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Dandelion root is a favorite root. Not only does it bring abundance and heighten intuitive powers, it also makes a delicious rich-tasting coffee substitute.

1) Harvest dandelion roots from areas that have not been treated with pesticides.

2) Wash and scrub the roots.

3) Chop the roots into uniform pieces. Place in one layer in a foil pie plate or cookie sheet.

4) Roast the roots in an oven at 150 deg F for several hours. I do mine for about 5-6 hours. DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP. DO NOT RUSH THIS STEP. The slow roasting is what imparts the cooking of the starches and sugars of the root, giving it a rich, caramel-chocolatey flavor. Higher heats will result in a scorched root that tastes flat and bitter.

5) Increase oven temperature to 200 deg F. Roast until the roots are an even black-brown color.

6) Grind roasted roots in a coffee grinder. NOTE: Best results are with an espresso grind, which is like a powder.

7) Brew. In my experience, espresso machines make the most flavorful roasted dandelion root “coffee”. Other coffee machines give a beverage that is more like a tea than a coffee.

8) Drink black, or add sweetener and/or cream. Enjoy!

the sun was in the sky, shining unusually bright among the white and puffy clouds. despite the numerous rays, the atmosphere was not heated, but warm, like butterflies in one’s stomach or the chirping of a bird in a tree. the whole world felt bright, calm, peaceful.


magnus couldn’t help but smile as he felt lips so familiar and as sweet as champagne (and making his heart pound and whirl like the bubbles in the festive, sparkling wine) press kiss after lingering kiss all over his face, each kiss accompanied with whispered words of “i love you” “you’re my everything” “you’re so beautiful” “i missed you”. the welcomed presence of alec lightwood was all around him as the shadowhunter was practically in his lap as they sat on the couch on the balcony. the already honeyed and soft air was accompanied and caressed with soft laughter and kisses that were sugary, delicious and as rich as the finest dessert.

magnus laughed and turned his head to the side, trying to read a report sent to him that morning from a client in venezuela. this didn’t deter alec in the slightest, following him and pecking his cheek and jawline.

“kiss me.” alec hummed against his skin, low and raspy and content, and if that didn’t make magnus weak in the knees, nothing else would. still, he remained strong, looking over alec’s shoulder to read the report, giggling as he felt alec’s fingers try to move his jaw towards his eager and kiss deprived mouth.

“patience is a virtue,” magnus sighed, smiling softly and alec settled for placing kisses along magnus’ neck, slow kisses that were deep and were carefully placed. “give me a few minutes, then i will kiss you to your heart’s content, alexander.”

“honestly, if you told me to wait a lifetime, i would do it,” alec mumbled, his lips brushing against magnus’ throat with every word. “I meant what I said, I can’t live without you.”

magnus’ breath hitched and he almost dropped the report altogether. even though him and his darling alexander had made up a few days ago, had kissed under the stars on that tipsy and dreamy night, a night that tasted of victory and freedom, his declaration still shook him to the very core.

magnus slowly set the report down behind him and nudged alec so that his face would reappear from where it was tucked into the crook of his neck. god, he had missed alec in the morning. hair wild, smile sleepy and soft, always so touchy and cuddly and wanting nothing more than to stay in bed with magnus and trade kisses and hold him. wearing magnus’ sweatpants and an old t-shirt, he looked absolutely dashing, a smudge of flour still lingering on his face after he had offered to make magnus pancakes, probably wiping his cheek absentmindedly in the middle of the process.

magnus hoped that alec knew one hundred percent that he had captured his heart completely and was very much alright with it being in his possession.

“I missed you, you stupid shadowhunter,” magnus whispered with a bit of a chuckle but with clear sincerity, brushing his nose against alec’s as his hands cupped alec’s face. alec crumbled at his touch, inhaling magnus’ cologne and his shampoo and the other various scents of their home.

“i’m never going to leave you ever again,” alec replied, kissing the corner of magnus’ mouth softly. “please never let me go.”

magnus responded by pulling alec in for a hug, their legs tangling and their hearts both pounding but the feeling of security and love radiated from their embrace as alec tucked his head into magnus’ shoulder.

“don’t you have a report to read?” alec asked after a few minutes and magnus pulled away, disbelief on his face.

“unbelievable. one minute ago, you didn’t care!” he smacked alec’s chest playfully. “you absolute menace, you.”

“just keeping my beautiful boyfriend on track is all,” alec said innocently, pecking magnus on the lips. “go, do what you need to do. I’m not going anywhere.” magnus grinned, remembering the last time he said those exact same words to alec what felt oh so long ago. he untangled himself from alec’s arms and legs and stood up, still holding alec’s hand.

“let’s go to lunch later, okay? How does mexican sound?”

alec kissed magnus’ hand in his adoringly. “sounds fantastic.”

they stayed like that, holding hands before magnus pulled slowly away, his fingers sliding out of alec’s while backing away towards the door, both of them beaming at each other in that way that let others around them know that they were utterly in love.

for the first time in weeks, both magnus and alec felt complete.

and it took magnus quite a while to stop smiling so much that his cheeks hurt and actually start reading that stupid report.

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First kisses with the boys?

Your first kiss with Noctis is kind of an accident. You met him while he and his friends were traveling outside of the Crown City. You were friends with Cindy and often frequented the garage with your feline companion, a little black cat who liked to sit on your shoulders. Cindy introduced you to the Prince and his friends, and you got to know them every time they came by for a tune up on the car, which became increasingly frequent.

Then one day, your cat went missing, and you were completely bereft. You were talking to Cindy about it by the garage and Noctis overheard, offering to look for your cat before anything happened to him. You offered him gil, but he refused, telling you that he just wanted to help.

It was nightfall when he returned to the garage, a little black ball of fur cuddled up in his arms. He smiled at you as he passed him to your open arms, relieved tears rolling down your face. You were so happy that, without thinking, you leaned forward and pressed a kiss to Noctis’ lips in front of all of his friends.

You regained your senses and pulled away, your eyes wide with embarrassment and his with shock. After a second, he recovered and whispered, “Fuck it,” and kissed you again as the guys cat called the two of you in the background.

You’d known Prompto for years. He was, in fact, one of your closest friends, your first crush, and your next door neighbour. You always excelled in school, whereas Prompto had trouble focusing. Your teachers knew that you lived beside each other, so they asked you to help tutor him to help his grades up. You agreed.

Tutoring Prompto was only a chore because he was so much fun to be around that he was such a distraction. He always wanted to go to the arcade, go for a walk, talk about nothing, play video games and the like.

One day you were feeling bold and decided up the stakes. You told him that if he got all of his math homework done, and it was correct, you’d give him a prize. The excited glint in his eyes made you laugh as he hurried to get his work done. Once he was finished and you checked everything, you told him to close his eyes. He did, and you kissed him.

The second your lips were on his, instead of being shocked, he placed his hand on the back of your neck and held you there, deepening it as you squeaked in surprise. When you finally pulled away, you were both breathless and blushing. He gave you a cheeky grin and asked what he’d get if he finished his history homework, too.

You knew about Gladio’s reputation. You were part of his close friend group and had thought you could just live your life quietly pining over him without ever having to actually confront your feelings. But then one day he asked you out—and you were terrified.

You asked him why. He told you that he liked you, but that small voice in the back of your head kept you skeptical. You asked him about all his past flings, and he told you that they were just that. Meaningless flings, and that he actually liked you and wanted to be with you. You took his words with a grain of salt and agreed to go to dinner with him.

He was on his best behaviour. He actually avoided touching you, because he knew that moving too fast would just end up confirming what you thought about him. It was about six dates in when you finally asked him if he was going to kiss you, or if he even wanted to. His gaze darted from your eyes to your lips, and you had your answer.

You got on your tip toes and kissed him and he responded immediately, but he let you control it at your own pace. You finally pulled away from him and Gladio looked completely dazed. His lips are on you again and you let his tongue explore your mouth. And in his arms, you wonder why you didn’t let him kiss you sooner.

You were at Ignis’ apartment, baking a cake for Prompto’s birthday. Ignis had taught you how to cook and bake, and you figured that he had an elaborate plan for the cake, and you wanted to help decorate it.

You got to his place as he’d pulled the chilled cake from the fridge. You helped him mix up the icing and put it in piping tubes. Soon, there was a beautifully decorated cake on the counter, ready to be brought over to Prompto’s apartment for the party that evening.

Ignis surprised you by pulling a much smaller cake from the fridge, one that he’d made especially for the two of you to share. It was already decorated, and he cut you a slice. You took a forkful and ate it, savouring how delicious and rich it was.

Ignis motioned to your face that you had icing at the corner of your mouth. Before you could wipe it away, he was inches from your face. He leaned in and pressed his lips to the spot, his tongue coming out to lap at the sweetness before barely pulling away. You leaned into him and your lips met in the middle. The taste of sugar was still on his tongue, and you couldn’t help but go in for seconds.

First Birthday | Tom Holland

Summary: A compilation of cute little moments during Baby Holland’s first birthday. All the while, Tom realizes how quickly his son is growing up and he starts to get a little broody…

Warning: major cuteness, light fluff, and minor smut

Pairing: Tom Holland x reader

Type: Baby Holland Series


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Fresh Air TV critic David Bianculli reviews Legion, a new series inspired by the ‘80s Marvel comic. It comes from Noah Hawley, who adapted the Coen brothers film Fargo into a TV miniseries: 

“Hawley’s TV versions of Fargo are all about character and acting, and plot twists, and deliciously rich visuals. The same is true of Legion — especially about the visuals. Now that I think of it, that’s the third thing you need to know about Legion in advance: You have to watch it. I mean, really watch it. No multi-tasking. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a TV series that demands you watch it more attentively — or rewards that effort quite as much.

Images come so fast and furiously, it’s impossible to make sense of them at first. But that’s because Legion, as a TV show, is reflecting and refracting the perspective of its central character, David Haller, whose senses are bombarded the same way, and who feels just as overwhelmed.”

Legion premieres Wednesday, February 8, on FX. 

Come Find Me V

I have wifi for three hours! Take another fic! Also don’t hate me, I swear things will start getting better… next chapter. Also @rayndropsonrosez




Anxiety jolted upright, his heart pounding a mile a minute, as his head swung wildly looking for the source of the sound. He gasped for air, adrenaline and terror making it hard to breath.

Hands caught him, cupping his face. He tried to jerk away from them, but they held firm.

“Anxiety, breath!”

He struggled to obey, taking in a ragged, gasping breath.

“Okay, good. Now again.”

This time it was easier to breath. He could feel his heart rate start to subside. Now more able to focus he glanced up. Prince. He’d woken him up again.

“Prince, what the fuck,” he complained, now calm enough to be annoyed. Seriously, why had the other side woken him like that.

Prince released his face, scowling at him. “I should be asking you that,” he said. “You’re the one who wouldn’t wake up. I nearly went and fetched Morality, promises be damned.”

‘Well I’m glad you didn’t” Anxiety muttered. His sluggish brain then took in the other implication of Prince’s words. He’d been that hard to wake? He hadn’t realized his condition had gotten that bad.

“I brought your food,” Prince interrupted his thoughts. He put the plate in Anxiety’s lap, “Here.”

Anxiety looked down. They were chocolate chip, his favorite. But for some reason, the thought of eating them just made him feel nauseous. Which was stupid, since he hadn’t eaten in days. He should be starving.

Stalling for time, he glanced up and asked “Anything to drink?” He figured water would be easier to keep down.

Prince rolled his eyes. “Demanding much?” he said, a hint of amusement creeping into his voice. ‘But yes, I brought water.”

Anxiety carefully took the cup, trying to conceal how much his hands were shaking. Although based on the narrow eyed gaze Prince was giving, he doubted he had succeeded.

The water felt impossibly good against his parched throat. He made sure to sip it slowly, not wanting to upset his stomach further, but it was hard. He wanted nothing more than to down it all at once. Once he had drank about half the glass, he turned reluctantly back to the pancakes.

I’ll start with just a bite, he thought. And maybe if I cut it up a bunch, Prince won’t notice how much I actually eat.

Speaking of Prince, as Anxiety picked up his fork and knife, the other spoke up.

“So,” he said, his gaze never leaving Anxiety, “I brought you food, and Morality thus remains unaware. At the moment he believes you pulled another all-nighter and refused to leave the bed. I have fulfilled my end of the bargain, now you fulfill yours.”

Anxiety paused, and then set his utensils back down. Right…

“It’s no big deal,” he said, looking away from Prince. “I just kind of forgot to eat or drink for a little while, that’s all. I was… distracted.”

There. It wasn’t technically a lie, and it should be enough to satisfy Prince.

“How long is a while?”

Or maybe not.

Anxiety sighed. “Does it matter?” he asked, trying to deflect.


Anxiety sneaked a glance at Roman. He looked serious. Shit, maybe he wasn’t getting out of this.

“I had some water two days ago,” he muttered. “And the last time I ate was about a week ago”

He held his breath, waiting for Prince to yell at him. But instead, he just sighed. “No wonder you’re not eating the pancakes.”

“What?” Anxiety’s brow furrowed, What did that mean?

“When you go long periods of time without food,” Prince lectured, “It can take some time for your stomach to readjust to eating again. Those pancakes, while delicious, are just too rich for you right now. I’ll see if I can convince Morality to make soup for lunch. “

“How do you know this?” Anxiety said, bewildered.

“Food can sometimes be hard to come by on quests” Prince replied, “And I know quite a bit about self-care. It wouldn’t do to ruin this perfect body.”

Okay, that made more sense. Anxiety looked down at his lap, where the pancakes still rested. “So do you want these?” he asked.

Prince hummed. “Maybe later,” he replied, “And Anxiety…”

“Yeah,” Anxiety said, feeling uneasy. Prince’s tone had gotten serious again.

“What exactly was so distracting that you didn’t eat for a week?” Prince was looking right at him, his eyes burning into Anxiety.

Anxiety had to look away again, not able to hold Prince’s gaze. “Oh, you know, just normal stuff,” he shrugged. “The internet, Netflix.”

“For a week,” Prince’s voice was flat. He did not sound like he believed Anxiety.

“Well you know how it is when you get caught up in something,“ Anxiety said lightly, desperately hoping he could play this off.

“Anxiety, if you’re just going to lie, I will get the others, and we will get to the bottom on this,” Prince threatened, going to stand.

“No!” Anxiety lunged for him. “Don’t get the others!”

“Then tell me what’s going on,” Prince demanded. “I know something’s wrong, your physical condition alone could tell me that much, and your absolute refusal to tell the others is equally concerning!”

A sudden surge of anger swelled up in Anxiety. Where had this concern been for the past week?

“Why do you care?” he spat. ‘“It’s not like we’re friends.”

“You look like you’re on death’s door, and yet you ask me why I’m concerned,” Prince said incredulously. “Anxiety, how could I not be?”

Anxiety barked out a laugh, hard, cold, and bitter. “Oh please,” he sneered. “If Morality hadn’t sent you up here for some misguided thoughts of bonding, you never would have noticed. You don’t care. You never have, never will. And you know what, maybe I might have thought otherwise once, but I’ve learned my lesson with that.”

“Anxiety, what do you mean by tha-“ Prince said slowly, but Anxiety cut him off. He was on a roll now, and nothing could stop him.

“I know exactly what you all think of me,” he snarled. “I know exactly how little you all care. You want me gone, don’t fucking lie to me. And if I disappeared tomorrow, you wouldn’t even notice. After all, it took you a week to find me this time, didn’t it? So don’t stand there pretending to care, Princey, because I know the truth. You’ve never cared about me, and you never will!”

Anxiety was panting by the time he had reached the end of his rant, and much to his shame, he could feel tears pricking at the corners of his eyes. Prince looked shell-shocked, standing there stunned from Anxiety’s verbal bombardment.

“Get out,” Anxiety rasped. He didn’t want to deal with this anymore. “Just get out.”

He closed his eyes, sure that he’d soon hear the door close behind Prince. But instead, he felt the bed dip beside him, and hand jerking his face upward. Startled, he opened his eyes again to see Prince only inches from his face, expression like a thundercloud.

“I’m not going anywhere,” he said, his voice low and filled with an emotion Anxiety couldn’t quite place. “It seems like we are long overdue for a very serious discussion.”

Staring up at him, Anxiety only had one thought running through his mind.


Part I Part II Part III Part IV Part VI Part VII Part VIII

Paparazzi Problem

Summary: You’re Sebastian’s newest girlfriend, but what happens when the paparazzi find out? Can you handle the pressure?

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Reader

Word Count: 1645

Warnings: bit of swearing, mentions of sexual content

A/N: Thank you, @theimpossibleg1rl, I hope I wrote your idea as you liked :)

Originally posted by minmiin1d

“Yes!!” You shout, standing from the table in success, throwing your arms into the air as you grin widely as you look to your boyfriend who sighs in defeat.

“Ha, take that!” You gloat, choosing to dance around the room rather than return to your seat. Sebastian watched you as you did, hips swaying to silent music.

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Vampire AU where Yuuri looks out his window one evening to find a heart-shaped cloud of bats hovering outside.


anyway so Victor has been a vampire for upwards of eight hundred years and he’s just bored, so so bored: nobody told him how boring being a vampire would be. sometimes you have to fake being dead and dye your hair. Then you have to move continents. Then you accidentally acquire a younger brother that you didn’t actually make but follows you around anyway. He’s so bored. He’s just so bored all the time. Regular humans are only interesting for a few years, and then they get old, and other vampires are never surprising after you’ve known them a hundred years. 

Victor goes to Japan just to have something mildly interesting to do. He hasn’t been there since they opened up the ports: he went in with the Dutch traders and it was a lot of fun, then, but he hears that it’s interesting now, too, so he spends a week in Tokyo - dull, just parties and nightclubs and people trying to get his attention. Kyoto’s a little more interesting, but temples make his skin itch, too much holy energy. A priest came out of a little one and watched him very carefully, making it clear he wouldn’t have a problem with Victor, if Victor didn’t cause any problems.

Well. You don’t get to be eight hundred without knowing when to gracefully leave the domain of a god, so Victor wanders to a little town called Hasetsu. He’s never been there before, at least. 

He pokes around for a while, trying to find something interesting. It’s dull here, too, too quiet, like St Petersburg when he had been human. He’s starting to consider if he shouldn’t take a nap for a decade or so and chance little Yuri bursting into his lair and yelling when – 

oh. OH. What’s that. There’s a boy, walking with a backpack slung over one shoulder, very graceful, his head held like a dancer. He smells delicious, all sweet and rich iron, and before he quite knows what he’s doing Victor drifts closer, comes up to the boy and gives him a big, practiced smile.

“Do you speak English?” he chirps. “I’m lost!”

The boy – and now Victor’s close enough to see how beautiful he really is, hair like ink and eyes like dark amber, a mouth made for kisses and a neck begging for bruises and bites– looks up. 

Oh, oh, Victor’s so interested.

“The tourist center is right there,” says the boy, pointing, and walks off. 

Later, trying to express himself to an extremely unimpressed little Yuri, he says, “I couldn’t help it, I had to catch him.”

Sugar and Spice, ch 7

Summary: Richard’s awful ex wife comes over. Rob finally realises he was wrong about you.
Word count: 1280
Warnings: Verbal ex-spousal abuse, bee shirt cameo
A/N: Beta’d by @pepperwoodatnight

Chapter 7. The bitch of an ex wife

It had been another few weeks since you last saw Rob, but you’d been spending more and more time at Richard’s place now, so eventually it was bound to happen. And one day, you stepped out of the shower and down into the kitchen to see Rich and Rob both at the kitchen table.

“Oh, hi!” you said, clutching your cardigan around yourself.
“Hi,” Rob said uncomfortably.
“Rob came over and had to drop off some stuff,” Rich explained.
“Cool.” You nodded and went to the fridge, making yourself a sandwich. “Want anything?” you asked both of the guys.

“Huh?” Rob sounded confused. You turned around, took a bite of your sandwich and looked at him.
“Want. Anything? To eat? Sandwich, or I don’t know… we’ve got some mud cake I made yesterday.”
“Oooh I’ll have some of that! Man it’s delicious,” Rich exclaimed. Rob nodded.
“A-alright, I’ll have some as well.”

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