I got sweet new socks from The Beer Dabbler on the 15th! These socks were made for me I believe.

The beer Dabbler was a fucking blast as usual. This was our 3rd beer dabbler. The weather was too hot to be honest but it’s better than our first beer dabbler when it was so cold outside not only were we freezing but so were the tap lines! But yeah, this year was super chill. It was harder to drink a shit ton of beer because we went out to eat before and the heat was making it kind of hard. It was nice but a little complicated to have a larger group of friends with us this year. The first year it was just Jake and I, the second it was Jake, Alicia, Brandon, Dillon and me, and this year it was Jake, Alicia, Brandon, Me, Katie, Matt, Korto and Dixon so I feel like we were kind of spinning in circles a lot. I definitely was hammered though haha. I didn’t get to go to all the breweries I wanted but come on… There are over 100 there lol. My highlight was getting to drink Evil Twin’s Imperial Biscotti Break that was bourbon barrel aged. I had bought a $25 bomber of it for my birthday last December and I fucking dropped it shattering it on my living room floor. I cried so hard. Yes, I cried over spilled beer. Expensive spilled beer. I was so happy to be able to taste it though. I felt like my life had come full circle haha. I wish my allergies hadn’t start to kick in that day so I would have been able to taste things better but damn I had a lot of delicious beers. The beer dabbler in September 2014 was still my favorite so far.

So I ended up getting to go to Bell’s this weekend you guys! The atmosphere is not EXACTLY what I thought it would be, and it made me uncomfortable for a brief moment. You must order everything you want from the bar, take a buzzer, and go find a table for yourself. The place was pretty packed but two coworkers and I found a tall table in the vestibule (i guess?). It only had two stools, but one coworker wasn’t opposed to standing the whole time.

I ordered the brisket dip which was entirely fucking delicious, AND was ready in about five minutes.

I tried Roundhouse I.R.A, Venus:The Bringer of Peace, Red Nose ESB, and Mercury: The Winged Messenger. My favorite of the night was by far Venus, and ultimately, I regret not bringing some home. 

Anyway my overall total for a meal and FOUR delicious beers was 28. At any other brewery I’ve been two it would have been at least 20 dollars more expensive. 

I had a nice time after initially feeling iffy; I always knew the beer was going to blow my mind.