This one took me a while, over a day.

It took some research, some deep discussions with the client to develop the character and finally some good old elbow grease to come up with the final image.

The character is as a shrine maiden haunted by a fox spirit. The spirit can possess nearby objects (like the fox mask), help her sense other supernatural beings and she can pull hairs from her spectral tail (which transform into arrows) to subdue evil spirits.

Price for a commission at the time of this posting: $30.00 USD

Commission Info

deliciousorangeart said: I always am concerned that my work looks vastly different to colorblind individuals. For GUI stuff I’m used to checking, but the my art I just tend to play it loose. Also I think you swapped them.

Haha, I had to put on my red-tint glasses and see the difference between the two.  The “correct” version has lighter tones in the eyes.  So yes, I did swap them. Thanks for pointing it out!

Fortunately, photoshop can bring you down to my level; if you’re ever curious what a colorblind person can see.