembers things?: 

They both do but Delic follows up with it. izaya doesn’t think anniversaries are really important. Delic loves using it as an excuse to have more sex.  Or just to meet up… but it leads to sex often.

  • who started the relationship?:

Delic. He’s probably the one more insecure in the relationship and would want to shackle the informant down before he leaves him for Shizuo. Even in the expense of his career as a host.

  • who cusses more?: 

Both do. 

  • what would they do if the other one was hurt?:

Delic would punch the guy and knock him out, straight up brawl.

Izaya would blackmail or start a sequence of events that leads to that person’s harm of even death.

Drrrkinkmeme fangirling moment

So Amee was like “When did Hibiya appear in the kinkmeme?”

And i’m like “err… which part is Le Petit Prince in? Because that’s when he got introduced… my fic should be the 2nd fic with Hibiya in it so…

Then we started going through Part 5 and Part 6 fanfics

And we were like "OMG DEE NEEDS TO FINISH ‘NATURAL ORDERS BE DAMNED’ DAMMIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” because THAT is the fic that made me realize the potential for Delic x Izaya and made me SHIP IT LIKE CRAZY! The angst potential aaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!!!!!!! (ugh i seriously need to figure out the ending and write this fic. it’s been in my head for over a YEAR since Part 6 page 2 then…. that’s a freaking long time… been shipping it all alone until Amee came to my life ;_; )

Anyways, going over all the Delic and Hibiya prompts together in the older kink meme and laughing about the fics we read back then~ ah the good times ♥

That's it. i can't take it anymore. I'm going to write Delic x Izaya fic. I know people want Shitsuo x Sakuraya fic but I can't stand all this.

Sorry Amee. Our rp will suffer yes, but… I can’t. I need to write this fic. It’s been in my head for a year and it’s about to burst out of my brain from being contained within and not being written!

only problem is… the ending. I got several endings. Undecided still which one I’ll choose. Once I figure out the entire outline, I’ll probably start.

#I blame everyone for spamming Deliczaya art to me for the past month

Okay this is a bit annoying: Delichibi is much more main stream than Deliczaya. why can't i have a bit of fun for one day guys? You guys see Delichibi every day covering your dash, why is it a problem I cover my dash with deliczaya for just one day?

Okay guys. stop being ridiculous. I’m still in my period so I may react explosively but seriously.

Why are you all ‘sad’ coz I’m having fun in my corner with deliczaya? Go have fun in your corner with Delichibi. This is getting ridiculous like Shizaya fans vs Mikakida fans. We all love our own OTP. That’s fine. WHY ARE YOU GETTING ON MY CASE ABOUT IT?

Does wishing upon a star grant you that wish? How many wishes were wasted for such an effort when one could have used that energy to make that wish a reality?  Does one wish for something because it is impossible? Or does one wish for something possible but out of reach? Does anyone ever wish for something that is totally beyond their power thus they can only hope a random piece of rock falling from the sky can somehow miraculously grant an impossibility into possibility? Why do humans believe that a shooting star or a ball of fire in the night sky has a power of granting a miracle that a human cannot achieve? How frail are humans who can do nothing but ask for the cosmos for some divine interference in their mundane life because they themselves cannot adopt and evolve into a being that can grant their own heart’s desires?

Tell me. What does one achieve by asking the ball of gas for one’s impossible wish to be granted, except fill his own gratification in that he had somehow taken one more step in getting his wish fulfilled?

To simply answer your question, no. Instead of wasting my precious time which I can never get back, I’d rather use that time wisely.