delicious mexican food

What kind of Mexican sweet bread is every zodiac sign.
  • Everything is taken from the internet.
  • Aries: Beso - This bread, which are rather two loaves of butter sprinkled with sugar joined by a layer of jam.
  • Taurus: Bigote - It is a cornito adorned with sugar, some packaged, stuffed with chocolate or cajeta.
  • Gemini: Cocol - The flour bread made with wheat mixed with honey and in the shape of a rhombus, with anise and cinnamon flavor, is one of the oldest in the country.
  • Cancer: Concha - Your sugary cover may be vanilla or chocolate.
  • Leo: Orejas - It is a sweet puff pastry bread with a bit hard but nice texture and it can accompany with a good cup of coffee.
  • Virgo: Cemita - They are round and have an intense egg flavor. They are filled with meat, cheese and beans, among other ingredients.
  • Libra: Polvorones - When you break one of these cookies you will get alot of sweetened powder.
  • Scorpio: Marranito - Cinnamon and piloncillo cookies in the shape of a sweet little pig.
  • Sagittarius: chilindrina - It is similar to the typical shell, a sweet bread of wheat flour that is sprinkled with sugar wet after cooking the dough to have its characteristic decoration.
  • Capricorn: Garibaldi - Is a pancake covered with a thin layer of marmalade of chabacano and covered with dragee.
  • Aquarius: Pan de muerto - You can find them of all sizes from a dead bread for a single person to an entire family. Bathed in sugar or sesame with a very special shape because this is the bread, a tradition that has been taken years ago and only for these dates (late October and early November) you will find them in almost all Sides.
  • Pisces: Churros - With cajeta, with or without sugar, with coffee or chocolate and at any time of day, some good churros are always the perfect dessert.