Can’t believe I missed NATIONAL PANCAKE DAY, yesterday! A day late, but nevertheless here’s a delicious & simple (two essentials for my meals) recipe for a yummy, fluffy, protein packed @cellucor PB Marshmallow & Banana filled protein pancake!

What you’ll need for this concoction…

In a bowl, mix the following ingredients:

1/3 banana, mashed
1/4 cup oats
1 scoop @cellucor COR whey (I love the PB Marshmallow or Cinnamon Swirl for this one)
1 egg, 3 egg whites
1 tablespoon light/unsweetened almond milk

*Throw batter onto pan to prepare as a normal pancake…then slice up 1/3 a banana and add slices on pancake batter while pancake is cooking….this cooks the banana slices into the pancake, increasing its deliciousness…once pancake is done, chop up rest of banana and add on top of pancake. Sugar free syrup can be used but it’s necessary because of how yummy all of the fruit makes this pancake option. I typically use a smaller sized banana for this recipe. ENJOY!!!
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