Delicious Friends RP Starters

Culled, clipped, compiled from the deliciousfriends RP chat, a bouquet of starters for your RP blog. Reblog as an askbox meme, so someone can send out a number and start a scene, or simply lift the prompt of your choosing to write and start a scene of your own. Be creative, be clever, be canny. (Or … uncanny). 

  1. “My bat delivered the wrong message to the wrong person and that person is you. You haven’t read it, have you?”
  2. “You nearly knocked me off the Flit!”
  3. “We met in a honey-dream. Why are you climbing that Parabolan tree? That’s mine.”
  4. “You outbid me at an auction of proscribed and seized literature.”
  5. “You tried to pickpocket me, and now I’m giving chase.”
  6. “Your newspaper wrote an unflattering article, and I’m writing a strong letter.”
  7. “You invited me to your house for dinner, but is this pork? It tastes odd. Where did you get this meat.”
  8. “I was honey-mazed all night and woke up on your fainting-couch, I don’t know you.”
  9. “Somebody hired me as a private investigator, and you’re the prime suspect.”
  10. “I have fallen off/out of my vehicle of choice, and you’re either helping me, or laughing your ass off.”
  11. “I think I saw you perform at Mahogany Hall, can I have your autograph? (That may not have actually been you.)”
  12. “You insulted my ship and I can’t let you get away with that.”
  13. “Yes, hello, stranger, could you please let me into your house, I swear I don’t have constables on my trail or anything.”
  14. “An elderly tomb colonist is drunk and challenging you to a fist fight over me.  What the hell.”
  15. “Why do you keep showing off your tattoo?  It’s making high society people faint from the shock of skin.”
  16. “You have an orange.  From the Surface.  And you keep trying to defend it from everyone who wants to steal it.  (And I’m just trying to get you to share because it’s been so long.)”
  17. “We’re both at the Empress’s court and holy crap am I bored.”
  18. “I’ve got no tickets at Mrs Plenty’s Carnival, you saw me eying the attractions, and gave me yours.“
  19. "I’m challenging you to a duel. Not that kind of duel. Meet me first lamp-light in the Square of Lofty Words.”
  20. “I’m challenging you to a duel. That kind of duel.”
A bonus horoscope for deliciousfriend, who has liked or reblogged every single post I've made:

If the stars were conscious and had mouths and teeth, they would smile upon you. I don’t think that their smiling would do you much good, but it wouldn’t hurt either. It’d be a little creepy if anything. Like, imagine if the sun actually had a face and was smiling right at you.

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“Hello little girl. My celestial brothers and sisters and I bid you a pleasant day, brought to you by me of course. Please, bask in my luminiferous mixture of electromagnetic radiation and beneficence.”