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violaceous-fae  asked:

Snuna, Snamione, or Stony. You can pick or just answer them all if you're bored. ^_^



  • They wake each other up with kisses, depending on who wakes up first (typically Severus, as Luna is a fan of sleeping in – and because she falls into an unnaturally deep slumber when Severus’ larger, warmer body is snuggled up to hers).
  • Luna cooks for Severus. I can see her raiding his potions stockroom for rare and valuable ingredients that probably shouldn’t be used for food and him not figuring it out until after he’s already eaten.
  • Severus is a night person. He works late hours in his potions lab and goes to sleep only when he’s satisfied with his work. Luna can’t be strictly classified as a morning person or a night person because her sleeping schedule is so erratic and often changes to accommodate whichever mythical creature she’s trying to study. Time is of little importance to her.
  • They’re each romantic in their own way. Luna is more likely to express her feelings bluntly and doesn’t care if the mood is right or not. If she’s feeling it, she’ll say it. Severus expresses romance through subtle, often unspoken gestures. He casts warming charms on her towels when she’s in the bath, kisses her eyelids whenever she cries, and occasionally replaces her bookmark with one of her favorite flowers.
  • Luna likes to be on top during sex. She likes to straddle his lap while he’s reading in his favorite chair and kiss him all over until he’s forced to give her his undivided attention. Severus usually lets her. If he’s feeling particularly passionate, he’ll pin her to the bed or carpet and roughly ride out his climax after he knows for certain she’s already been satisfied.
  • Severus leads in ballroom dancing. This is the only dancing he ever does in public. In the privacy of their own home, Luna tries to teach him how to swing dance, which he feels is far too crass and muggle for his liking. Nevertheless, he lets her lead and instruct him on what to do because he knows she enjoys it so much.
  • Severus is the cuddly one. He needed encouragement, at first, because he was uncomfortable with how freely and affectionately Luna touched him. But once she eased his feelings of unworthiness and convinced him she wasn’t going anywhere, he started to crave her touch all the time. Now he can’t get a proper night’s sleep unless she’s snuggled up to his chest and he can inhale the earthy scent of her hair.
  • Luna picks the movies, on the rare occasions that they’re both in the mood to watch something. Severus doesn’t have a strong opinion of wizard or muggle cinema one way or the other, so he doesn’t mind letting her choose. Luna’s favorite muggle movie is Harold and Maude. Severus finds silent films to be the most tolerable.
  • Severus insists on paying whenever they go out. Luna doesn’t argue, knowing he takes pride in playing the role of an upstanding gentleman. When he isn’t looking, she secretly slips new potion ingredients into his stockroom to repay him for his kindness.
  • Luna is the one to initiate quickies, definitely. When Severus has been in his lab for hours and she can sense the workload is starting to make him pensive and irritable, she distracts him with pleasure long enough for him to snap out of it and clear his head. If her efforts are successful, which they usually are, she even convinces him to retire for the evening and drink tea with her on the roof.