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Jealous much

(A/N): I decided why the hell not do a poly relationship?

Request:  Can you do an imagine where the reader loves Bucky/Steve, but he has a girlfriend and when the reader decides to move on he gets jealous or something ? ( please make it angst at first and then really fluffy at the end ) thank you 😊

Warnings: jealous super soldiers, swearing

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   You sip at your drink sadly, your spirits had been depleted hours ago and all you wanted to do was go to your room and sleep until Sunday but seeing as how this was Bucky’s 100th birthday that would be rude. So now here you were, drinking all alone in the corner of Tony’s bar as everyone danced and had a fan-fucking-tastic time, or more specifically Bucky and Steve.

   You wanted to growl in annoyance when you looked over at the rugged super soldiers, all tall and thick and- God no, you needed to stop thinking like that. They were your teammates for Christ’s sake and here you were, ogling at them. It’s not like it would ever work out anyways…they had girlfriends and damn good looking ones too. Steve had Sharon, beautiful, slender, badass Sharon and Bucky had some girl named Dot, some cute curly red haired, green eyed innocent little thing and well- you had no one but yourself and a bottle of scotch.

   With a dry chuckle you drink another shot, allowing the burning liquid to soothe your pain.

   You had no right to be jealous, they were never yours to begin with, what made you feel entitled enough to dictate who they dated or fell in love with? The last one sticks to your tongue, making the burning in your throat a million times worse.

   What if Bucky and Steve both fell in love with someone other than you? What if they settled down, finally started a family, and you never got the chance to tell them how much you loved them? Tears begin to pinprick your eyes but you refuse to let them fall, this was a joyous occasion, it was Bucky’s big one hundred for fucks sake, you couldn’t cry now but you could drown your sorrows in your lovely scotch. You take another swig of the burning liquid, allowing it to simmer in your mouth before gliding down your throat, leaving an even more unpleasant burning feeling. You cough a but, trying to rid your throat of the horrid burning when suddenly there’s a hand upon your shoulder, grasping it gently.

   “Heya,” You look back only to come face to face with a stranger- but a rather attractive one at that. “I’m Brent,” You smile to the best of your ability, cringing lightly at yourself.

   “I’m (Y/N),”

   “(Y/N)’s a very pretty name,” You blush a bit. God, you were blushing, how sad are you?

  “Thank you,”

   “So um- I saw you over here drinking scotch alone and I thought maybe you’d like to go dancing with me?” You let your eyes linger on the man, brown hair, blue eyes, a gorgeous jaw and the perfect height; he was like the love child of Steve and Bucky himself and you were more than attracted to him.

   “I can’t promise I won’t step on your feet,” Brent chuckles as he takes your hand in his, gingerly as possible as though you were made of porcelain.

   “A few broken toes is no big deal,” You laugh as you make your way to the dance floor, the intoxicating music slowly starting to get to you. All around people were dancing, some more reserved but for the most part everyone was grinding on each other, having a damn good time and well- you deserved to have a damn good time too. Immediately Brent’s hands settle upon your waist as you slowly begin to move to the best of the music. A little grind here, a little grind there. Before you know it the two of you are practically dry humping and amidst other people as well. It felt so dirty but it felt oh so right too. You bite your lip as you allow yourself to succumb to the moment, to let yourself finally be free of anything other than Brent’s hands upon your waist and the way his cock ever so deliciously-

   “(Y/N).” There was a dangerous growl, low and throaty and more than intimidating. You slowly open your eyes, feeling rather drunk on the music and Brent, and you slowly focus in on the two figures ahead of you, each one with their arms folded over their chest in an almost defensive manner. “(Y/N), can we talk to you? In private-” It was Bucky. It was Bucky and Steve both standing there, staring at you disapprovingly. Oh god- what had you done? What was wrong? Did they somehow did out about your love for them? Or maybe it was something worse?

   A million thoughts start swimming through your mind as you slowly step away from Brent, giving him a soft apology before stepping up to the two super soldiers.

   Their gaze upon you was scary, a dark almost predatory like look to them. You’d seen this look a thousand times before, usually directed at Tony or some enemies but never you. God- to get them to look at you like that meant you had to have done something horrible. Guess you’d be finding out in a few minutes… 

   The elevator ride up to Bucky and Steve’s shared floor was tense, with one soldier on either side of you, making you feel small and rather childlike. There was an almost angry air surrounding the two of them and it scared you more than anything.

   You replayed the last week in your mind, trying to figure out what you had done wrong. You had done all your training sessions, every mission was a success, you had bought Bucky a birthday present; what else was there that you could have messed up? Your throat runs dry as the elevator dings and both soldiers make their way out, thus forcing them out with you.

   “You guys-” your voice is shy and timid at best. “What’s going on? Why are you so angry?” Both Steve and Bucky chuckle, shaking their heads as though they were amused.

   “You really don’t know why were angry?” Bucky’s tone sends shivers down your spine, and not the pleasant kind either.


   “How about the fact you were essentially fucking some stranger right on the dance floor, does that ring a bell?” Steve’s tone is just as dark and it scares you more than anything else.

   “I-I’m sorry, everyone else was doing it, I-I thought it was okay,”

   “All that man was trying to do was get down your pants,” For some reason now is when your nerves return, full force at that too. You went from scared and helpless to confident and angry in only a matter of seconds.

   “And why do you care Rogers? Maybe you should focus less on me and more on that girlfriend of yours,” Steve growls as he suddenly lunges for you, pinning you to the wall behind you.

   “What if I don’t want anyone down these pants, hmm? What if I want you all to myself, ever thought of that?” You gulp as you look at Steve, at the dark look upon his face and the intimidating look in his eyes. “What if Bucky wanted you, what then? What if we both want you but you’re too fucking oblivious to all our attempts?” You look to Bucky who shares the same look with Steve, dark and intimidating.

   His words don’t even set in for a few moments as you play them over and over again in your head, mulling each word, syllable, and vowel meticulously.

   "Wait…you both- you both want me?”

   “Fuck yes,” Bucky growls, his voice lower than you had ever heard. “Wanted you since the moment we laid eyes on you doll,” You squirm withing Steve’s grasp, looking between the two men uncomfortably. It wasn’t exactly nice to be pinned by Steve or to have him and Bucky glaring straight daggers at you.

   “What about Sharon and dot?”

   “No,” Bucky shakes his head. “They don’t count- they’re not you, they’re not as special,” You gulp as Steve’s face looms over you, his rather scary gaze only making your heart rate increase.

   “This isn’t some kind of sick joke?” You whisper timidly, a bit too scared to know the answer. If Bucky and Steve were lying that meant a world of heartache for you but if they said yes that meant a million other things- two personal furnaces to keep you warm at night, more coffee to make in the mornings, more love to share and receive-

   “No, how many times do we have to say that we want you (Y/N)?” Steve’s voice is right beside your ear, sending almost pleasurable sparks up your spine.

   You sigh shakily as his words finally set in, Bucky and Steve wanted you, the two men you’d fallen in love with wanted you just as much as you wanted them. Steve goes to say something else, his lips in a near snarl when you pounce upon him, wrapping your arms around his neck as you hug him tightly. The man must have been thoroughly taken back by your sudden moves but only a moment passes before he’s melting into your embrace, any trace of anger having immediately been wiped from his system.

    “You can get in on this too Bucky,” You mumble from your place in Steve’s neck. There’s an almost disbelieving chuckle and suddenly another pair of arms wrap around you, making the hug that much better. Bucky’s head nuzzles against yours and your unable to stop the happy chuckles that falls from your lips as Bucky sweetly kisses your lips, soothing any nerves or fear you previously had.

   “Save some for me Barnes,” Steve chuckles as Bucky breaks away, licking his lips deliciously. Without a moment to waste Steve kisses you, his lips just as soft and sweet as Bucky’s. at this point you felt high on whatever was in the air right now, lust? Love? Whatever it was you were definitely feeling it but the sudden thump of music floors below you pulls you out if your almost high. You pull away from Steve, much to his dismay.

   “Bucky, what about your party?” Bucky smirks as he takes your hand, gently guiding you out of Steve’s embrace and down a hall.

   “I was thinking we could have a little party Of our own,” The soldier gives you a little flirtatious wink.

   “But what about everyone else and-”

   “What birthday boy wants birthday boy gets, right?” You nod your head, biting your lip. “And I want you naked and on my bed in a minute, you Better be ready for us doll,” Bucky smirks as he gives your ass a light smack as you walk into his bedroom, more like jump into the room due from the almost heart attack Bucky caused you. “One minute doll,” Bucky gives you one last wink as he closes the door, leaving you to get ready for not only him but Steve as well.

   You bite your lip as your fingers tremble to remove your shirt. You didn’t even know what you were to Bucky and Steve, special, you knew that much but that was it, there was nothing else to go on. But one thing was for certain at this point; this was going to be one hell of a night.

~Extended ending~

    Two pairs of arms wrapped around your waist snugly, two warm chest pressed against you, one to your front and one to your back. You hum softly as you nuzzle into the closest body; Steve. His warmth radiated off his body in waves, overtaking the freezing room and keeping you more than warm. Bucky was pressed behind you, his scruffy face nuzzled into your neck, his breath gently hit your skin as he breathed in and out.

   You groan softly as you try to stretch your limbs but with two super soldiers glued to you that was kind of hard.

   “Bucky- Steve,” You poke each man’s cheek in an attempt to wake them up. “Come on, I gotta go make breakfast,”

   “You don’t have to make breakfast,” Bucky whispers into your neck as he pulls you a little closer. Apparently a poke to his cheek had been enough to wake him up unlike Steve who was now burrowing into your chest like a dog or cat of sorts. “You can lay in bed with us for the rest of the day,” You smile softly as Bucky kisses your ear, his lips barely fluttering against your skin.

   “So no coffee or bacon?”

   “There’s that pancake house down the road, once Steve gets his lazy ass up we’ll go there, sound good?” You go to reply when suddenly an equally sleepy voice penetrates the air, making both you and Bucky chuckle softly.

   “I’m awake you ass,” it was times like these, when the three of you could simply be- no worry of the media or the other avengers, no worry about hydra or aliens from other dimensions- that you realized you loved your boys more than anything in the world.

                                                                                                     #coffee time

12x10 - “Pterodactyl Screeching into the void” - Part 1

My title is borrowed from @postmodernmulticoloredcloak comment on my crazy blogging after first watching this episode earlier. I feel like it is a fitting title for how this episode made me feel. To clarify, these are very very happy pterodactyls.

Steve Yokey wrote this episode and he appears to have well and truly taken up the gap left when Robbie Thompson sadly left the show. In fact this episode to me channels the ghost of Robbie in many different ways. From the fanfiction-esque moments of poor suffering third wheel Sam, to the meta nod to Charlie Bradbury, there is much of Robbie to be found here. Basically, it was bloody perfect.

I feel like there is so much to talk about in this episode that fandom will be chewing on it for months if not years to come. Yokey has picked up the characterisations brilliantly, and seems to have an understanding of what the fandom desperately craves in terms of Castiel, his character, his personality and his development. I adored his sass in this episode. Some other writers *cough*bucklemming*cough* struggle to really capture Castiel’s sass and humour. Showing their lack of understanding of Castiel’s persona and his intelligence and instead writing him in a way that is jarring and sometimes basically stupid. Castiel is far from stupid. In this episode he was written perfectly, in a way I haven’t seen since Edlund’s time. Is that a sweeping statement? Maybe. But I’m still riding my high so let me have it this time.

This episode gave us three of my favourite things. Badass and Sassy Castiel, Overprotective grumpy husband Dean, and poor long suffering brother Sam. (baring in mind this is how they are usually written in fanfiction nowadays this is exactly my jam and I am so so happy to see it play out on screen. Seriously who sold their soul to Crowley for this episode?)

This review will also be in two parts. Because I have so freaking much to say about it.

The first part will focus on destiel, the second on everything else including Castiel’s emotional arc (as separate from destiel), his relationships with angels, angels and gender and Lily Sunder’s character.


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I decided to finish up and draw all the paladins (and Allura and Coran) as characters from Avatar :)
Please do not repost anywhere else.
Keith- Fire Bender
Lance- Water Bender
Allura- Air Bender
Hunk- Earth/ Lava Bender
Coran- Air Bender
Shiro- Non-Bender, but his arm has electric tech from Future Industries
Pidge- Earth/ Metal Bender

I don’t know if I want to make this into a comic or not. Probably not, as @irrevocably-delicious already has a wonderful klance comic called Bending Moments that I’m totally addicted to. Y'all should check it out!

BTS: Seeing You Cleaning In Heels (M/F)

(Some of these weren’t completely specific to what you wanted, but I tried. I hope you like <3 Also a couple turned out to be a little mature, so beware..)


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When he walked into the house and saw you in those lovely black heels he was confused. For one, you were just vacuuming and had these killer heels on that he’s never seen before. For two, who wears heels in the house? He set down his bag carefully and walked towards you as you sang while moving the vacuum around the living room. He went up behind you and hugged you tightly.

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Summary: With the reasoning of wanting to be part of the British Men of Letters you were invited to a training to show off your abilities. Only didn’t they know that you truly had something else on your mind.

Words: 1569

Pairing: Arthur Ketch x Reader x Mick Davies (No M/M)

Originally posted by endiness

Originally posted by endiness

Warnings: Smut, threesome, oral sex, unprotected sex

A/N: An anon asked me whether I could ever think of writing this pairing and ever since then I had this idea on my mind and just had to write it… So enjoy being part of a British Sandwich. Feedback is appreciated!

When you requested to be part of the British Men of Letters you didn’t expect them to actually invite you for a session of training so you could show what you were capable of.

Even better was that both Mister Arthur Ketch and Mick Davies were going to watch to make a decision. Jackpot!

You’ve had the hots for them the moment you saw them. The way they had looked at you sent arousal right through your body and left you sexually frustrated till you finally arrived at home and could release your strong need.

So now it was not only your mission to get accepted by them but also hopefully get them both into your pants. Even if it was just one of them for now. You hoped that what you had planned would even turn them on in the slightest.

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My Heart Belongs to Daddy

Characters- Min Yoongi x reader

Type- Smut (did you read the title? lol) major daddy kink here folks :)

Word Count- 1060

Request- Can I have something based of Marilyn Monroe’s “My heart belongs to daddy” ;) Something smutty with Yoongi cuz you know he’s my suga daddy and my heart belongs to daddy U 3 O - @whitefoxgirl

A/n- @whitefoxgirl‘s heart really does belong to daddy. I’m going to hell for this hehe

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Sitting at the dinner table, you may have been flirting with an old friend who sat across from you. Next to you, Yoongi-your boyfriend- was getting annoyed, which you didn’t notice. Yoongi was good, almost too good, at hiding his annoyance. So when you arrived at his apartment, you were confused by his pissy mood.

“Dinner was fun. We should get together with them more often.” you flopped down in chair at the bar.

“Yeah sure.” he sat across from you, scowl on his face.

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Being completely oblivious to Ivar’s advances, making him so frustrated that he finally just yells out his feelings for you.

 ••• Requested by @underthenorthstar •••

There was a delicious moment where your face washed blank in confusion and surprise, like the cogs in your brain couldn’t turn fast enough to take in the information he had practically spat at you. Every muscle in your body tensed at his words and you remained silent as he gently took your wrist in his hand before tugged you forward.

“Did you hear me, woman?” He snarled, his gorgeous blue eyes hard and narrowed as he waited for your answer. Your breath caught in your throat and you looked away from him for a split second before everything clicked. The glances he gave you, the innuendos he’d make every time you were around and the lingering touches that seemed to burn your skin.

You then took the last step towards him. He sat frozen, from both fear and excitement. Then you lent in, resting your forehead against his. The two of you closed your eyes, your breaths shaking. “Thank you,’ You say, barely above a whisper.

“For what?” He asked, his voice low and husky.

“For telling me.” Your own voice wavers, exhilarated by the tension between you. Slowly and surely, you bent down and captured Ivar’s warmth lips with your own.

Love You To Death 🌙

A/N: So I stumbled upon this in my word documents, which I wrote when I was thirteen years old. And I must admit that my writing style hasn’t changed much in the past four years, much to my embarrassment (oops). Please forgive me if you find any cringey stuff in this fic because let me repeat, thirteen years old and I know that most of us refuse to acknowledge our thirteen year old selves. Anyway, enjoy some kinky ghost Kai while I finish up requests x

Pairing(s): Kai/Jongin x Reader

Warnings: Mentions of sex

Genre: Very light smut/light supernatural

Requested: No

Summary: You and Ghost! Kai ‘interact’ with each other in the wee hours of the morning.

Word Count: 2563

*Side Note: This is a snippet from an old fic of mine, so if certain aspects are unclear, don’t fuss about them too much.

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As silently as I can, I shut the door behind me and quietly slip on my Converse. The icy night air whips at my face, numbing it as I make my way down the pitch-black corridor, occasionally bumping myself against the wall.


Using my phone as a flashlight, I slowly navigate my way to the end of the corridor and inch up the creaky stairs that links to the attic. I’m not even supposed to be awake at this time of night as it is forbidden in the dorm…but who’s to stop me from doing what I want?

The trapdoor to the attic is stiff and creaky from lack of use but I manage to open it eventually. Dust surrounds me as I squint into the darkness, desperately searching for what I’m looking for.

Books, old clothes, broken furniture…

I paw through the piles of junk blindly, hoping to feel the silkiness of the cloth-wrapped package that (Y/F/N) chucked away. Then I stop, goosebumps forming on my arms and the hairs at the back of my neck standing on end. The temperature of the atmosphere drops rapidly.

He’s here.

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- “i left my lips on you”

- so now it’s mine                                                                              #coffee time


anonymous asked:

Is it ok to ask for previous prompts but with different characters? If yes, I'd love to see the one with SO's parents deciding on the sitting at a family gathering with the Swapfell brothers ( and maybe UT, UF, US, SF! Grillby if you're up for it, because I'm super weak for all Grillbys :') ). If that's asking for too much though, I'd be super happy with just the SF!skele-bros' reactions, if it's ok to ask for that prompt again. ;u;

(*It’s totally cool to ask for a previous prompt with other characters!  I’m weak for all Grillbys, too, so I got’chu fam.)

Here’s the original Family Dinner with the S/O’s ex prompt.

I actually do have a bonus for the SF!bros (pretty sure I didn’t when I got this prompt, but it’s been buried; I’m so sorry!)  So this is pure Grillby goodness.

*It’s no secret that your family is a little.. apprehensive about the fact that you’re dating what they consider to be literal fire.  In fact, everyone is giving him a rather wide berth, as if a mere brush might result in a severe burn.


Grillby quirks a fiery brow at the seating arrangements when he notices your ex at your side.  However, his hesitation only lasts a moment before he sits down with his plate across from your ex.. and stares.  

He isn’t much of a talker, and his years as a barman have given him a keen sense of social cues and little tics.. and right now, your ex is rather disconcerted over the fact that fire is appraisingly staring at them.

However, he isn’t concerned by the fact that you’re seated next to them.  Rather, he’s trying to figure out what drew you to them in the first place.  Your family’s views on him don’t matter as long as you choose to be with him, so Grillbz eats his food in peace.  He only breaks the silence during dinner to announce, “…thank you… it was… delicious..


The moment your ex sits next to you, Grillby instantly gets their attention with a hand on their shoulder.  His plate of food is balanced in the other hand, and his narrowed gaze is hidden beneath his glasses.  

His voice comes out distorted by a low grumble of crackling flames.  "…you’re in… my seat…“

Your ex actually looks apprehensive, but is obviously determined not to cow down to a monster.  They puff out their chest and lift their chin defiantly.  "Actually, my name’s on the place card.”  They gesture off-handedly.  Yes, Grillby was aware.  His own place card read “Gilbee.”

His grip tightens on your ex’s shoulder.  Small tendrils of smoke begin to seep from between the spaces in the purple, swirling flames of purple becoming a more vibrant hue.  He leans in close, his face directly by their ear, heat emanating from him in waves as he speaks through a jagged white-hot maw.  "…i’m not going to say it again.. human..“

The heat must start to lick their skin because your ex jumps out of the chair and scrambles to the other side of the table.  Your family is a little bit on the terrified side, but Grillby is unperturbed.  Instead, he puts a casual arm around your shoulders (after he rolls up one of his sleeves) in an effort to unnerve your family further.  They spend the rest of dinner watching his dancing flames with a certain nervousness, wondering how you don’t get burned.


The bow-tie wearing flamesman is annoyed by the sight of your ex sitting next to you, and the entire room knows it within a moment.  The temperature has risen considerably, and despite the fact that Grillby took the seat across from you both, he’s unhappy with the situation.. and also mentally critiquing the tea.

He talks more than his other counterparts, and he starts by picking your ex apart, asking what they do for a living, how much money they make, how driven they are to succeed.  He’s sure to slip in tidbits about his own business and how it’s thriving.  

He also leans over the table to feed you a bite or two from his fork. In front of your family.  Think of it as his way of staking his claim in front of your ex without causing a scene.


The area heats up so fast that it’s a miracle Grillby’s monocle doesn’t shatter.

He’s annoyed, and he’s greedy and prone to jumping to conclusions, so this doesn’t sit well with him.  Your ex is clearly trying to get back with you in his mind, so Grillby is going to nip that in the bud right now.  

”.. it appears there’s been a mistake..“ he claims in that deep growl beneath the roiling flames.  

Your ex is stubborn, even if they’re sweating bullets from more than just the heat.  ", look, my name’s right he–”

Grillby touches the tip of the place card, and it catches fire.  Instantly, it smolders to ash on the table.  Everyone is staring.  

“…you were saying..?”

“J-just that you’re absolutely right!”  You ex starts to stand up, but Grillby is still standing right there, behind the chair, so they can’t pull it back enough.. and they’re worried about being burned if they brush against him.

So, your ex actually ducks under the table and crawls beneath it to reach the chair on the other side.  

With a white-hot sharp smirk and a wink thrown toward you, Grillby takes his seat and starts eating like nothing at all transpired.  

one night snap (pt. 1)

words: 1813
description: [23:09] Kim Taehyung:

warnings: none (in this part)
a/n: this was heavily inspired by snapstreak by @namjoone​ (if you’re into taekook, i highly recommend you read it), it’s just that i’ve been thinking about this all week and i wanted to write something with a similar setting and Snapchat is the perfect app for these sort of one-shots hehe ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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Late For the Gala | Dan Stevens

This is a Dan Stevens one shot that was requested by a friend of mine. If you’d like more content like this feel free to make requests in my Ask. All the love xx

Update 4/1/2017: Edited and added a few things.

Warning! Rated M. Proceed at your own risk. 

“Dan, hurry up and shower! We’re running late!” you shout, slipping into part of your white lingerie set for the evening. You look over at the gorgeous, satin dress hanging from the door of the wardrobe. It had been purchased for the gala that evening but in all honesty you’re just eager to slip into it and see Dan’s reaction.

You hear footsteps padding into the room. “Alright alright, hopping in now- oh,” he falters, giving a guttural groan as you feel his eyes drag up and down your body. “You look… ravishing, darling.” He professes, giving a playful wink.

You allow yourself to revel in his admiration for a moment, your face flushing with heat, before cutting his fun short. “You- shower- now!” You scold, rushing over and practically shoving him into the bathroom, pulling the door shut quickly so he can’t get a word in edgewise.

Walking back to the foot of the bed you hear the shower turn on and Dan whistling on the other side of the door. You look down to where the rest of the lingerie waits to be donned, toying with one of the straps on the garter belt. As you pick up the garment you hear the bathroom door open, the sound of running water intensifying. His soft foot steps, almost inaudible, give you no chance to scold him again before his finger tips are ghosting over your arm, his breath at your neck sending shivers down your spine.

“Hmm, white,” he whispers, his breath tickling the back of your neck, “what an interesting choice.” he says, every consonant like the sharp rapping on a door. His right hand glides back down your arm, landing on your hip where you feel his finger tips digging into you with an almost territorial hunger. His left arm reaches up and pulls your hair away from your neck, nuzzling your skin with his nose as if asking permission before pressing a warm kiss against your skin.

“And why is that?” You ask as you melt into him, your voice sounding as languid as your body feels. You lean into his touch and can tell he is wearing nothing but a towel wrapped loosely around his hips. You long to turn around and peer greedily at your very own Adonis but his grip on you, body and soul, is too firm.

As he kisses and nibbles at the sensitive skin behind your ear he lets out a delicious little chuckle, the sensual proximity of the sound causing a rush between your legs.

“Well, in just about every literary work, white is the archetype of innocence. But- I know you…” he trails off, his hand releasing your hip and moving down towards your center, his finger tips edging past the hem of your panties. “You’re a lot of things…. But-“ he pauses, his fingers making contact with your sensitive clit, making you gasp and tilt your head back in delight. “Innocent is not one of them.” He growls hungrily, watching your expression, taking pride in his effect on you. He kisses your shoulder tenderly, his fingers moving in tantric circles around your sensitive bundle of nerves.

Before you have a moment to snap out of your aroused daze he spins you around, picking you up at your thighs and throwing you over his shoulder.

“Dan! What are you doing? We have to be somewhere!” you yelp as he carries you away from the bed.

“The gala can wait, love. I need you. Now.” He exclaims, giving your bottom a playful spank.

He walks you over to the shower and stops just outside, dropping his towel and giving you an incredible view of his rear. Before you can protest he walks into the shower, stepping under the stream of water and sets you down, soaking your lingerie all the way through.

“You could have at least let me take this off, you know.” You say in a scolding tone. But when you look up to meet his gaze, the wet undergarments are suddenly the least of your worries. The way he is appraising your body, watching the water droplets roll off of your skin, reminds you of when a predator stalks its prey, his effervescently blue eyes dark with desire.

You don’t have a moment to breathe before he rushes you, his body pressing you against the cold shower wall. Your body goes into momentary sensory shock at the contrasting temperatures, his lips crashing down on yours with intense passion. His kisses are urgent and strong, but still all the while soft and tender, his hands caressing either side of your face. You can feel him already erect, pressing against your thigh, and your body flushes knowing how eager you make him.

His lips pull away from yours, trailing down your jawline and neck to the hollow of your collarbone, his tongue tracing figure eights against your warm skin. He reaches up and hooks his fingers under your bra straps, sliding them gently down and over your shoulders until your breasts are bare to him. His eyes travel down and take in the sight before him, biting his lip in temptation before grasping one of your breasts, giving your nipple gentle flicks. He leans down and attaches his lips to your other breast, painting you tenderly with kisses and suckling your skin before wrapping his lips around your nipple. You gasp at the symphony of sensations and run your hand through his hair, reveling in the way he pleases you.

Realizing your bra still hangs loosely around your waist you reach behind you, unhooking the clasps and tossing the garment aside. You close your eyes and lean your head back against the shower wall, letting yourself truly feel everything. Before long he begins traveling down your body until he is on his knees before you, ready to worship your body like a goddess. Grasping the hem of your panties he tugs down, pressing kisses along your lower abdomen as he rids you of your final garment and carelessly tosses them aside.

“Now darling,” he says, breaking you from your focus. You look down to see him kneeling in front of you as you suspected, his hair drenched from the stream beating on his back, water cascading over his shoulders. “Can you promise to do one thing for me?” He asks, pressing a kiss to your inner thigh. You nod, your body giving a shudder in response to the way his voice rumbles so close to your center. “Mmm good girl,” he groans, pressing a soft kiss to the other side, your body jolting once more in response. “Here’s what I want you to do. No matter what I do, do not break eye contact with me. Understand?” You quickly give a nod, your need for him and you desire to obey toe-in-toe with each other.

You do as instructed, keeping eye contact as intently as possible as he leans in and presses the pad of his tongue against your center. Under normal circumstances he would have had your head tilting back in pure ecstasy with just that initial contact, but you struggle not to let your eyes roll into the back of your head. The corners of his mouth turn up in a smirk, his tongue still pressed against you as he sees your internal battle. He drags his tongue up your sensitive slit before closing his mouth around your clit and giving a gentle suck. Your breath catches in your throat as he chuckles and groans, his vibrations rattling through your core.

He grasps your thigh and hitches it up to rest on his shoulder, his fingers reaching up to tease your entrance. You’re finding it hard to breathe in the midst of your concentration but when you feel one of his strong fingers enter you a passioned gasp rattles from your lungs. You stay true to your promise, once again seeing the upturn of his smirk, his beard scratching deliciously against your tender skin as he practically devours you. Broken from your concentration for a moment, you notice his left arm moving slightly and look down to see him gripping his cock tightly, pleasuring himself simultaneously. The sight before you is enough to send you teetering over the edge but you hold back, determined to savor every bit of pleasure he is giving you.

You know you’re getting closer to the edge and he can sense it as well, feeling your thigh quivering on his shoulder. He adds a second finger and begins thrusting them in and out of you deeper and quicker, his tongue still swirling around your swollen clit. With every thrust he curls his fingers up inside of you, trying desperately to hit the one spot he knows will do you in completely. You feel the familiar tightening in your abdomen and reach your hand out, entangling it in his wet hair to ensure he doesn’t break away. His eyes are shining wildly, the sight before him clearly driving him mad. His fingers finally make contact once-twice-three times and the tightness inside of you springs like a coil, sending you spiraling over the edge. You can no longer keep your promise and throw your head back, moaning and shouting curses as your body trembles in pure ecstasy, your orgasm rocking through your entire body. Your chest is heaving as he sees you through your climax, his tongue still working its magic on your now too sensitive clit.

Once he’s satisfied with his work and you’ve stopped trembling involuntarily he stands to meet you, wrapping his hands under your thighs and hoisting you up against the wall. You wrap your legs around his waist and he takes your face in his hands. Kissing you deeply he collides his tongue with yours, letting you taste yourself on him as he groans into your mouth.

He pulls away, the water from his hair running down his face in little droplets. “God you taste delicious.” He growls.

A moment later, once he has positioned himself under you, you drop your hips and let him slide deep inside. You love seeing the way he falls apart under you, his mouth going slack-jawed and his eyes rolling into the back of his head as he gives a gentle groan of relief. He pushes into you, using the wall for support as he thrusts, the cracking sound of skin to skin echoing between the tiled walls. You grip his shoulder, your fingers digging into his muscles as they ripple under his skin with each movement. Leaning forward he presses his lips against your neck, kissing and biting his way from one side to the other, his heavy breaths fanning out across your skin.

You feel yourself slipping down the tile and when Dan notices he hoists you up and grips you tightly before gently lowering you down to the floor of the shower, still inside you. Without warning he begins thrusting again, but harder and deeper than before. The sudden contact makes you moan with pleasure, feeling him grind down on your clit with each thrust. He leans back on his ankles, gripping your thighs and gyrating his body against yours. Seeing the way his body moves against yours, his muscles rippling in waves and his brow furrowed in hungered determination, gives you the extra push you need to reach a second orgasm. You reach one hand down to touch yourself while you tease your breasts with the other, all the while keeping fierce eye contact with Dan. The corner of his mouth turns up and his eyes spark with primal desire at the sight of you pleasing yourself as he takes you. His hand ghosts up your leg, gripping your ankle before pressing his lips to your skin and kissing down to your knee. He repeats on the other leg, giving your skin playful little nips, his beard scratching your skin in a mixture of pleasure and pain.

Once you’ve had fun with yourself he leans forward, knowing you’re close, and rolls his body deliciously against yours. He is hitting hard and deep, your bodies colliding together in perfect and succinct harmony. There is a constant stream of water dripping from his hair like a halo and you look up to see those cerulean eyes of his looking down at you, awash with a mixture of need and tenderness. He leans down, pressing his forehead against yours as he picks up his pace a little. He reaches down, caressing your thigh and wrapping your leg around his waist.

“See love? You’re not innocent, at least not for me” he says playfully, giving a harder thrust. You throw your arms around his back, your nails digging into his skin making him groan with lust.

“At the end of the day I’m yours and yours alone, innocent or otherwise.” you moan, your lips brushing against his gently.

He grips your thigh again, tightly this time, and leans on one elbow to caress your face, his forehead still pressed against yours. “Good.” he growls, his voice full of need and desperation. He begins thrusting harder and faster, letting his lips brush against yours as he practically drives you into the floor. You feel that familiar tightening again and he kisses you passionately, swallowing your erratic moans.

“Come for me, love. Be a good girl and come for me.” he says, grunting as he thrusts into you, your wet skin smacking together in beautiful synchronicity. His words alone send you careening over the edge, your back arching off of the tiled floor as he continues to thrust deep inside of you.

“Oh my god, Dan! Fuck!” you moan erotically. Your nails dig deeper into his skin as the waves of pleasure course through your body, making him groan in response and triggering his ultimate undoing. His movements become erratic, his breaths against your skin ragged as he groans deeply and you open your eyes to watch the man you love fall apart. His eyes are squeezed shut, his brows furrowed, and his mouth slack-jawed in erotic euphoria. When he stills he finally opens his eyes and they are almost sparking with electricity, the blue and flecks of silver dancing together in reckless abandon.

He leans down, pressing a firm kiss against your lips before pulling away and staring at you, searching your face for the answer to what would next leave his mouth. “I love you so incredibly much, you know that right?” he asks, his lips parting and mouth upturning to reveal his radiant smile. Maybe it wasn’t Helen of Troy whose face launched a thousand ships. Maybe it was this man above you, the man you just made love to, and whom you love very much.

“I think I might have some idea.” You answer coyly. “I love you too, Dan.” you add, smiling and leaning up to press a quick kiss to his lips.

“You know, it might be too late to make it to the gala on time.” he says, feigning upset.

“I blame you entirely for this, I hope you know.” you respond, cocking an eyebrow in contest.

Sigh. “Fair enough.” he says, sitting up.

“It is too late to go now, in truth.” you say with a groan, sitting up beside him. “Although, I’ve just had a thought. I know we’ve just gotten clean but… maybe we can spend some time… getting dirty?” you imply, kissing his shoulder and giving it a playful bite. When you look up, the sense of undeniable hunger has returned to his eyes and before you have a chance to react he pounces on you with a guttural growl, wanting and needing more of you.

Olicity: Return to Me

normalisjustafairytale said: On the prompt front, 4 n 1 quickie of four times Oliver tried to win her back and one time he succeeded. All the fluffy things that make Felicity weak at the knees.

The mug finds itself a home on her desk with a minuscule ‘thud’ that she almost misses beneath the furious hammering of her fingers against the keyboard. They’ve been searching for Darhk so intensely the last few days that she’s not entirely certain she’s slept in the last forty-eight hours, which would be far easier to work out if she’d paid attention to the time they actually started this insane manhunt. Now, all she knows is that she’s exhausted, that she can’t remember the last time she went to the bathroom, and that she’s not entirely certain if that smell is coming from her or not.

But she knows that she’s under-caffeinated and thirsty as hell, so the acknowledgement of the mug at her side comes at the same moment the delicious aroma of coffee sends a wash of relaxation through her, however temporarily. 

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Little Bird: Chapter 7 (NSFW)

Read it on AO3.
Part 6 here.

Summary:  There’s something in Commander Ren’s eyes. You know that this isn’t all there is.

Words: 3000

Warnings: choking, dubcon, dystopian universe, Handmaid AU,

Characters: Kylo Ren x Handmaid!Reader

A/N: AHHH! I am so sorry it took me so long to update, y'all! I’ve been really stressed out at home, so the only energy I’ve had is to upload pre-written projects or co-written ones. But! This is finally up. I thought it was funny that it happened to coincide with the release of The Handmaid’s Tale on Hulu… almost like it was meant to be. <3 I don’t have Hulu, though.

Anyway, I love y'all so, so much. Your support means so much to me and I can’t thank you enough.

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There was an unfortunate prosecco spill that caused me to have to change my clothes. My first thought was: serves me right for drinking on a weekday. The Catholic guilt is still strong. Second thought: What a waste of delicious prosecco. A moment of silence please.