Fic: Pet

So I decided to write some fic for the Delicious Ficathon, and I said “Hey, why not stretch myself? I can come up with a pairing that’s not on the list, and as a personal challenge, I can ship Jack with someone other than Eugene. This will be fun!”

No. There is no joy when Jack is not with Eugene. It turns out I am only capable of writing angst under these circumstances. Aaaaaangst.

Enjoy! :D

Title: Pet

Pairing: Jack Holden/Evan Deaubl (Runner 7)

Summary: An AU where Evan Deaubl, the future Runner 7 of Abel, is the one to stumble through the remains of the rave.



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Delicious' Half-Birthday Ficathon! #deliciousficathon

So I mentioned that the delicious had had its half-birthday, and Phoebe said we should throw it a party!

So that is what we’re doing.

We’re challenging you to write a story (any length) or make some artwork that can be tagged with the least used tags on the delicious – those with less than ten entries. Phoebe/galacticdrift, bless her soul, has created a handy spreadsheet for this purpose here. We were originally going to make it so you could ONLY use the green tags, but then we realised that would be mildly impossible, so the rule is that you have to have at least ONE green tag prominent in your fic. e.g. Even though Sara has 28 entries, you could write Sara/Van Ark and it would still fit.

If a tag doesn’t exist (e.g. Eugene/the Major), it is obviously the least-used of all and totally counts.

Tag your entries with #deliciousficathon in the first five tags :D

Any questions, reblog this or send me an ask! If I don’t respond to the ask in three days, then send it again because tumblr eats asks constantly.

EDIT: because it was bothering me – the spoiler tags can also act as mission tags – so, like, if you wanted to write the aftermath of a s2, mission, for instance, that could count as your green tag no matter what characters or pairings you used.

This is for the Jack/Bella tag, and seriously, this is as far as I’m willing to ship these two lol. My brain can’t handle Bella/Jack as anything more than buddies.

So a scene from Season 2 Side-mission 2 where Beatrix refers to Jack and Bella as “lovebirds”. Runner Five’s expression here… was pretty much my expression when I heard that.