Introducing: The Avengers Drinking Game

So, after my bffl Sarah and I saw the Avengers for the uh, 3rd time in as many weeks, we were plotting the idea of an Avengers drinking game after the end of it. There are two separate games* that you can play - and we advise that you try doing it in the cinema as it will be both funny, and drunk, and then you can be as high as fuck like Thor.

These are the drinking rules, you must drink (or shot) any time anyone says:

  1. Thor or Loki or anyone refers to people as ‘humans’
  2. Bruce refers to the Hulk as 'the other guy’
  3. Cap doesn’t understand something in the 21st century
  4. Loki showboats majorly as a diva
  5. Anyone says 'suit up’
  6. Someone calls Coulson, 'Phil’, instead of Agent
  7. Someone references Nick Fury’s eyepatch
  8. Natasha does that little raised eyebrow, or remains unimpressed by the entirety or gravity of the situation at hand
  9. Tony makes some kind of off-hand comment that totally ruins a moment (or, due to input by my co-creator, makes a pop-culture reference that is the moment)
  10. Clint flicks out his bow/uses an arrow (yes, lame, but guaranteed shots)


  1. Any time there’s a butt shot on screen - you can pick and mix your favourite characters or try all during one viewing**


*Please note it was separated into two as the sheer number of the second one will either give you severe alcohol poisoning or a mild case of death.

** This is not recommended but fun.