From Gastroposter Trent Hughes:

Double layer Brownie Cake with peanut butter fudge centre,covered in chocolate frosting with dark chocolate pieces and fresh strawberries. Made April 2013 for a friends birthday, 1 or 2 cakes made. It must have weighed about 5lbs. Gooey chocolatey heaven. It was amazing if I do say so myself. I like experimenting with Brownies and mixing them up.

From Gastroposter Fouad Makadsi:

My contribution for this week’s @nationalpost @gastropost mission. To celebrate your one year anniversary, I made these mango raspberry cheesecake cupcakes with kitkat chocolate bar crumb base and white chocolate letters which was inspired by your logo. You asked to share a discovery from the past year and ’s community has been such a fun and exciting discovery. I look forward every week to the missions and the gastroposters contributions. Keep up the great work and I am looking forward to another yummy year ahead.

From Gastroposter Annette Borger:

Brussel sprouts and pancetta - I’ve rediscovered this veggie. No more fear of having to sit at the dinner table until allllllll my veggies are eaten. I’ll have seconds please!

From Gastroposter Heather Lang:

Last year during TIFF my friend and I discovered this great place to get amazing pizza. I had one that included fig, walnuts, prosciutto and gorgonzola drizzled with honey. Honey!?! Who knew that honey one pizza could taste so go. I’ve since recreated it at home regularly.

From Gastroposter Carlo Ivan Cardenas:

Last year I made this healthy snack for those cozy evenings. “CHOCOLATE CRUNCHIES” gluten free cereal, melted dark chocolate, sliced almonds and low fat granola! Just mix all the dry ingredients into the melted chocolate and form little balls laying them on a tray and freeze after. Healthy, yummy and crunchie!