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I decided to finish up and draw all the paladins (and Allura and Coran) as characters from Avatar :)
Please do not repost anywhere else.
Keith- Fire Bender
Lance- Water Bender
Allura- Air Bender
Hunk- Earth/ Lava Bender
Coran- Air Bender
Shiro- Non-Bender, but his arm has electric tech from Future Industries
Pidge- Earth/ Metal Bender

I don’t know if I want to make this into a comic or not. Probably not, as @irrevocably-delicious already has a wonderful klance comic called Bending Moments that I’m totally addicted to. Y'all should check it out!

Herbal and Floral Waters

Keep an eye out for bottles of herbal and floral infused waters at your local grocery stores.

Behold the power of Lazy Magic.

  • Buy some water with corresponding flowers/herbs to create desired effect. For example, I have used the Cloves Cardamom and Cinnamon to help with the symptoms of a cold. The floral waters, pictured below, can be used for magical purposed as well.
  • You can infuse the water with energy to give the water an extra magical boost. Place a bottle under the moon. Allow rain water to flow over it. Fill it with your own energy. Chill it. Warm it. Or anything else you can think of!
  • Use it as an ingredient in any spells you want.
  • Discreet magic. Who’s going to question a bottle of water?
  • Delicious, healthy hydration.
  • Super easy.

As offerings to Deities or Entities.

  • I often give the Deities I worship these floral waters as libations. They are luxurious and extremely fragrant. They are also a great alternative to alcohol.
  • You can offer these based on flower/herb/fruit correspondences with your Deities, if you would like. For example, I often give Hekate the Plum Jasmine water in offerings because jasmine is a night-flowering plant. However, I have found that every Deity I have offered these floral or herbal waters to has accepted it. In most cases, they love them! In my experience, Hera adores the Lemon Rose water.  Zeus enjoyed the Lavender Mint water.

How to find them.

  • These waters are all from my local grocery store (Wegmans). You would have the best luck locating these types of waters at a store than has a respectable organic or specialty food section. They run about $1 to $1.50 dollars a bottle.
  • Also, keep in mind you can infuse your own waters!

Reader x Stiles Stilinski



Imagine: You are in love with Stiles, but thinks you don’t stand a chance, since he only sees you as Scott’s sister and a friend. Plus, you think he is love with Lydia. Then, one day, you get seriously injured. When you later wake up at the hospial, Stiles surprises you by confessing his feelings.

Warnings: sinful fluff with this smol bean named stiles, slight swearing, but eh… haha

Word Count: 2881

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Fries, Wine, and Bubble Bath

A little CS honeymoon fic, inspired by Jen, the queen of our ship.

Rated M. Also on ao3

She dips her fingers in the water to test the temperature. Nearly scalding, just how she likes it.

“You know,” Killian murmurs sidling up behind her, wearing nothing but his boxers, pressing himself against her from head to toe and wrapping his arm around her front, tangling his fingers in the ties of her robe. “This has to be one of my favorite things about your realm.”

“What? Did you not have robes in the Enchanted Forrest?”

Maybe if she thought a little harder, she would have realized that wasn’t what he was talking about. But he always comments on how much he fancies this realms fashions, especially the undergarments. And her brain has been thoroughly jumbled by their earlier activities so she doesn’t beat herself up too hard for the comment.

“No, love,” he chuckles into her throat, sending a shiver down her spine, nosing at the fabric of his robe against her shoulder. “The water faucet. Bathing was such a tiring affair, especially aboard the Jolly, heating the water and transferring it. It’s magical to be able to simply turn a nob until you’re satisfied. And there was nothing nearly as delightful as these bubbles.”

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Ever had your water or power shut off? It feels like living in the Stone Age … for a few days. But for some 1.7 million Americans, that’s every day. Not because they don’t pay their bills, but because they somehow still don’t have access to basic utilities like power, running water, or a sewer system.

To the surprise of virtually no one, Native Americans have been handed a sizable slice of this particular humble pie. Thirteen percent of Native Americans don’t have access to running water, compared to just 0.04 percent of everybody else. An estimated 40 percent of the Navajo Nation in New Mexico is without running water, leaving them with no option but to haul water from faraway taps. Fun fact: This costs them 72 times more than your average American pays for his delicious, easily accessible tap water. Those who can’t afford it are stuck with whatever (generally non-potable) water sources they can find. Fortunately, they have help, like DIGDEEP, an L.A. nonprofit specializing in defending citizens’ rights to clean water, and Darlene the Water Lady, a volunteer who drives a monthly water truck round to provide hundreds of Navajo Nation families with clean water.

4 Problems That Should Infuriate Americans

skinny dip

some Neverland UST, cause why not? And because it’s the middle of summer and it’s fucking hot out, who doesn’t want to go skinny dipping right now?

The heat was unbearable.

Emma had lived for two years in Florida, where humidity turned everything, her hair, her skin, into a sticky mess while she worked shitty minimum wage jobs that barely paid the rent and tried (and frequently failed) not to go back to her old life of shoplifting and picking pockets. She’d spent months in Arizona, where 100 degree days were the norm and she was both pregnant and incarcerated, carrying a baby she didn’t want to want so bad and a sentence she didn’t deserve and had literally dreamed of snowcones and ice cream for weeks on end, it was so hot and she was so uncomfortable in her prison scrubs and growing belly.

But nothing compared to Neverland.

Sweat beaded along her hairline and dripped between her breasts morning, noon and night. Her lungs felt like they were filled with water half the time and her feet itched constantly in her boots. Hook was insistent that she take them off and dry her socks by the fire every night, muttering under his breath about sailors who had lost toes to gangrene when they neglected to take proper care of their feet. 

There was heat in his gaze when he looked at her, as heavy as the air around them and making her heart beat faster while her pulse surged between her legs and she didn’t dream of wrapping her lips around cherry Popsicles, but of another tasty treat instead that was hard and pink and would melt right in her mouth.

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Originally posted by alexhoghgifs

So, folks, this is my first attempt at writing anything about Ivar The Boneless (because yea, you’ve all got me there) and also my first smut. **Someone save me.** I appreciate all feedbacks and sorry for any mistake, English is not my first language. Kisses to all ivar’s army!

The water was deliciously hot, the smoke coming out of it a desired cloud around the little tent. Deep blue eyes watched her from afar, their owner comfortably seated on the small bench a short distance from the wooden tub. She stared back at him, lost in that delicious sensation of being suffocated by scrutiny, as if he could see beyond her skin, even know her most secret thoughts. Ivar had this power over her, to discover her intentions, her wants and frustrations… to discover her obscure desires, to unravel them. It was irritating at first, that he could always imagine her plans; While a shield-maiden of another King, that her enemy could read her so easily was not attractive at all. However, all battles come with a price and that kind of connection with her Prince had saved their asses again and again, even to this day. She still remembered their first encounter, during the revenge for the death of King Ragnar, when in the midst of a fierce battle, (Y/N) had jumped on Prince Ivar’s chariot, and he had been pissed without limits. She was convinced that he would kill her after the battle was over, burying the ax in her skull as she had seen he doing repeatedly during the battle. He’d surprised her, however, with a hand tightly clamped around her throat, deliciously blue angry eyes, telling her she was a good shield-maiden. She had almost fallen back.

It had been so many years since that episode, which seemed a distant dream of a younger age now. And the past little interested her while she were naked in a bathtub, with her lover a few feet away, his eyes trained on her. She could not contain the smile that spread across her face, putting her hands on the edge of the tub, right in front of her body and pulling to lean against it, her long wet hair down her back attracting the man’s attention.

- Are you just going to keep staring? – (Y/N) teased, leaning her face in her folded arms over the edge of the tub, her body slightly above the water, just to give him a peek at the curve of her ass, before plunging it further down the water as soon as his eyes moved.

She watched as a mischievous smile spread on her husband’s focused face. The movement made his skin stretch and small wrinkles appear next to his shiny eyes, while the rest softened - he looked years younger. She could not hold the ridiculously passionate little sigh that came from her lips. This man would still be her death - and she would be satisfied, happy and contented to the arms of the Valkyries that came for her.

Ivar got down from the bench where he was, crawling across the floor near the tub. (Y/N) took advantage of that moment to observe the upper part of her husband’s body, the way his muscles flexed beneath his shirt, at times forcing the stitching of it, an aura of brute force around him, while his eyes did not stray from her face, the malicious grin more pronounced now, because he knew exactly how much watching his body excited her. When he got close to the bathtub, sitting next to it, (Y/N) moved away from the edge and leaned back in the bathtub, her body temptingly submerged at shoulder height, awaiting the next step of the man in front of her.

It was shameful how her body was already prepared for him. Some glances, a smile and just seeing him approaching her and she was ready, her pulse accelerating and her whole body warming and shivering, ready to receive him. And Ivar knew this, because his smile grew even larger in full satisfaction as he looked into her eyes, a hand slowly moving up the length of her neck, fingers slowly caressing her pulse. Then, provocatively slowly, stroking her jugular, down to her shoulders, only lightly brushing the skin above her breasts. And all this while his eyes remained focused on hers, watching them being taken over by lust, hazy, and the struggle to stand still as he continued with the small caresses.

Rough fingers dipped the water and traced lightly her left nipple, a flash of satisfaction shining in those large blue eyes as he felt it already hard. (Y/N) also couldn’t contain the small smile when she saw him with that boyish expression. Then his fingers roamed again, now to her face, quietly caressing the side of it, the high cheeks and then, down the tip of the nose to the half-opened mouth of the woman in front of him, to the point that he dipped two fingers in it. (Y/N) sucked on them, slowly and long, with little nibbles, her eyes never leaving his. She could see that he was also excited, his pupils dilating and his eyes focused on her mouth. Resolved to stimulate the fantasy that should be playing in his head, she pulled her mouth from his fingers just to lick them from the palm of his hand to the tips of them, putting them entirely back into her mouth, sucking them. Ivar hissed, releasing the air he held until he shifted, lifting his body so that his other hand could reach her neck, as he withdrew his fingers from (y /n) mouth to spread his hand down the valley of her breasts, descending slowly, stroking, squeezing, massaging all the way to her womanhood. The hand around her neck massaged it, deliciously pressing her neck, shoulders, and back to the nape of the neck, until (Y/N) felt the other hand on her sex and the pressure of the other on her neck. He knew exactly what she liked and how, to the point that he started penetrating with just one finger, slowly exploring her, pushing away her folds, stroking his thumb over the pleasure button just above, all while massaging her neck unhurriedly, calmly, soothing, almost. Another finger was added to the mixture and her breathing became erratic, small strokes on her clit as Ivar penetrated them deeply, still slowly; Even though the pressure in her neck increased, everything was very slow, very little, much less… (Y / N) wanted more.

- More. - A small gasp, and Ivar smiled in satisfaction, almost as if he defied her to endure the provocation. The hand on her throat increased the pressure and she groaned in satisfaction as his fingers became faster, stronger and synchronized strokes and soon (Y/N) struggled not to move against her lover’s hand, a long moan escaping her lips when a third finger was added, his thumb caressing her clit between a few movements, whenever he completely removed his fingers, then put them back, strong, deep. She was going to cum soon. The fact was that her skin was already burning for him, being deprived of this for so long. He could had spend only a few moments on her clit and she would have enjoyed it with the same force she would enjoy now. And he seemed to know because he took one of his fingers out to allow best access of his thumb to the small nervous button and soon it was difficult to breathe, the pressure in her throat making her breath come out in small hisses and her whole body tensed, waiting the great moment. Her climax washed over her, making her whole body tremble as her hands gripped the edge of the bathtub, water flying and her head going backwards as a loud moan escaped her throat, having Ivar allowed her to breathe deeply enough just for that. Upon returning from her high, he looked at her satisfied, completely soaked all over the top of his body. The sight made her laugh and move closer, stealing a small kiss on his lips as her hand wandered down his abdomen to his pants. He deepened the kiss as he felt her hand cling to his hard member and she stroked him over his trousers insistently, wanting him inside her. He broke the kiss to look at her, a devious smile on his face. He pulled the wet shirt over his head and her eyes were immediately drawn to his chest, his muscles defined by more than just battles, clamoring for her touch and her nails. Then his face appeared in front of her eyes, a smile playing on his lips.

- Are you just going to stare? – He mimicked and (Y/N) smiled, her hands clawing at Ivar’s perfect abdomen as they climbed up to his neck to pull him into a kiss. No. She definitely would not.

Obianidala au where Padmé is a wedding planner, Anakin is a pastry chef that makes amazing wedding cakes, and Obi-Wan is a phenomenal florist.