delicious tuna

Had the best dinner tonight!

Grilled rare Ahi tuna steak with roasted corn & avocado slaw!

• I brushed the tuna with a mix of peanut oil & soy sauce before grilling…

• the slaw is a mix of fresh cubed avocado, pan-roasted corn, sesame seeds, a splash of olive oil, rice vinegar, & soy sauce, and a tiny pinch of cayenne pepper & coconut sugar. Topped with broccoli sprouts!

This was AMAZING and only minimal carbs from a little corn!

Quinoa, tuna and olive fish cakes

-Sauté about 100g diced white onion in a little coconut oil or steam-fry in water, with two cloves crushed garlic, a good few shakes of herbs de Provence, some chilli flakes and a little paprika. Once the onion and garlic has softened, set aside and allow to cool.

-Boil and drain your quinoa- I used about 200g- and rinse in cold water to cool rapidly.

-Drain two small tins of tuna in spring water and place in a bowl with a drained tin of mixed beans, two handfuls of toasted pine-nuts and season with sea salt and freshly ground black pepper. Add about eight diced olives, some lemon juice to taste and a large handful of roughly torn parsley.

-Add cooled onion mixture and cooled, drained quinoa to the bowl with the tuna mixture and give it a good stir to combine.

-You need to add just enough egg whites, oat bran and wholemeal flour to hold the mixture together- this could vary but for me it was about 100g egg whites, ¼ cup flour and the same of oat bran. (Next time I’m going to try swopping these out for breadcrumbs and will report back)

-Form into large patties between the palms of your hands and bake in the oven at 190 Celsius for about 10-15 minutes until hot all the way through, crispy on the outside and firm to the touch. This makes a massive batch of about 16 fish cakes.

Good for picnics, packed lunches, even quite handy as a tasty but random breakfast on the go! Nice with pickles or relish, served with salad 🥗, green beans or baked tomatoes, and perhaps some boiled new potatoes on the side.