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It worries me that I don't even have a specific Loki fantasy.

I mean, aside from the whole, being there for him and loving him forever and cuddling him and talking about our daddy issues together and all that, I don’t have a specific sexual fantasy, because the fantasy is just… Loki.

Which is really fucking frustrating, because I need one for a scene in my chapter-fic (a scene that I’m not even CLOSE to, ffs, I’m an idiot) and my brain is like nah, have him do this, no have him do this, no have him in the suit from Germany, no have him in armour, BLAH BLAH PENIS PENIS BLAH.



Nurse Bill

Okay, so, Midgardian-Hero is sick with a cold. So I whipped up this morsel-ish fic after I said me and Bill Hazledine would take care of her, and she died over the idea of Nurse Bill and said she’d have to write a fluff piece.
Well, I got there first. Because sickies shouldn’t have to write their own stories.

I suppose this could also cover the morsel prompt of Tom taking care of his lady when she’s sick? Yes. Good. I’ll go with that.
Enjoy. I died of adorableness.


“Darling, it’ll be okay. You’ll be fine, I promise. I’m going to take care of you.”

You laugh weakly, which immediately dissolves into a minor coughing fit. “I'mb fine, Bill-” you manage to choke out. “I’m ndot - ack - I’m dot dyig. You can’t biss out on your holidays because of be.”

Bill’s darling blue eyes watch you apprehensively for a moment, and then his mouth settles into a determined line. “No.” He stands up from his seat on the arm of the couch and places his hands on his hips - looking oddly like Peter Pan, you think giddily - before declaring, “I’m going to take care of you.”

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Breathe Me

Prompt: “Can I get drinking tea and cuddling with Tom?”

Note: I’m so sorry this took forever! I think I re-wrote this about three times, and then it just popped into my head today and I’m really happy with it. I hope it’s what you were looking for. <3
Also, I listened to [this song] while I wrote it.


The sky is grey when you wake, blinking slowly, on this calm Saturday morning. You struggle to shake the remnants of a strange dream, something about corridors and battles and companions, and when you finally emerge into reality, a delicious scent is the first thing that reaches you Unsure of where it’s coming from, you wrinkle your nose and stretch, uncurling beneath the warm covers like a butterfly from a cocoon.

The heat source behind you shifts with your movements and you roll over with a grin, burying your face in the nearest part of Tom’s loose, soft shirt. When you stretch again and wriggle up into his embrace, he chuckles lightly and greets you with a smile, eyes twinkling – grey today, to match the sky – beneath a stray curl. Good morning is murmured to you in a voice that crackles and crunches with sleep, and you know he has put off his usual early morning run so he can stay in bed and enjoy your time together.

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Healing Hands

[I don’t usually answer prompts this quickly, but my muscles feel like absolute  hell today and I got inspired. Excuse the horrible title.]

Prompt: “Tom as a masseur or massage therapist. Those hands. All over you. Think about it.”

I also listened to this song while I wrote it.


“I’m sorry, did you hear what I said?”

You blink rapidly and shake your head slightly, trying to clear the train wreck from your mind. You had booked in this massage because your entire body has been unbelievably tense lately; you sure as hell didn’t think you’d end up with a masseur who looked like… well, that. He had introduced himself as Tom, and when he shook your hand, you immediately understood why he had chosen this profession. His hands are long and slender, elegantly shaped and perfectly symmetrical. Embarrassingly enough, they have you wondering what other parts of him might… measure up.

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A Brush with Mischief

Prompt: “Loki Voice - My whole idea was that the ‘you’ of it could be a make-up artist or something on The Avengers and he sneaks up and does the sexy Loki voice.”


Yet another brush clatters to the ground, and you heave a sigh. This is the third item you’ve dropped on your trip to the makeup trailer; you lost the second one in your attempt to retrieve the first. The stack of containers, bottles and bags teeters precariously in your grip, and when you finally stumble through the door, you almost lose the whole lot before you can set it down on the table.

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The Eye of the Storm

(I may have gotten a little carried away with this morsel. Tumblr broke me with the gifs of Tom.. wet, sweaty, glistening, in that- that towel.. er.. *ahem* Excuse me.)

Prompt: “Dirty Tom? Dirt as in mud though, like the Henry V photos; although obviously the other meaning as well… Bonus points for armour!”

The set of The Hollow Crown is deserted as you hurry towards the trailers, eager to get out of this rainstorm and into warm, dry clothing. But when something moves at the edge of your vision, you stop and turn, curious as to who could possibly be here at this late hour in the midst of the cold, torrential rain.

And there he stands.

Tom Hiddleston.

Stripped of his royal glory, he is alone in the middle of the muddy, rain-drenched field, clad only in a simple white undershirt and dark pants. His freckled skin is streaked with dirt and caked with blood, his coppery hair plastered to his head. He looks absolutely exhausted. But he turns his face up to the tempest of the clouds, a smile playing about his features as he opens his arms to the rain. The undershirt is soaked, his toned figure outlined clearly through the soft material, glistening in the fading light and begging to be touched. He runs his hands down his face and neck, and you watch, transfixed, as he wipes the dirt from his skin.

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Reclining Literature

Prompt: cuddles on a couch while reading poetry please


Tom smiles as he finishes speaking and tries to hand you the book once again. You laugh and swat it away playfully, earning a puzzled look from his sweet, smiling blue eyes.

“Aren’t you going to read the last verse, darling?” he asks, although he already knows the answer. Every Sunday morning, as you both lie intertwined on the couch, your answer is always the same.

“It’s not my turn yet.”

He raises one eyebrow in mock suspicion. “I distinctly remember you telling me that we could take turns, and I’ve read the last three poems without any help from you.”

When you shake your head again, grinning cheekily, he gives in and shifts his arm. You snuggle closer, pressing against his solid, comforting warmth, your head resting on his chest, listening to his heartbeat thrumming steadily beneath the skin. He presses his tender lips against your hair in a loving kiss before taking a deep breath, and then he gives a slow, contented sigh. And he finishes reading the poem, his voice a gentle rumble beneath your cheek. The rise and fall of his chest is like the ebb and flow of his words, and he is quiet and passionate, like the flame of a candle burning brightly in a dark room. No one reads poetry as beautifully as Tom.

“Are flowers the winters choice?

Is love’s bed always snow?

She seemed to hear my silent voice

Not loves appeals to know.

I never saw a sweeter face

As that I stood before;

My heart has left its dwelling place,

And can return no more.”


(The verse is from “First Love”, by John Clare.)

(Credit for this Morsel’s title goes to a friend of mine.)

How To Train Your Hiddleston (user-submitted)

Prompt: “how about a cute little morsel where you teach tom to use chopsticks? he would be too cute ahhh :D”

Personally, I have no idea how to use chopsticks, so I asked for help on this one. A follower submitted this gorgeous little morsel of hilarity. The ridiculous title, however, is my doing. Enjoy! <3


“Praise the Lord and alert the Pentagon, I have found Mr. Perfection’s flaw.”

“But I’ve never had to use them!”

“How is it possible that you’ve lived in London for all these years and have never needed to use chopsticks? What about Chinese food?”

“I’ve always used a fork.”

“Even when you’re dining out?”

“They’ve always asked, so I took what was offered.”

He cannot use chopsticks. I repeat, Mr. Tom ‘Elegant Fingers’ Hiddleston cannot use chopsticks. I have found the impossible, ladies and gents.  I have found El-Dorado’s gold. I have found the lost city of Atlantis. I have found the key to Pandora’s box. Ladies and gentleman, I have found what Tom is not good at; and in a sushi bar, no less.

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In the Beginning
(first post of the blog + Tom’s raptor morsel)

The Leather Gloves
(leather gloves on Tom’s hands)


In the Darkness
(handcuffs & blindfold)

Reclining Literature
(cuddles & reading poetry with Tom)

A Brush With Mischief
(Tom uses Loki voice on an Avengers makeup artist)

After Hours
(Chris Hemsworth & Tom kiss)

So Close
(your eyes meet across a crowded party)

Into the Woods
(Vampire Tom) (user-submitted)

The Eye of the Storm
(Dirty, muddy Tom / The Hollow Crown / Rainstorm)

Between a Wall & a Hard Place
(Non-Hiddles) (Joseph Gordon-Levitt)

English Pudding
(Licking Nutella off Tom)

Venus - A Hiddles!Fanficlet
(Tom sees a woman dancing alone) (user-submitted)
(Spanking Tom) (role reversal
Friendly reminder that this blog began with a simple little raptor impression, sent to my friend Rhi and then refined as an anonymous message to dirty-hiddles...

“You like my raptor call, do you?” he whispers. The heat emanating from his slender body warms your skin as he pulls you close. Your eyes flutter shut as he presses his lips to your ear; it is a ghostly touch, nothing more, but his stubble brushes against you, and his breath is hot. He lets out a low, rasping, animalistic purr that sends shivers rippling down your skin. You let out a cry as his long, soft fingers dip beneath the waistline of your jeans, searching for you. Searching for release.

Venus - A Hiddles!Fanficlet (User-submitted)

(Morsel Directory)

“If your readers are interested i had the idea to write it when i was thinking about the kind of woman that might catch Tom’s eye and I thought he might like someone…fuller figured.”

Synopsis - Tom is finishing the press tour for The Avengers film when he finds a very welcome distraction…

”Aw, thanks man…Thanks so much.” Tom clapped the reporter on the back. His final interview of the night. Tom ran his hand through his hair and took a deep breath. This world press tour for The Avengers film was almost over, and he was looking forward to it. Not that he minded reuniting with his cast mates…but the endless interviews and red carpets were beginning to wear him down. Now that he was finished being “on” tonight, he relished the thought of slipping into the shadows and vanishing.

A moment’s reprieve.

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Teaser for my next Morsel, which actually turned into a one-shot because of all my Loki feels.

It’s not finished yet because it’s 3:30am and I need to sleep (unlike last night, when I finally fell asleep at 6:15am), but I thought I’d get you nice and excited with a teaser. Enjoy the feels.


Tom drags his tongue along Loki’s bottom lip as he feels the god tug on his hair, and he lets out a breathy moan, licking the remaining tears away before sliding into an exploration of his mouth. A sensor in the back of his mind vaguely registers the taste of peppermint; cold and sharp, just like the Trickster’s outer shell. And beneath that, something else; a flavour that is entirely… Loki. Warm, and cautious, and waiting for acceptance.

Waiting to be loved.

Morsel Prompts

Quick question for all of you -

I’ve got all of the Morsel prompts in a Word document, but it occurred to me recently that you all can’t see it, and I know Tumblr likes to nom random messages and things.

SO, would you like me to make a post listing all of the prompts? Completely anonymous, obviously, but that way you can all see what I’ve received and you can re-send anything that didn’t make it through.

EDIT: Okay, cool! I’ve had a few likes for this post, so I’ll type up the list ASAP.

And if you submitted a prompt a while ago, don’t worry. I need to be in the right mood to write certain things, so you will eventually have a quality response. ;p <3

yallpadalecki-deactivated201502  asked:

Ship with... BILL! :3

Bwaaaaa, he’s adorable! I just want to smush his little face and then ravage him in his eco-friendly love pod.

I could teach him a few things, if you know what I mean.

And we’d hold hands and be awkward together and we could go “camping” in my bedroom. Slip him out of those little running shorts.

WHICH, by the way, must be made of MAGIC, because they managed to contain the Hiddle-junk. I’m just sayin’. That’s some powerful material.
Somebody to looooooooooove! This is Jasmine. She's a stunner, she's cool, and she's one of my new Tumblr friends.

So YOU, my dear followers, would be even sexier than you already are if you stopped by her blog and said hi. We’re all lovers here! We’re all fuck buddies friends! She reblogs some wicked Tom & Loki stuff, and she makes awesome posts like this one right here, which I reblogged a few minutes ago.

I can’t promise that she’ll lick your face, but you never know what might happen if you butter her up.

Oh man, some butter sounds good right now

Off you go! ^_^

Delicious Hiddle Morsels - directory repost

Reposting the Morsel Directory for all you wonderful, hungry newbies who may not have seen the rest of the responses. This way you’ll have something to snack on while I mix my creative juices with Tom’s- errr, I mean, mix creativity with filthiness and a dash of sweet, juicy, wonderfully tall, beautifully slender, hotsweatynaked Hiddles- uh.

I mean-

Fuck it.

Here’s the directory. Bam.