delicious sammich

Holiday Medicine: Christmas 2012 edition

I’m so bummed I didn’t get to post this last year. In fact it happened the day after Christmas, but I think it still counts because the injury occurred during the aftermath of Christmas celebrating.

My lovely grandmother, who I guarantee is way cooler than yours (just sayin), was slicing up some left over roast beast for a delicious day-after-Christmas sammich. Unfortunately, her knife was not the sharpest in the drawer. It slipped and sliced her hand instead of the ham.

Thanks to her daily aspirin and the very unfortunate placement of the cut above a very mobile joint, she began to bleed like a stuck pig.

Pressure, super glue, and band-aids were not cutting it, so she bought herself a visit to urgent care to see someone who was very likely the famed Dr. Cranquis himself. Cranquis stitched her expertly and she went about her merry little way.

So a word to the wise: it sounds counter-intuitive, but sharpen your knives before digging into your roast beast today. It’ll keep the knife in the beast and out of your hand…

Text || Kenack
  • Kenai: … I’m sorry. I’m not used to talking about myself, at all, not with anyone. I don’t talk about home. Where I’ve come from. I didn’t expect I’d want to with you though.
  • Kenai: You can’t delete it from where you are.
  • Kenai: That’s a basic sandwich.. Well thank you, I’m at least a bit more vaccinated since the rat incident, and maybe my job helps with the boring side.
  • Jack: Will you though? I happen to find you very interesting.
  • Jack: I will be if I come over there so you can draw me.
  • Jack: It's a delicious sammich. Mmm I happen to find you far from boring.