albaparthenicevelut replied to your post “I’d commit murder for a sausage roll right not, but alas it is both…”

I’m in the UK rn and experiencing the exact opposite thing where I’m just really baffled by meat pastries. Not to be mean about something that is clearly a Thing over here but my stomach Does Not Like them. I’m in the north too so I’m always getting people hyping Greggs at me, which is confusing.

Oh fam, fam no. The reason your body is not liking them is because the ones from Greggs are mostly just grease and sugar. (Delicious grease, but still, grease and sugar). I dunno if you’ve tried anything from a wee local owned bakery that isn’t a franchise (I dunno where you are so I can’t recommend any) but the ones you find in local bakeries tend to be so much better in terms of the quality of pastry and the meat. You’ll also find local variations of a meat pastry, which will be so much better than the bog standard “sausage roll”.

In Glasgow the popular meat pastry is a Bridie which is minced steak, onions, butter and suet (usually some gravy, if the bakery us using their steak pie filling) and I would legitimately sell my soul to the Devil himself for the chance to eat one again. 

That and a macaroni pie, but those are just pure stodge. Delicious, stomach bloating stodge.

God I’m homesick. 


Low Carb Mexican Lasagna

This came out amazing! It is super easy to make.


Low carb tortillas (I used La Tortilla)
Ground Beef
Cream Cheese
Shredded Mexican Cheese
Freshly sliced tomato
Mexican Seasonings
Cilantro (optional)


I started by tossing a frozen block of ground beef in the slow cooker with Mexican seasonings. I smashed up the ground beef while it cooked for a few hours and then added half a block of cream cheese, then stirred it all up.

Preheat oven to 425 degrees

Once my ground beef and cream cheese mix was ready I sprayed a pan and put down one layer of tortillas.

Cover this with ground beef mix
Top win cheese
Top with sliced tomato
Lightly season
Add another layer of tortillas
Ground beef
Shredded cheese
Final layer of tortillas
Top with shredded cheese

Cook until cheese browns.

Let cool, and it will harden and crisp up.

All of the delicious grease and drippings will soak into the tortillas and add a TON OF FLAVOR!