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Bum seems to be a pretty good cook considering that 1) he's afraid of knives and 2) he didn't seem capable of taking care of himself considering the state of his old place.

No kidding. He should seriously consider looking into becoming a chef if he ever escapes. This shit looks downright delicious (minus the rat poison ingredient I mean). 

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Hara early morning fluff w/ his s/o

so …uhh …my definition of early morning is probably a little different to yours

He closes his eyes once but chooses to flick them open again, to inhale the curled up body by his side’s appearance- fuelling the delicious poison he knows as love.

“You awake?”

“It’s,” one eye matches his gaze, “four in the morning. Of course I’m not awake.”

“She said, awake,” he teases and kisses the forehead lying opposite to him.

“Goodnight,” there is emphasis on the word before the scolding takes place, “and don’t you dare force me up before seven.”

“I thought you needed to leave at six thirty?” Now, he purrs; having taken control of the situation, his power as one who inflicts mischief (although, he tells himself, not the childish form of the word) is intact.


“[Y/N], what would you do without me?”

“Get two more hours of sleep? I don’t know.”

Like a cat, you stretch out- Hara’s body your support- and rest comfortably against his chest when you discover, once again, it is the most suited to your need of stimulating early morning snoozes. As soon as you are fully leaning on him, the pink haired boy wraps his arms around you, and curves his neck to kiss you on the mouth and corrects his position to kiss you on the neck and slides slightly once again to kiss your cheek.

“Let me sleep.”

He chuckles and, in a singsong accent to match the reference he is about to perform, responses, “Let me love you, baby.”

“I’m not your baby. Stop being a pedophile.”

“Does babe suit then?”

He receives a grumble, but neither a yes nor a no and decides that, despite the large potential that the nickname isn’t appreciated, he will use it anyway. That’s what boyfriends are for, isn’t it? Causing the annoyance that some parents may have lacked to include?

“Babe… Entertain me.”

“I’m sleeping, shush.”

Sighing, Hara poked up once but, upon receiving no response except confirmation that you were indeed asleep, closed his eyes beside you. Maybe he would have to cancel the five am date he had had planned at the arcade, but sleep wouldn’t hurt either.

I Hate You, You Love Me? || Calum Hood

anon blessss <3 calum imagines are filling up my blog lmaooo

Summary: You hate Calum and Calum hates you. But, the both of you were invited to Lukes party, where the two of you get intoxicated and then have sex. But, the hating game takes a turn when Calum admits that he loves you, but the feeling isn’t mutual… Yet.

S M U T 

“Are you fucking kidding me?” You ask in annoyance as you saw Calum enter through Lukes door and be greeted by him. You were invited to Lukes party the other day, as the two of you were good friends and you loved Lukes parties. Unfortunately, he was best friends with your worst enemy; Calum Hood. And, damn everything, he was invited. 

You and Calum have been enemies since the day the two of you met. His cocky behavior bothered your introverted, humble being. That’s when the two of you clashed, becoming perfect enemies. Luke attempts to fix it constantly, saying how we’d be best friends if we looked passed those contrasting traits. But you guys were stubborn and resumed hating each other for what seems like forever. 

“Lighten up, Y/N,” Ashton said with a grin. He passed you an opened beer as the two of you drank within the crowd. “He isn’t that bad if you were more willing to try and be friends.”

“He’s a disease in this world, and I’m trying to keep from getting sick,” you scoffed, taking a sip of your 4th beer. “Anyways, he’s a dick. I can’t befriend a dick, Ashton.” Ashton laughed, his iconic laughter filling the whole elated room. 

“It never hurts to try, Y/N,” Ashton suggested as he took another swig. Yeah fucking right, you thought. “Yo Cal! C’mere!” Ashton called out to him as you groaned. You hated Calum, and Ashton knew this. So why was he calling him over?

“Hey Ashton!” Calum said happily as they slapped hands. He then looked over at you and rolled his eyes, his smile dropping into a frown. “Y/N,” he greeted with a boring tone. You put on a fake, wide smile as you shot up the middle finger at him. Dropping your bullshit smile and hand, you took another large swig, finishing the beer whole.

“Shit, Y/N, need another?” Ashton asked, having you nod. Ashton nods and disappears, leaving you and Calum alone at one of the tables set up in Lukes house. It was awkward, the silence that the both of you held. 

“So what exactly are you doing here, Y/N?” Calum asked, giving you a look of fake interest. “Oh, I know! You just couldn’t stay away from me, could you? Always coming to these parties to see me and shit.”

“You fucking wish, Hood,” you responded, rolling your eyes as you played with your empty beer bottle. Calum leaned in closer, with his hand balled into a fist to lean his cheek against. 

“C’mon, Y/N, admit it,” Calum said with a smirk. “You’re hopelessly in love with me behind this hateful facade of yours. You don’t need to hide it anymore, love.” You couldn’t believe it. This cocky bastard actually thinks you love him. It was almost hilarious how crazy he sounded. 

“I don’t even remotely like you, Calum,” you responded, keeping your gaze away from Calum. “You’re absolutely insane if you think I like you. You need a mental hospital if you think I am in love with you.” Calum laughed as if it was a joking matter, but you kept your tone and your behavior, serious. You just really didn’t like Calum. 

“I know you want me, babe, you can’t even deny it!” Calum exclaims, making you look at him in horror. “I’m sure you’ve been dying to fuck me since the day you laid eyes on me. I just know it, Y/N!” You snorted, actually smiling at something Calum said.

“I’d rather fuck a cockroach, Calum,” you said bluntly, causing Calum to crack up. He took you for a joke. Rolling your eyes in annoyance, you resumed tapping on your empty bottle with your nails. You were suddenly interrupted when Ashton came back with a tray of shots and placed it on the table. The empty bottle was tipped and fell on the floor, shattering into pieces. But someone already came around to start cleaning it as Ashton looked at the both of you with smiles.

“Time for a shot competition!” Ashton announced, grabbing the attention of a fairly big crowd around you guys. “How about we settle things with a few fast rounds of tequila, aye? Are you guys into it?”

“I’ve got the fucking tolerance, considering I can tolerate Y/N over here,” Calum said, giving you a taunting wink. “But I don’t think Y/N here is gonna be able to take it?” Without saying a word, you grab one of the shots and swallow it whole, slamming the shot glass down with a loud sound. The people around you guys began cheering and clapping with a series of “ooh!” being exclaimed. Smirking at Calum, you give him a challenging smile. 

“Bring it on, Kiwi.”

11 shots later, and the both of you were gone. You were so drunk that you couldn’t even think. The both of you were tied, with only 2 more shots left on the tray. You grabbed one immediately, having Calum grab the other while giggling. 

“Fucking cheers!” Calum slurred, holding it up. You clink your shot with his before the both of you chugged it down and harshly placed it on the tray upside down. You felt the delicious poison burn down your throat, making you laugh like a hyena. Calum joined you, tears practically collecting in his eyes. 

“Fucking hell, Calum, I’ve gotta pee!” You blurted out, giggling. Ashton began to laugh with you, having the rest of the crowd that collected join. Calum was cracking up, slamming his hand on the table repeated times. “Help me go take a wee.” With the both of you struggling to actually stand up, you wrap your arm around Calums shoulder as he walks to you the back of the house where the bathroom was. You enter and shut the door, peeing while Calum waited outside. Finishing up, you flushed and washed your hands and exited the bathroom, seeing Calum standing right in front of you.

“Y/N, did I tell you how pretty you looked tonight?” Calum slurred, smiling goofily at you. “You’re so fucking gorgeous in that aqua dress, Y/N, it was so fucking hard not to just grab you and kiss you.”

“Oh really, Calum?” You slurred as well, having your voice lower into seduction. “Is it the dress that you like, or my body in it?” You asked with a wink while biting on your bottom lip. Calum looked at you for a moment, scanning your face with his brown orbs. He suddenly grabbed you by the waist and sat you on the table that was ornate outside of the bathroom. 

“Alright, I can’t fucking take this anymore!” Calum exclaimed, unbuttoning his pants. You flimsily began to take off your panties, having it be difficult as you were sat down. You knew what Calum wanted, and the feeling appears mutual at the moment. But this was all the alcohol fucking with your mind as well as Calums. Although you were intoxicated, you noticed how much Calum really did want this. There was a burning passion in his eyes that couldn’t be mistaken for anything less. 

“Hurry up, Calum!” You moaned, impatiently waiting as he pulled down his underwear to allow his hard dick to spring out. You practically drooled seeing how large Calum was. You knew already that you were gonna love this. Then, you see that Calum pulls out a condom from his pocket, and began to open it. He was more than prepared for this, as if he planned and expected this. Slipping the seemingly tight condom around his hard cock, he walked towards you and smashed his plump lips onto yours.

“Finally, fuck!” Calum moaned into your mouth. “I’ve been… wanting to, mmm… do this for a wh-while now…” He holds your waist tightly, positioning himself as you began to lick his bottom lip. You wanted so bad for entry that you began sucking on his lips seperately with your tongue. Moments later, he finally let you once the tip was in your pussy.

“Mmm, Calum!” You moaned as your tongue circled around his. He tasted of tequila and pizza. He suddenly slammed into you, having you let go of Calums lips to arc your head back. “Oh fuck, Calum! More, f-fuck!” Calum slowly, but efficiently, putting the entirety of him in you, making you moan in pleasure. “Fuck yes, Calum!” 

“You’re so fucking tight, Y/N, fuck!” Calum moaned, beginning to slowly thrust in and out of you. Your back kept hitting the wall softly, pure pleasure just swarming your body. Your arms then wrapped around Calums neck as he gradually started to thrust faster. “Fuck, Y/N, moan my name! Fuck, please!” He groaned in a very throaty voice. 

“Mm, Calum! Calum, faster, please!” You moaned, shutting your eyes as you faced up to look at the ceiling. The table was moving with you guys, causing sound from the floor and the wall. “Calum, let’s go upstairs! I need you to fuck me properly, now!”

“Anything for you, Princess,” Calum whispered in your ear. Carefully, his hands found their way to your ass, lifting you up from the wooden table. His dick was still inside you, still giving you a bit of pleasure. As he was taking you upstairs, though, his dick bounced inside with every step, causing you to moan his name and spit out a series of curses. “God, my name sounds so much fucking better in your voice!” He suddently attached his lips onto your neck as he went up the stairs.

“O-oh fuck!” You found yourself in unbelievable pleasure as every step up Calum took was a upward thrust in you. It wasn’t even intended as well! You felt Calum bite lightly on your neck, nibbling it. Most likely causing marks, but you didn’t care. You were in complete heaven. “C-Calum, I’m s-so close now… fuck!” Calum took this as a realization to do as much as possible. He stopped moving after he finally reached the top of the stairs. He pushed and leaned you against the wall, holding you up with his knee so he can use his other hand. Without expecting it, he yanked down the top of your dress to reveal you breasts. 

“These,” Calum said, his eyes wide and full of lust, “are fucking gorgeous.” Before you can even thank him, he latched his mouth on one of your gradually erecting nipples, making you moan. You couldn’t even take all the sensations. Calums large dick twitching inside you, the amazing throbbing of hickeys forming on your neck, and now the suckling of your pink buds. Calum switched nipples, leaving one hard and slobbered with his saliva. 

“C-Calum, th-the guest bedroom…” you groaned, gesturing to the door nearby. Calum hummed, making your body feel all sorts of pleasure that you didn’t know you could feel. But, to your request, Calum picked you up once more and took you into the guest bedroom. Calum pulled out, cursing in disappointment as he placed you on the bed. You were also upset by the emptiness, feeling cold and frustrated for Calums touch. But you watched as he began to strip, joining him. Now completely naked, you watched Calum come over to you with his exposed, built body. You couldn’t help but admire it, adoring every ab and tattoo ornate on his body. 

“Now,” Calum said, joining you on the bed as he hovered above you. He bit his bottom lip, scanning your naked and throbbing body. He knew you were aching for his touch again, making him desire you even more than he already did. “Shall we continue, babygirl?” Nodding vigorously, he slammed himself into you and finished the job. The both of you reached your highs just moments later. Calums name was the last thing you shouted that night before you knocked out.

You felt cold when you began waking up. Goosebumps were collecting on your arms, making you shudder a bit. Cracking your fingers, your eyes finally fluttered open. You were greeted by the sun, it’s bright light annoying you as well as the heat it produced. Yawning, you sat up and pulled off the blanket to reveal your naked body. What the fuck? You covered yourself again, in shock. Why the hell were you naked? You then heard a snore, causing you to slowly snap your neck to see the person you despised the most, as well in the nude. “C-Calum?!” You screamed, grabbing more blanket to cover you. But when you did, you revealed Calums morning wood. You looked away as Calum woke up from your shouting. 

“Y/N?” Calum groaned, hearing him yawn loudly. You tossed some blanket over his body so you could actually face him. The both of you then felt a headache shoot at your heads. “Why the fuck are you yelling? My head fucking hurts…”

“Because, Calum!” You started with your self-righteous voice. “I woke up, naked, right next to the person I fucking despise!” You were so mad at yourself. It was almost unbelievable. “Oh dear God, please tell me I fucked a cockroach instead of this disgrace…”

“I guess you can call me Calum the Cockroach, because we sorta fucked,” Calum said with a chuckled, making you sigh in frustrated. You felt even worse when you realized how weak your body was. It was sore and you felt your life beginning to end. “Y/N… you look upset…” Calum asked, his voice now quiet and serious. 

“How aren’t you upset?” You exclaim, looking at him with a glare. “You hate me and I hate you, Calum! And we had sex and now we’re here!” You hid your face in your hands, too embarrassed to even have Calum look at you. “I really have to stop drinking…” you mumbled. 

“Y/N, I… I don’t actually hate you…” Calum said in a low voice, making your ears perk up as you began to look at him in shock. “Like, at all. In fact, I’ve actually um…” Calum stopped and looking away, his face flushing.

“Spit it out, Calum,” you said anxiously. 

“I’ve actually fallen in love with you, Y/N!” Calum blurted out quickly. He gave you a sad smile as you looked at him with horror. “A-and I’ve been pretending to hate you all this time because you hated me but it was the only way I could really be around you. When Luke would tell me that he invited you, I would practically dash to the party just to see you. Because, Y/N, you’re actually really amazing.”

“Calum I–” you tried to start but Calum wanted to finish.

“No, Y/N, you have to understand! I really fucking like you, like a lot. You’re so beautiful, and your body is perfect, and I love the way you say my name and talk in general. I love how strong your alcohol tolerance is, and how much of a challenge you naturally are. I love how your eyes glow when you laugh, and oh, that laugh. Bless your laughter, Y/N! I just absolutely love everything about you, and I love you. As a whole.”

“S-so you’re telling me that I hate you…” you started, complete shock in your voice. “…and you love me?” Calum nodded, blushing. He then awkwardly scratched the back of his head.

“I was sorta hoping you didn’t hate me, but I haven’t given you plenty reason to like me,” Calum said with a small chuckle. “But, can you at least give me a chance at being your friend rather than your enemy?”

“I… okay,” you sighed, giving Calum a small smile. Calum quietly cheered, making you amused at his happiness. And honestly, you didn’t end up regretting giving Calum this chance. At all.

“Calum, oh my gosh, keep fucking tickling me and– ah!” You were having a fit of laughter as Calum tickled you. It’s been 5 months since Calum and you decided to become friends. Since then, you learned a lot about Calum and vice versa.

You learned that Calum is actually a big swetheart. He loves cuddling and eating ice cream. He’s really into music and even plays the bass. He’s played so many times as well as showed you his music book. He was a talented boy, and has even sang to you. And my my, was his voice angelic. 

“And what, Y/N?” Calum said as he resumed tickling your sides. “You aren’t even in any position to make any threats. You’re practically dying by my touch!” You were now crying, unable to breathe from the tickling. “Want me to stop?” You squealed, nodding as Calum finally let go.

“I hate you so much, Calum…” you said, catching your breath as you started to giggle a bit. Calum sighed, his face falling to a frown when you glanced at him. The both of you were lying on your bed in your house, the 9th hang out you’ve had within 3 days. 

“Do you still hate me, Y/N?” Calum asked sorrowly, looking away from you. You felt your heart beat go faster. Calum was still sensitive about the memory of when the both of you ‘hated’ each other. He still couldn’t joke about it yet. And the truth was that there was no more hate. Nothing at all. 

“I don’t hate you, Cal,” you whispered, turning your head at Calum. He turned to see you, a serious face painted. “In fact, I think I’ve um…” you stop, blushing. You felt your stomach flip over with butterflies all around. Confession wasn’t something you did often. But your feelings were killing you. 

“Y/N?” Calum asked wistfully, his chocolate eyes focused on you. 

“I think I’ve finally fallen for you,” you confess, sighing. “It’s crazy because I love you so much that I can’t believe I hated you. I love you and your face and the way you talk. I love your accent and how you sing– it’s perfect. I love your hands and how your callouses feel on my skin when we weave our fingers together. I love the way you look at me with adoration every time you do. I love how you listen to me every time I need someone to talk to. I love–” before you can continue rambling, Calum smashed his lips on yours. It took you back to months ago when you both had sex. Except this kiss was sober and real, full of passion and requianted feelings. 

“Finally,” Calum said when he detaches, sighing happily. “I fucking love you, Y/N. I’m so glad you don’t hate me.”

“I’m happy I don’t hate you, too,” you say, the both of you giggling together. “I love you, too, Calum.” And with that, you leaned again to kiss the boy that you never thought you’d ever love. And you’re so glad you love him. 

THIS IS LONG AF OMF. PLEASE send in more requests. i love them. i relaly hope you enjoy this one tho. i worked really hard on it, considering how long it is. although i couldve done the ending better but this was getting waaaay to long. 

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I think it’s interesting how Lexa tries her hardest to be the most ruthless and unfeeling, but ends up being the most sensitive. Even though she fights to remain in control and emotionless, she lets herself become attached to Clarke in such a short amount of time. I think Lexa is desperate to feel. Clarke reminds her how to do it. There’s just something about Clarke for Lexa that prevents her from completely shutting her emotions off, and that really messes with her heart. She goes to great lengths to stop herself from feeling, but quietly she allows her feelings for Clarke. You can clearly see it develop, deepen and take its hold. Clarke is like a delicious poison for her, and its already running deep in her veins. Lexa can deny it, but her heart knows the truth. You can see it in the way she gazes longingly in Clarke’s direction. It’s the most obvious thing in the world. This is why I love this ship so much, and why it will destroy me. Slowly. Achingly. Beautifully. May this ship sail, for we shall all sink with it should it not.  

it’s nearly impossible to find a loki-proof cake pan.

Skyrim: Blade for Hire

I got @nikanono to play skyrim. Which is why no one has seen her in years. I’m not sorry.

We start talking about OCs, and here we are. We put our two skyrim dragonborns together and turns out, they would be quiet an interesting couple of friends. 

I had no intention of posting this but it was fun to explore and if people are interested in their weird adventures I will continue to post them. I’ll probably still write it for giggles. 

We drink to our youth, to days come and gone.

The Bannered Mare. Popular Tavern and impressive in size considering the massive city it resided in.

There was no doubt in her mind she would find what she was looking for in here. 

Upon entering she was immediately hit the sound of some obnoxious bard strumming away on his lute and singing a song that no one seemed to be paying attention to, a strong fire in the pit in the center and two busy barmaids running around keeping their customers drink full and stomachs quieted.

Paying no mind to the questionable glances she received upon entering she made quick strides to the front of the bar, honestly she couldn’t go anywhere without everyone being so fully aware that she was clearly not from here.

Leaning against the tall table she waited only seconds before what she assumed to be the barkeep appeared. She huffed, tucking a stray brown strand of hair behind her ear, stressed and tired but ready to keep going.

“Evening stranger, what can I get for you?”

“Mead, one of those honey nut treats and an answer to an inquiry I have about your patrons”

She smiled, immediately grabbing an empty mug and large bottle of mead, “I can help with all of these things”

Vi leaned in as her drink was filled, bringing her voice down just enough to not attract any unwanted attention,“Let’s hypothetically say I’m on a treasure hunt and I need an extra arm or two. Any recommendations?”

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Oh boy time to focus on our favorite edgy skelebros.

Sans and Papyrus headcanons are separated.



NUMBER 1: Sans and Papyrus are generally OK with each other. However, recent events have caused them to barely tolerate each other.

NUMBER 2: Both Sans and Papyrus recognize and utilize their ability to use the powerful Eye magic.

NUMBER 3: Papyrus and Sans are orphans in this universe. Neither have any memory of a Gaster in their lives.

NUMBER 4: Papyrus feels the need to protect Sans due to his low HP. Sans is more than capable of protecting himself, though.

NUMBER 5: Papyrus pushes Sans to use his magic constantly, thinking it would help strengthen Sans. Although Sans has definitely reached a point where he couldn’t get much stronger, he continues to train just to get Papyrus off his back, leaving him constantly stressed and exhausted. (THIS IS WHY HE SWEATS ALOT.)

NUMBER 6: Both Sans and Papyrus are capable of perceiving alternate timelines and universes without the aid of machinery. However, neither can explain the true nature of this power. Sans attributes it to his over-exhaustion, and refers to them as dreams, but Papyrus thinks of it as a sixth sense, and he tries his best to predict the outcome of certain events (He’s mostly wrong, due to the vast spectrum of timeline’s they can both see). This power is directly inherited from the lack of a Gaster in Underfell.

NUMBER 7: The quarrel between Papyrus and Sans is attributed to the fact that Papyrus had recently gotten into the Royal Guard. Having reached his main goal in life, Papyrus’s ego increased tenfold, becoming arrogant, narcissistic, and depreciating towards Sans, despite the fact that it was mostly through Sans’ influence that Papyrus got into the Guard in the first place.

NUMBER 8: Papyrus and Sans have a SOUL within their possession. However, neither know how to utilize it properly, so they really only use it as a threat to others to stay out of their way. Only one or the other could utilize it at anytime anyway: Sans during a Redemption run, and Papyrus during a Purification run.

NUMBER 9: Despite the difficulty, the Redemption run would give you the best outcome to Sans and Papyrus’s problem. It may be tough, but I feel it would be totally worth it to be able to see something like this.

Alright I think that’s all the general ones, so now for singular headcanons!


NUMBER 1: This is Papyrus’s theme.

NUMBER 2: Papyrus is not innocent and naive. He is very intricate and formal, using Shakespearean language whenever possible. He is also incredibly narcissistic, constantly giving praise to himself and his own abilities when given the chance.

NUMBER 3: Papyrus, in truth, love his brother very much. His ego clouds his reasoning however, causing him to appear very cold towards Sans.

NUMBER 4: Papyrus is an incredibly skilled swordsman. Using magic, he can conjure up a magical bone sword similar to Undyne’s magic spears. When he absorbs his SOUL, he gains a sword in each hand! …and a million others floating behind him. He’d probably look something like this with a SOUL, as well as having his sword(s) become this.

NUMBER 5: Papyrus’s traps and puzzles are very deadly; making a mistake could cost you a reset.

NUMBER 6: He is basically Gordon Ramsey when it comes to cooking. Try his spaghetti: There’s a 1 in 2 chance it’s a delicious meal, and not poisoned!

NUMBER 7: You can date the skeledgeton and have a skeleboyfriend.

NUMBER 8: When you first encounter Papyrus, he taunts you and challenges you with his puzzles. upon reaching Underfell’s equivalent of Snowdin, you fight him for the first time. Your mercy causes them to do something like this.

NUMBER 9: You don’t see Papyrus for a while after this. It is only when you try to leave “Snowdin” that he appears to fight you again. Upon showing mercy to him a SECOND time, he does this. Papyrus is now you’re friend and ally. He would give you the human soul but…

Sans has it.


NUMBER 1: San’s battle theme would be a metal remix of “Song That Might Play When You Fight Sans”, but I guess Rock is the closest we’ll get for right now.

NUMBER 1: Your first encounter with Sans has him try to kill you right off the bat. He approaches, a fight starts, and before anything is even said, he slams you against the wall of the arena using his magic. However, due to over-exhaustion, this is all he can do. Showing mercy to him here surprises him, and he realizes you are different than the monsters. His inability to defeat you, however, causes Papyrus to grow incredibly disappointing in Sans, and he hounds him for his weakness. Sadly, this causes Sans to resent you.


NUMBER 3: Sans’ golden tooth can be attributed to a fight he once got in. He was left with just the missing tooth, which he replaced with some spare Gold. The other guy… isn’t seen around the Underground anymore.

NUMBER 4: Due to Sans initial resentment towards you, they do not try to help you with Papyrus’s puzzles. In fact, they constantly try to hinder you. When you show mercy to Papyrus, and he see’s that he is treating you nicely afterwards, he grows incredibly angry. Papyrus’s hypocrisy forces him to take the SOUL he and Papyrus had, and use it himself. He fights you pretty much right after fighting Papyrus. The ensuing fight has you fight Sans with Papyrus as an ally!

Upon defeating Sans, he and Papyrus make up, and they give you the SOUL.

NUMBER 5: Sans is the master pranker. He doesn’t really do puns, though.
In fact, when you go to reconcile with Sans, he attempts the old “fire-ant in the hand” trick.
…yeah, alot of his pranks are kinda sadistic.

NUMBER 6: After all this, Sans plays the role of your closest ally through the other areas, helping you find equipment and secrets and such.

… Oh god. Am I done?



This gave me a LOT of trouble. I’m fairly certain I missed a few important details, but hey, I think this is good.

This definitely was a lot LONGER than I was intending, but the more the merrier, I guess.

Undyne is next.

Loving you was like drinking a wonderful poison. Warm, delicious and rich. But my gluttony got the better of me - I drank too much, loved too intensely and felt the burn of you as you reached the bottom of my stomach. I had to vomit you out, spit blood - for both our sakes.

I wandered alone to the forest one night 
Led by a music strange to hear 
And followed the glow of a shimmering light 
That seemed to grow distant as I grew near. 

The woods were alive with the fragrance of spring 
But winter was everywhere clear to see 
The moon shone bright and a bat on the wing 
Beckoned me closer and said to me: 

“A clearing close in the forest you’ll find 
A fabulous banquet, a fairy ball 
If you close your eyes and you open your mind 
The veil disappears and you’ll see it all”

Come and play as the wild fairies play 
In a magical circle, a fairy ring 
You won’t want to leave and forever you’ll stay 
Where the vision is bright as spring.

Come and dance the wild fairy dance
Spin in a circle as fast as light
Once you begin you are caught in a trance
And the world can grow old in a single night. 

When I closed my eyes to the shimmering light 
All memory faded and I could see 
That a mushroom circle of red and white 
And myriad fairies surrounded me. 

Beyond all space and beyond all time 
On gossamer wings did the fairies fly 
With a joy unknown to a music sublime 
The fairies danced, and there danced I. 

“Those who seek us surely find us 
See the trail we leave behind us 
Some bewildered, some enlightened 
Some are brave, some are frightened 
Are we kind or are we vicious? 
Nectar poison or delicious? 
That, my sweet, you will discover 
Fairy foe, or fairy lover" 

I wandered alone to the forest one night 
Led by a music strange and clear
If you happen to pass when the moon is bright 
And the veils are thin you will find me here 
If the veils are thin you will find me here.

If It's Not Love, What Is It?

Jimin doesn’t remember when they stopped making love.

They still fucked of course. But that wasn’t love, far from it,  because you see, sex is not love.

If Jimin tries to remember what loving Jungkook was like, tries to remember how they had loved. He can. Because he remembers, some memories hazy, some completely vivid. It’s hard to forget. It really is.

And sometimes it hurts to remember.

Making love was about intimacy. The feel of smooth skin against lips, the comfort of someone beneath his hands. Warm and sweet. It was harsh sometimes, lips and teeth and hands, but under the heady moans, Jungkook would hold him close and breathe whispers against his collarbones. Soft confessions, followed by sharp moans. That was love.

Fucking on the other hand. Was fast, a little desperate. It was about power and pleasure. It was selfish,a  take and take and take. Jimin could only give. It was all he could do. Jungkook would grab his hips, and Jimin would turn away, because although Jungkook would moan his name, it didn’t sound like it was meant for him.

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Swamp Lemons

At the heart of summer survival, for many, is lemonade.

Lemons, squeezed. Swamp water left to absorb moonlight the night before. Sugar. Nightshade or foxglove petals.

Peyroux hags traditionally make the tastiest lemonades, using citrus from their ancestral groves deep within the Grimwood Swamp. Over the long, hot months, the trees soak up the sun’s energy and the swamp’s ambient enchantments to produce some of the most poisonously delicious lemons in all the Netherworld.

Recipes vary widely from hag to hag, so gatherings are common to swap ideas and hard-to-grow ingredients — Have you tried to find deathsbloom truffles this year? It is scandalously hard!